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Tristan's top 3 bedroom picks 

This Linen Duvet cover : It's the most affordable linen duvet cover I have ever found. We have tried and tested it over the years and found that it gets softer with time. If you could only buy one bedroom purchase, choose this. 

1-2 Casper Glow Lights. A light designed to help you wind down and fall asleep AND also to wake up with a natural warm glow. Controlled from your phone so you can tailor it to your schedule. The Casper landing page explains the features best. We LOVE love love ours! 

These Cotton Sheets made for the dreamiest of sleeps and they are 100% organic cotton. You'll have such an amazing feeling slipping into bed at night. Use promo code Tristan20 for 20% off.

 faves she can't live without !    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !