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AVOCAADOOS for life. Tis an avo life for meee.

The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton



Tips and tricks on how to become an Avocado GURU

Hi, I’m Tristan, Lynne Knowlton’s favourite daughter.  I work for her behind the scenes on her blog to give her more time to do the things she loves –> write blog posts, cook, travel, grocery shop,  drink slushy summer cocktails,  goof off annnnnd be our Mom {at least I hope she loves that.}  She has four of us kicking around the house.  I bet she has never told you that she has a handful of kiddos.   She keeps us in a dungeon.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


Side note :  Just a little shout out to my mom {don’t let this go to your head, Momma}. You are so wonderful and kind.  Oh ya, and thanks for letting me try this whole blogging thing out!

I love reading blog posts with tips & tricks because I am always looking for short cuts and life hacks.   I thought I would share some of my expertise with you

{{ Which just so happens to be about avocados. }}


Too bad I can't put that on a resumé.


Green with Envy - Avocado tips and tricks https://lynneknowlton.com/avocado-tips-and-tricks/

Delish  !!


I’ll start from the beginning, although part of this may be a review for those who are already lovers of the good ol’ avo.


#1. When to eat an Avocado …


You want an avocado to be soft and not mushy.  If the avocado is hard, it will have very little flavour.  Blah. Blah. Blah. Yuck.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton



What I do in the grocery store … ( in addition to hopping on the front of the grocery cart )

*   Buy avo’s soft if I will be eating them that day.

*   Buy avo’s hard if I will be eating them later on that week.


If you want to keep an avocado from getting ripe too quickly, put it in the fridge.  This halts the ripening process.  HALT that hot mess.  If you are going to be eating the avocado within a day or two, keep it at room temperature.  That would almost make you an avo pro.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

#2. How to open an Avocado …


First slice lengthwise around the perimeter.  You will hit the pit, but don’t cha worry.  Once the avocado is sliced in half, firmly strike the pit with a large knife.  Twist.   Voila, the pit comes out without a mess.   BE CAREFUL.   Those pits can be little slippery devils.



I warned you.  



The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


#3. How to slice up an Avocado


This tip is good for salad, guacamole, toppings or whatever else you are making with avocados.  Maybe a stiff drink.  Jokes.  Okay.  Maybe not jokes.  Ha.


Listen up. This is the good stuff.


How to slice –> Method 1 :


1.    Half the avocado just like I taught ya.

2.   Take a little knife and slice lengthwise.  At this point you can stop slicing if you want long slices for a salad.

3.   If you want them dice sized, you can slice the other way as well.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


Bob’s your uncle.  Wait.  Maybe only Canadians say that.  Go Canada, eh.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


4.    Take a spoon and scoop it all out!   Go right to the bottom.  You can eat it  All. All.  All.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


How to Slice –> Method 2


1.   Slice the avocado in half and with the cut side facing up.  Cut slices all the way through the avocado.

2.    Now just peel back the skin on each slice.   If the avocado is ripe it will peel back very easily.  Avo pro.  Again.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


You can keep the slices long or chop them into bite size pieces.


Green with Envy - #Avocado tips and tricks https://lynneknowlton.com/avocado-tips-and-tricks/


#4. How to keep Avocados fresh!


This is an ancient family secret.  Ha.  Here comes the good juicy stuff.  When I taught my Mom this secret,  she screamed.  Yeah.   Life in Casa Knowlton.  Never a dull moment.


Green with Envy - #Avocado tips and tricks https://lynneknowlton.com/avocado-tips-and-tricks/


Sometimes you only want to eat half of an avocado… especially if you get the Costco size. Holy batman.  Good luck with eating a whole one in one sitting.


Once sliced in half (if you intend on only eating half), DO NOT remove the pit.   Eat the side without the pit and store the other side with the pit in an airtight container.

Why oh why?

By keeping the pit with the avocado, you are tricking the avocado into thinking it is still fresh and unsliced.  Smart, right?

The avocado doesn’t go brown <— how epic is that?!!!


Green with Envy - #Avocado tips and tricks https://lynneknowlton.com/avocado-tips-and-tricks/

Smart  stuff


You can also try cellophane, but you have to wrap it tightly.  It won’t work as well as our family secret.  The save the pit, secret.  Even at this rate you gotta eat it within 24 hours or you’ll have a brown looking yucky slimy avo – sounds appetizing.

Pause, not.

It would definitely taste a bit iffy.  It might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

ALSO, if you are making guacamole and want it to stay fresh and green longer, throw that pit in the guac bowl!

Booyah !!!

You tricked the avocado again.


It's officially fresh as the day is long.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


Smart. Smart. Smarty pants. Smart.


Pssst… I also recently read a tip online where you can store part of an onion in an airtight container with the avocado.  Let me know if that works!  My Mom tells me that the internet lies sometimes.. Hmmm.


My favourite snack:

Slice an avocado in half.  Once in half, make little slices lengthwise.  Sprinkle with rock salt.  It gives it a little crunch!  Drizzle PC balsamic vinegar glaze.  Simple and DELISH.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


My Mom adores the glaze.  I swear ~  if I drizzled it on our gravel driveway, she would lick it off of the pebbles.  She’d face plant an avocado if it had that glaze on it.   Fwump.   The stuff just gets inhaled in her mouth and it’s GONE.  It vaporizes in front of her face.


Shhh.  My Mom is just entering that awkward stage of adulthood.


The glaze is THAT good.  Mom even cheated with it in her cleanse.  3 Days of smoothies mixed with sneaking veggies drizzled in the glaze.  She licked it off the plate.  I witnessed the catastrophe.


My favourite sandwich:

Also very simple.  Toast the bread.  Fry an egg.  Slice a few slices of tomatoes, a few slices of avocado and add salt & peppaaah.


The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


BOB’s your uncle.  Yup.  Apparently you have an Uncle named Bob too.

You can also add mayonnaise, if that’s your thing.  I had a roommate that was deathly afraid of mayonnaise, so I had to omit this step most of the time.   I’m not joking.   She’s wonderfully weird.   Like my Momma.


Warning: do not make/eat this when you are trying to impress someone. It is not dainty or pretty.  It usually requires a fork.

Good news:  Your taste buds will thank you for it.

You’re welcome. Haha.


Want more?

The best avocado tips, tricks & recipes! It's soooo DELISH!! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


You can find more avocado yumminess on my pinterest boards right here.


What’s your fave avo recipe?

What recipe makes you lose your mind?  Avo’s are delish.  AmIRite?   What makes you want to munch them all the live long day?  Is it ridiculous avocado love? Ugh. Does it blow you over with a feather ??  That’s delish.


Keep on keeping wonderful,

Tristan Knowlton xx


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  1. J says:

    Great tips and tricks! An avocado keeper keeps the half with the pit from browning for several days too.

  2. Kitty says:

    I just discovered this blog and have wasted, no, cross that out! SPENT at least an hour or two browsing around. And laughing. As a Californian who just planted a couple of avocado trees and love ’em but kinda take ’em for granted, I find your post immensely adorable, thinking that an avocado may indeed be kinda exotic up there in the northern climes. Thank goodness for global trade, no? Anyway, many kudos to you and your Mom! Love the whole site!

  3. Elen Grey says:

    Too funny, Tristan. That was lol funny and full of avocado goodness, which makes me swoon. Sometimes faint-thwump even. You are your mother’s daughter. Thanks for the leaving-the-seed-in-for-freshness tip. Do you have Gaby Dalkin’s book, Absolutely Avocados? It’s a guac lover’s dream. My fave is the goat cheese guacamole. Cheers!

  4. OMG START YOUR OWN BLOG! i loved this tris. i was in stitches the whole time. very funny. makes me want to go eat an avocado right now……. also this taught me how to spell avocado…. i originally thought it was ‘alvocado’ like all exotic. never mind. anyways- love love freaking love. you rock sissy! keep being amazing! xox

  5. Cynthia says:

    Or, as my brother-in-law is fond of saying, Robert is your frère.

  6. Linda says:

    I made an avo, tomato, and onion salad, topped with my lemon vinaigrette dressing….. Amazing….. I love avocados !!!!!!! Great post !!!

  7. Donelle says:

    ahhhhhhhh avocados!!!! So delish and such a delightful blog post =) Unfortunately, I have no idea what this Bob reference is (from the good ‘ol US of A) so I feel a little out of the loop =/ BUT I did want to share a great avocado recipe…Pineapple guacamole!!!!! I got it from paleomg’s website for citrus marinate chicken with pineapple guac. omg it’s so good. I also use avos instead of mayo in my chicken salad…think sticking the pit in the leftover salad might keep it from going brown??? I’m usually forced to try and stomach brown chicken salad the following day, which grosses me out so much. I used to just put a little bit of lemon juice or lime juice on my finger and run it around the green (with the pit in) and store that in the fridge to keep it from going brown.

    • Tristan says:

      Whyy thank you !! That’s too funny you have never heard the “bobs your uncle” saying. It’s something we say here in Canada after we give some instructions that are simple. You have to start saying it and make it a USA thangg.

      Thank you for the delightful recipe. Can’t wait to give it a try. I also put lemon and lime in my guac to try to keep it from going brown.. only works for a little while though. Whoever comes up with brilliant way of keeping avocados from going brown is going to be RICH… and they will be my best friend. XO

  8. Lonelle says:

    Hi Tristan, Wonderful post and by the way, here in Cape Town, we also love to say ‘Bob’s your uncle’!
    keep well and say hi to your mom!

    • Tristan says:

      Wow Cape Town!! You are on the other side of the world.
      I bet your avocado’s are better there!

      Hope you are having a wonderful week and I will pass on a hi to my momma. XO

  9. <3 the Avo!
    I was just eating my typical breakfast of avo on toast with seasalt, peppa and 'slap yo mama' hot stuff, when I opened my email and there you were! I loved your post, I could use some blog assistance as well so stop by anytime! I always have an avo waiting on my kitchen counter….

    • Tristan says:

      Avo’s on toastt mhhmmm. I just did that this morning. The BEST. I’m going to try it with hot sauce. ummmyummm !

      P.s I’ve never been bribed with avocados before.. we could definitely be friends !!

  10. Marlee says:

    Another trick for the book!

    1. Take a paper towel and wet it with water, and then wring it out so it’s sort of damp
    2. Fold it up and lay it flat across the entire surface of the other half of the avocado (pit still intact), or flat across the surface of the guacamole that you’re trying to keep fresh
    3. Put it in something airtight (ziploc bag or container)
    4. Eat later and be merry 🙂

    Awesome job Tristan! Great photos too!

    • Tristan says:

      Thanks Marlee !
      You take the most brilliant photos so coming from you that means a lot !

      I am definitely going to try that paper towel trick. It sounds so easy, I wish I had known it all these years. Someone else mentioned that they put water on top of their guac to keep it fresh!! Who would have thought 🙂

      I hope ill be seeing you soon.
      Have a good one. Xo Tristan

  11. janet says:

    awesome advise Tristan! informative & funny! I especially like the ‘ancient family secret’ of leaving the pit in to ‘trick’ it from going brown. Brilliant! you should also share your gaucho recipe cause it is simply divine 🙂

    • Tristan says:


      Glad you came over to the blog and read the post 🙂

      I should have made guac with all the left over avocados from the photo shoot but me and mackenzie decided to make a face mask instead!! –> don’t do it !! I’ll have to show you a picture one day and you’ll see why. hehe.

      You are a guac making pro now… glad I could help after all the yummy recipes you have taught me.
      Hope to see you and Winnie next weekend.
      Xo Tristan

  12. Perfect!
    You even included the great pit removal secret.

    • Tristan says:

      Ahhh yesss the pit removal secret. The first time I saw someone do that trick i was in AWEE…. now I just want to share the technique with whole the world!!!

      Have a good one, hope your life is filled with plenty of avo’s 🙂

  13. Liz says:

    I stink at cutting avocados, and besides a great how-to post, you’ve made me VERY hungry!

    • Tristan says:

      You have to try my technique of cutting avocados. You’ll be in avocado heaven when you see how easy it is.. and all your friends/family + taste buds will thank you!

      Hope you’re having an ammazzinng week.

  14. Graeme says:

    Great job trist! I’m glad your mom let you out of the dungeon long enough to write this blog post. 😉 Everyone should eat avocado and egg sandwiches if they aren’t already doing it. I personally think they’re up there with freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial!

  15. Sheen says:

    Watch out lynne!!! Tristian your such a lil tipster! Loves this blog great job! I’m going to get me some drizzle and avos

    • Tristan says:

      Awwww Sheensss.. you’re just the sweetest.

      Come over soon and help me eat up the rest of these avo’s!!! … and we will make some yummy drinks while we are at it. XO

  16. Regenia Shepherd says:

    I love AVOCADOS! My favorite dish: avocado with anything. Seriously the avocado can be eaten diced in a salad. Added to a BLT OR ANY other sandwich. My favorite is a fried egg sandwich with avocado. Smash it with tomatoes, onions, hot pepper of choice, little lime juice, dash of salt and cilantro and you can make some yummy guacamole.

    • Tristan says:

      Yum yum Yum!! Everything you just stated sounds beyond delish!

      Can’t wait to try adding cilantro and hot peppers to my Guac..

      I’m seriously loving getting all of this avo advice.. thank you!

      Hope you’re having a great week! XO Tristan

    • Regenia Shepherd says:

      Another awesome avocado dish. Use an Avocado for egg in the basket.
      Also a Mexican restaurant that I frequent has an amazing stuff fried avacoda. They stuff it with chick or steak or veggies. Wrap it in cheese, roll in breadcrumbs and fry. Your taste buds do a happy dance!

  17. Craig says:

    Ahh yes, The Alligator Pear ….
    See ya…

  18. Erika says:

    Congrats, Tristan! Great post! My favourite avocado snack is cut in half, poked with a fork, sprinkled with Frank’s Red Hot + Parmesan cheese, and put under the broiler for 5 mins. Yum!

  19. Marian says:

    Fab job Tristan and very informative! I’ve also heard from a good (reliable) friend that should you have leftover guacamole (if ever!?) put it in an air tight container, smoosh it down and cover with water (yup, water), put on lid and stick in fridge. He SWEARS that 4 days later it was just as fresh and yummy as day one. I’ve yet to try it myself because only crazy people have leftover guacamole.

    • Tristan says:

      That is such a cool trick.. probably the best one I have ever heard!!

      But you’re right… who ever has leftover guac.. that’s just crazy talk !!

      Thanks for the great tip

  20. AwesomelyOZ says:

    How awesome to see you on your moms blog 🙂 Avocados are my favorite indeed! I don’t get folks who don’t like avocados, what’s wrong with you? How do you not love them? They’re glorious! They’re amazing by themselves, or with a balsamic drizzle I’m sure – or smashed like guacamole – you can put them on top of ANYTHING and they’re simply fantastic. I eat TONS of mangu and we eat that with fried cheese, fried eggs, topped with sauteed onions and of course avocados. 🙂 Have a great one Tristan and say hello to your lovely mother Lynne 🙂 -Iva

    • Tristan says:

      You’re right… if someone does like avocados they’re NUTS!!
      I can’t handle all that yumminess that you wrote … Its making me hungry!

      I will pass on a big hi/hug to my momma for you. Hope you have a good one ! Xo

  21. lisa thomson says:

    Oh, Tristan it’s so fun to meet you. You’ve proven that the Avocado doesn’t fall far from the tree! Thanks for these great tips. I would love to try the balsamic drizzle. I love avocado mixed in with the salsa. Avo on sandwiches, for sure! Nice trick about the pit. I don’t like Avo with mayo. Too rich. I guess I’m like your roomy.

    • Tristan says:

      WHYY thank you !!
      I also like avocado mixed in with salsa.. your making me want to make that 7 layer dip now (know the one I’m talking about with nacho chips)?
      Definitely do the pit trick.. I have absolutely no idea how people get the pit out without using that technique.
      Hope you have a great day! xo

  22. shirley says:

    Great post, Tristan. I’d say the apple (avocado?) didn’t fall very far from the tree! Love the sound of your egg and avocado sandwich, and now I’m off to google a Columbian Avocado soup recipe. Woohoo!

    • Tristan says:

      Thank you ! You should for sure try the egg and avocado sandwich… perfect for breakfast if want a little something that will keep you full for a few hours.

      XO Let me know if that soup is yummy !

  23. You are so like your Mom! She’ll be very proud of this post on her behalf. We are avocado peeps here and I feel hard done by if I can’t have a half an avocado a day. I love them diced and put into steamed cabbage leaf wraps with kimchi, broccoli sprouts, asparagus and hard-boiled egg. Or even simpler, good old avocado toast, but with za’atar stir-fried kale. Your tips on avo buying and prep will help a lot of people. Great job!

    • Tristan says:

      Coming from you ( a food blogger) means a lot!! I checked out your blog .. definitely going to be trying your all fruit ice popsicles. Your pictures are so fricken amazing.. food porn for sure! I hope you post lots of those pictures on instagram.

      Thanks for the new avo recipe. XO

  24. Mrsugarbears says:

    You are adorable, just like your momma! I love the avocado,too! I make a lot of guacomole. One of my besties likes to toast her bread and then smear the avocado on top. She then crushes potato chips on top with sriracha sauce. It’s actually pretty dang awesome. Great post!

  25. Lili says:

    That glaze is yummy, but as a warning, it contains lactose. I got a bottle last summer to drizzle on my bruschetta. My husband ended up missing the rest of our BBQ party. I definitely didn’t expect it to contain lactose!

    (I also heard that it has been discontinued?)

    • Tristan says:

      Discontinued? Discontinued? My mom is going to jump off a bridge.

      I really hope its not !!

      Thank you for the tip that it contains lactose! I would never have guessed. XO

  26. Yvonne says:

    My favourite has to be Avo and feta on a dark, wholewheat, rye or seed bread sandwich. Yummmmm! My latest avocado recipe find? Columbian Avocado soup served warm or cold.