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Great tips for video and blogging https://lynneknowlton.com/treehouse-video/



Yeah.  That’s the size of my announcement today, so you better sit yourself down.


Todays post is a wild mix of 10 epic tips for a kickass life AND a music video.

The music video was filmed here on our property and in the treehouse!  If you love video, music and treehouses ~ you can skip to the end of this post and have a watch.   Then come on back.  I’ll wait for you. xx



December slipped by, didn’t it?  Where’d it go?  Don’t even get me started.

I spent most of December doing  ONLINE SHOPPING from home sweet home. Why?


Because it’s frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, fuzzy slippers and a glass of wine.


Because it’s winter in Canada (and the abominable snowman is in my backyard)….

Winter Wonderland on #DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive https://lynneknowlton.com/treehouse-video/   A Canadian winter https://lynneknowlton.com/treehouse-video/


I thought I’d get my act together and share a treehouse video from summer….

I’m fast like that.  

A Seasonally dyslexic blogger <- my new job title




Did you do the whole resolution thing this month? I thought about it for a full two minutes.  

I decided that I hate resolutions.


New beginnings on Design the Life You Want To Live


10 ways to have a Kickass.Epic.Year

All you need is a backbone and a funny bone for a kickass life.

 {{ Nod your head and go with it }}


1.  Maybe workout.  Eeeeeeeeek. 

You’re hit with the horrifying realization that you are not in shape and the cellulite will appear right where you least expect it.  Like on your chin.

Oh.  Em.  To.  The.  Geeh.

Next, someone asks how the new workout is going, and it takes everything you’ve got not to strangle them with your bare hands.


Funny barn cat !



2.  Weight Loss.  For the love of Pete, shut up.  

I learned that in order to lose weight, you have to eat around 1200 calories per day for what feels like an e.t.e.r.n.i.t.y.

As a result of these efforts, your ass will fall right off.   I didn’t do it.  I just read about it while eating my hot buttered popcorn in bed.


Design The Life You Want To Live https://lynneknowlton.com/treehouse-video/

3.  Make it easy.

My New Year resolution this year:  brush my teeth and wash my face. Every day. Solved. Resolved.

Oh so very accomplished.



4.   Potato chips make everything better.

You resolve to not eat potato chips in bed while watching Netflix for hours on end. Wait. That’s a lie.

We can’t NOT do that.

Let’s try something else.

Let’s agree to light more candles this year.  Yeah. That’s doable.



An epic blog post on video & blogging https://lynneknowlton.com/treehouse-video/

Candle  LOVE  +


5.   Outsmart your iPhone 


Teaching your phone how to autocorrect.. haha..


Add new contacts to your iPhone called fuck face and shit head.  Then, when you text, it won’t auto correct to duck face and shot head.



So unfair.



6.  Do things to be more efficient. 


Resolve to untying your shoes before taking them off.


Never have I ever.

PS. Have you ever talked to someone and thought ‘who ties your shoelaces for you anyway?’

Hmmm.  They are stoopid.



7.  Try something that scares the bejesus outta ya.


For me, that kind of fright comes from creating VIDEO. Even writing the word VIDEO makes me poop my pants.

Normally, I have a history of dragging my feet when something scares me.  The brakes go on.  The eyes become saucers.   My inner scaredy cat screams. I see other people doing video all casual like and fun.

How’d they do it?

They look calm, cool and collected while I sneakily add vodka to my coffee from a hip flask.


I recommend vodka hahaha (Kidding, mom…)

Not really.

I love being on video.  Said no one ever.


Video ~ Learn how to put the extra in ordinary

Let’s be clear:  If you turn a video camera on and point that bloody lens at me, I will look like an idiot.  Guaranteed. Basically, without some coaxing and quite possibly some hard liquor … I’m not having it. How do other people make videography look EASY?   They are gorgeous on camera.  Smart.  Funny. Did I mention that I hate those people?


Let’s punch them in the face.


Blogging With Lynne Knowlton

I’m  Hiding


8.  Learn shit.

Do you love watching videos? Say yes. Say yes.  Say yes.  Say yes.  <—that was me, hypnotizing you.

When I watch a video … it helps me to learn something but I want entertainment too. Demanding much, Lynne?

Uhm.  Yeah.

I also like to stare around at the surroundings and see how other peeps live.  I’ll admit it.  I legit, like to snoop in their house with meeee eyeballs.  The background is almost as much fun as the foreground.

Am I weird?


Don’t answer that. { insert big toothy grin }   I want to know if they have cake.


It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere. Did someone mention cake?   Do they have cool things in their house?!  Are they funny? If I create videos for you in my house, you and I can hold hands and snoop through the house looking for cake …

Hint: it’s under the bed.




White home decor

Blogging and video = vlogging



The way I see it …. is that I’m done hiding. I’m doing video in 2015. Warning label:  I will totally look like a dork for my first 59 videos or so.

Video will gallop in, with dork riding on its tail.

I won’t feel stupid at all.  Not one single bit.  Okay, maybe every three seconds or so.


9.  Never stop learning.  

I work because I love this shit.   If things are complicated and messy, well.. count me in.   Anyone who tells you that videography learning a new skill is easy, is an idiot.  A real one. I tried doing the video thing on my own.  I filmed DIY’s in my house.


DIY barn door hardware

The filming part was hard.  The thought crossed my mind….



That would be easier than editing video.   I’d fray around the edges if I had to go it alone.  You’d see me all jacked up on milk duds and homemade baileys.  I’d make the front page news.


More like Fear Factor. 


10.  Finished is better than perfect.

Trying to make something perfect = it never gets done.  The techy stuff can just keep you frozen in overwhelm.   Been there. Done that.  Got the frozen poster. I have a wee plan for finishing my video projects.  Her name is Jessica.  She’ll keep me from jumping off the Thelma and Louise video cliff.


Jessica Allossery


Want to meet her?! Jessica contacted us this summer and asked to use our treehouse, barn, and property for her music video.   We said yes.  When you see her in the video below, you’ll know why.  She’s salt of the earth, awesome.   I truly feel so very blessed that she came into my life.


Jessica Allossery Love Parade video


Here’s her beautiful music video from the treehouse …. P.S. My hubby Michael, oldest daughter Shelby and my son Brett are at the end of the love parade video. Awwwwh, shucks xx


You can find more of Jessica’s music here on her YouTube channel and on her Facebook page.  Next month, she’ll be touring Brazil! You can even find me on YouTube.  I know. Shocking, right?  I have 70 subscribers.

I’m a big cheese on YouTube. haha. Yeah.

That’s not embarrassing at all. That’s totally embarrassing.

VIDEO Bonus :


Love Parade Video by Jessica Allossery


The making of The Love Parade Video… be sure to watch the bloopers in the end.  Too funny!




So, the question I want to slap onto the table, smother in salt, and offer up for the taking is this… do you want to see more video on the blog this year?

We can be a team.  I’ll try to make something cool, and you’ll be all like..YESssssss.


I think I just asked you to be my cheerleader.

You up for the challenge?

I pay with popcorn and gratitude.. and possibly a few wet kisses.  Just sayin’





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