Take the road less travelled …

Jul 12

Take the road less travelled..with gal pals!!

Have you ever veered off course, and avoided the beaten path ?

Traveled down the bumpy road ?

Did you find out that the road less traveled led you to AMAZE-NESS?!

Uhhmm, come with me LADY 🙂


Maybe the road led NOWHERE,

but it was sure fun driving down it.

Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith, a dash of daring, and some partners in crime girlfriends….to travel those roads and take the adventure of uncharted water.

Something new.

 Something different.

 Something that just recharges the batteries.

Beware. Crimes can happen. *Nudge, nudge, wink wink*  Not gonna lie.  Hold on tight.

 That is just when the fun begins.

True  story :

Where’d THAT come from?

 I can’t tell you the WHOLE story.

To protect the not so innocent.

 Let’s just say, it involved:

  • The French countryside
  •  A cow field
  • A Cemetery
  • A Chateau
  • A misguided GPS
  • haunted gardeners house (definitely haunted)
  • a lot of daytime driving to the North of France and
  • a whole lot-ta red bull to do the night time driving – South back to PARIS.

The ROAD TRIP began like this :

* best time evvvvha *

And it ended like this :

Late night driving

Two gals, one (crashed and limping) rental car, and a road trip that I can’t stop pee’ing my pants laughing about.


P.s. The french police are probably still searching for you {Norma}


Not me.  I was innocent.

As always. 🙂

Hiding out after the road trip. {Look who is holding the beer} YUP.

OK, OK, I had beer too, but I was smart enough to hide it under the blanket for the photo.  Not smart enough to lie about it, but smart.

Gal pal road trips require : thinking on your feet FAST, and hiding beer when necessary.

 Once you get the rules down pat, you will never look back.

Because this is how a gurlzz road trip usually begins :

Where are we?

The road trips don’t always end in a car crash.  There are exceptions to every rule.

The goal is to have a THELMA AND LOUISE Road Trip.

Minus the ‘ over the cliff ‘ experience.


They are the ones that we get in trouble with.

 They are the ones that give it to us straight.

 (Even when we don’t always want to hear it straight)

It is LUV amongst the sista’hood.

Ice bar *Copenhagen*. The vodka kept us warm. I have no idea why we are wearing jackets.

Road trips are also hide-aways.

From the kids.

Why do we hide? Because

This is what kids do when we are away :

Stick on tattoos and hide in the hammock 🙂


In our family, a road trip usually sparks family discussions.  Discussions about why Mommy has a piece of straw sticking out of her hair and the car has a flat tire.

Or other important things, like eating popcorn for dinner.  Why don’t we do it more often?  That’s it.  New family rule.  Popcorn for dinner more often.  And who put the toilet roll on upside down AGAIN?? Who made that law anyway?  Did the toilet paper survive when you were away?  I am sure it did.

Don’t take LIFE too serious. No one gets out alive.

A road trip ‘getaway’ always reminds us to not sweat the small stuff.

 Every once in a while, we all need that reminder, don’tcha think?!

Candy Smiles – Does anyone eat those things? Ewwwwh


After we decide that popcorn is always a good choice for dinner, and that it really doesn’t matter which way the toilet paper ROLLS….we then try to solve world mysteries.  Like where all MY ‘household’ chocolate went.  Then I contemplate.  I contemplate better ways on how to hide chocolate.   I want to at least appear SMARTER than a 7th grader.

Deep discussions

The next steps are to take quiet moments at home.   Because the road trip surely taught me that quiet moments are INDEED, VERY COOL.


Unheard of.

Very cool.


Slow down and enjoy the quiet moments….

Then I dream of the girls shopping that we did on the road trip .  It is at that very moment, that I quickly access how fast I can get the bags from my car.  Think fast is the name of the game.  I trip over things, I can’t think straight, (clearly I am not a professional) because I need to high tail the purchases under the bed.   Or somewhere where it is brilliantly disguised.  I now need a new hiding place.  Because I was just dumb enough to give away the whereabouts of my shopping stash.

Option 2 is to just wear it.  Then I pretend that I have been wearing it for years.  Like it never left my body.  Ever.

Girls road trip getaway car

Next, I make a ‘of course, I have owned these shoes for FOREVER’ plan.

A plan of PRETEND.

{Also known as plan B}

When caught,  I pretend that I have had the new shoes for at least 2 years.**

**Dear Husbands,

Erase that statement from your heads.  Right now.

French Perfume and Gal Pal Shopping


It is a necessity of life.

Like we don’t know you guys hide the TV converter before a sports game. AND let’s not forget how we tolerate the game because the converter is GLUED to the channel while you FALL ASLEEP.

This is why we need an outlet.  A shopping outlet.  Uhmmm, and hard booze.

Uhhhaa, we’ve got your sports-channel-tv converter number and we are dialling it in.  So just ignore the wee things in the shopping bags under your bed. Deal ? Deal.

And P.s.

All women love flowers.  Especially when we are in trouble.

FLOWER love !

Happy wife, happy life.

Dear MEN, that advice is the best advice you will ever read.

Remember, at the end of the day, gals need their pals.  We need road trips like men need a sports channel.

So all you gals out there….hit the road… hit the road less traveled and remember….

It is about the journey, not the destination.  

Live it.

Love it.

And stay away from the cliffs.


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  1. Alex

    July 21st, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    I must admit I suck at road trips. I am the whiny kid in the back with the gravol. But good friends always make things more enjoyable. PS – I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can choose to accept or decline but I wanted to let you know how great I think your blog/site is. Though I have a feeling you’ve been nominated for this one already. 🙂

  2. Lynne Knowlton

    July 22nd, 2012 at 3:12 am

    Hi Alex !!
    I like road trips because they start with Gravol. LOL !! On an airplane…gravol is my best friend for sleep :). You nominated me for an awar!!d ? If you were beside me right now, I would kiss you. I suck at accepting awards, so we may now be even. haha. Thanks for the blog love. Much appreciated !! Lynne

  3. Kelly Sidoryk

    July 31st, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Can so relate to your comment on the hilarious moments with girlfriends. Somehow, our husbands and kids never seem to think it is quite as funny as we do. Great blog. I came across it through Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff.

  4. Dear Twitter, I could kiss you !! You rock out loud. | Design The Life You Want To Live

    June 6th, 2013 at 10:43 am

    […] my good friend Cath with a road trip in France.  It wasn’t that hard to do.  Girlzzzz road trip?!!  You don’t have to ask us TWICE.  Twist our rubber […]

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