BALI : What’s at the top of your bucket list? 

Spill. Where are the places you want to visit?  Do you have a travel bucket list?  Should I start a travel series on the blog?  Should I start liking beets?  If I eat beets, will hair grow on my chin?  Why do pickled beets smell like the inside of a rhinoceros belly button?!

There you have it.  My perplexing life questions.

If travel was free, you'd never see me again.

I do think a travel series could be a hoot tho.  Should we do this together?  You tell me where to go and Michael and I will knock it off the bucket list.  This may be your only chance to tell me where to go. *insert big toothy grin*

PS.  I have champagne taste and a soda pop pocket book.

Ever since this blog post & video about Michaels terminal cancer, our bucket list priorities jumped straight to the top of queue.


We’ve also been swinging at cancer like a Southern church lady swings her purse.

You may remember from a few month ago, my hubbys cancer moved into his central nervous system.  What’s worse than terrible?  It was that.

It has been a time of  leaning, loving and anticipating heartache and change throughout this whole cancer journey.   A time to find the light, in the midst of the darkness.

BALI was THAT place for us.

I don’t know how else to describe Bali, other than: !!!!!djkfjds;fdjf;dkjfirjefaWOW!!!!!

The people of Bali are the best part.  The very best part.  They are the happiest souls I’ve ever met.  They are hard working, kind and spiritually grounded.  They are full of love.

What happened in Bali ?

One day…we drove for hours… deep into the mountains… over hills…near lakes…saw a volcano… spotted wild monkeys … to meet a Balian healer.  There are no words to describe our experience. It was life changing.

 This man.  I n c r e d i b l e.  So full of love, with such a divine gift of healing.


Meeting a Balian healer in Bali, Indonesia


After arriving back home, Michaels cancer in his spinal root nerves had IMPROVED.  His blood work had improved, his spinal cord improved.  Back flip!!! (excuse the pun) Celebrate!!   Wooooohooooooooo!!!!

With the excitement of the upswing came a down swing.  Unfortunately, we recently had the crushing news that the cancer is still on the nerves of his brain.  Leptomeningeal metastasis.  The brain trumps the spinal cord in order of priority and concern.  Sorry I said that trump word.

The oncologist has strongly urged Michael to start a daily oral chemo pill.

Still.  Hitting the pause button.

Yes, it is only a pill, but it is still chemotherapy.  Every day.


Do you love to travel? See more about beautiful Bali here and explore the island...and all the handcrafted, hand made jewelry made with love by Balinese artisans.

Do you love to travel? See more about beautiful Bali here and explore the island...and all the handcrafted, hand made jewelry made with love by Balinese artisans.

Because sometimes what you don’t do is as important as what you do.

We’ve come to learn that cancer (even terminal) is a similar process to mourning.  It doesn’t get easier – it just changes.

Our goal is to continue to hoodwink cancer.  Sucker punch it.  Throat punch it.   Brush its teeth with a brick.  

Who says you have to do that in a hospital? A bucket list fucket list sounds like way more fun.   This dreaded disease takes so much; I just hope that the journey continues to give something good in life, even if just a little.

Travel is good.  Really good.

Cancer is like having a naggy little jerk in your head going, “Should I really be spending my time doing the things that I really don’t want to do?”  It’s like taking a big twirly straw and sucking up your energy until you’re a California raisin.  It’s a real eye opener.  It’s scary shit.

I suppose travel is a form of escapism.  I feel responsible to not be really sad around others.  When your world feels like it is coming undone, you just make different choices.

Wanna know why?  *smothers cigar with heel*… I’ve noticed something lately and I’m desperate to know if I’m alone in this and/or drunk.  When you travel… your big problems seem smaller. You see life through a different lens.  And you don’t have to make your bed.

For the win.

And hey, you can have wine during the day, while on holidays.   Let’s put it this way. Certain alcohol has beneficial antioxidants.  And I like to fight cancer sometimes.

Beeeteeedubs, it’s hard to find wine in Bali. I stared at Michael with the kind of desperation that usually only exists in times of war.  But there were palm trees.

Traveling to Bali also meant that we could indulge in a bit of local beer, enjoy the quiet beaches and the even the bustling streets.  I tried to resist bringing home every nook and cranny of the island.  I did shop for pretty jewelry along the way!!

Shop here for beautiful handmade necklaces and bracelets. Lovingly hand made in Bali, Indonesia and gift wrapped for YOU!

Many moons ago, and when I first started this blog… I used to travel to Bali for clients.  I bought furniture, home goods and so much more.  It has inspired my entire design career.  You can see much of Bali in my home here, in our treehouse and in the cabin.

This time, we really enjoyed meeting Balinese artists and buying jewelry.  Nothing is made in a factory.  Every bead, every tassel, every pom pom is put on by hand.  One by one.  Handcrafted.  Made with love.  I just had to bring some of that home.

They are available here in my blog shop, and only in small batches.  I only have some styles listed in the blog right now, but will add more in the next few days.  There are bracelets, necklaces and anklets.  So super duper pretty!!!!

Each one is gift wrapped.  Like the knitting needles and door track hardware, the packaging is just as important as what is in the package.  I’m a weirdo like that.

My best advice (far better than the time I told my best friend to cut her hair in a mullet style..which turned out to be AWFUL advice) is to remember this…

Miracles happen

Gratitude changes everything.

Guys, I love you and I’m so grateful that you take the time to leave me love notes in the comment section.  Legit.  I read every word.  You matter to me. I would climb a moderately sized mountain for you.

Your words help us to slog our way out of the cancer swamp and live la vida loca on the beach of good health with little umbrella drinks in our hands. ( Thank you Auntie Patch for leaving that comment for me! )

Your words grab my heart.  Thank you.

Spill it.  What’s on your bucket list?


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Laura Altobelli

Oh my gosh, these pictures. So beautiful, I could eat them. I truly believe the sea has untold healing powers—just looking at that water unleashes a powerful sense of calm over me, and that has to be good for my health. As far as my own bucket list, so many places I want to see – Tuscany, Santorini, Barcelona. If I ever win the lottery (which will never happen because I never play), or if I ever get up the nerve to start my own blog and find a way to turn around my financial situation, I would love to… Read more »


Lynne, I am so happy to have been introduced to your blog this afternoon – even though I have just begun to scratch the surface, I already feel like I’m catching up with an old friend. I have gone through three bouts of cancer myself, and can’t think of a better way to heal, and love, and reconnect than to travel. I find that people are the best versions of themselves when they travel. The top of my bucket list is South Africa, Argentina, and Morocco. I feel fortunate to be crossing Morocco off this spring when I move to… Read more »

Lynne, I’m so glad I have found you! Thank you for your bravery, raw emotion and deep found sense of humor. Keep kicking cancer in the teeth! Your words have such an effect. I am at the beginning of a dread journey myself and we are answering it with travel as well. Our bucket list includes such simple places, Denver, Charleston, island life. They lead to family. And that for me is what life is about. I love the chunky blankets and am addicted to making them. Thank you for such a great place to come and hang out! We… Read more »

sharon lamonica

Hello Lynne, you have my heart ♡•♡•♡ I adore your words and bravery. Thank you for sharing your life, journey, love, and wisdom. Your intimate blog has made me experience two opposite emotions in sync. Tears are running down my face while laughing out loud and ugly crying. My heart aches for your beautiful family. Thank you for being so incredible and raw. I’m sending you B I G L O V E!

Hi Lynne,

First, I adore you blog. I love the way you write – so raw and natural. I came across some of your blog post re: Cancer. I have lost a loved one to this nasty disease and hear almost every day about someone being diagnosed. It’s horrible! My wedding caterer is experiencing the wrath of cancer, but has been experiencing some positive outcomes from her experiments with Gerson Therapy. you can read more here – http://www.farmgirlfood.ca/index.cfm/blog/ and via her regular updates on instagram

Marla Housekeeper

Hi Lynne, We’ve been in contact recently as my husband also has Bing Neel. Reading your blog helps me, your honesty speaks to me. We are coming up on our 17th anniversary since original diagnosis, I’ve been feeling as though I’m grieving which has been hard looking at all.the years battling cancer. How long has it been for you? After going through my husbands dramatic change to bing neel 2 years ago and stem cell transplant in February, I am just exhausted and sick of cancer. I’m normally resilient but I think all the years have caught up with me… Read more »


Beautiful. Beautiful souls, beautiful journey. Thank you for sharing. And we will all share our positive thoughts and prayers and love in your direction.

<3 <3

Carla Work-In-Progress

Wow! I’m so grateful that you write this blog and that I some how found my way on your list. (Don’t ask how because then I’ll be telling age, as I truly don’t recall.) Yours is the ONLY blog that I leave as unread until I have the time read it because skimming the highlights would be like pouring a glass of wine, swirling it around in the glass, sniffing it (like I really remember what I learned that many years ago at my first wine tasting what the smell should tell me) and then fast forwarding to when I’m… Read more »

Elizabeth Bekker

Hi Lynne
Looooove your blog (and your products) You are a real fix when I need it and so don’t deserve to worry about cancer!
So sorry to hear about Michaels cancer and just need to tell you that I am asking the real live God that I serve to heal him. I will pray for Michael every day
Now you go and have yourself and everyone you love a merry BIG Christmas with lots of laughter and love and wine and whatever makes you happy.
Lots of big hugs and real smiles and healthy wishes

Krista MacLaren

Lynne, you write like a friend. I feel every word with my heart. You make me think. Big thoughts and little ones. Thank you for being you, funny and honest and raw. Just because I don’t know you doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t send every drop of energy and love to you and Michael and your kids. That’s all I got….so fuckit CANCER! Just know that somewhere in this world you have touched another and I can only hope the same for you. Xo K


Thank you for you! for your blog! for sharing your life…..you are an inspiration and just fun! I love spending time with you – I feel like I am right across from you while I read your blog – it is a special time….thank you!

Lynnie, Lynne, Lyn, May your holidays be filled with only joy, laughter, miracles and magic! And snow. There will always be snow. Thank you for the update on Michael, the curiosity about the smell a rhinoceros’ belly button, and the knowledge that Bali is BYOB. Please remember to take care of yourself too. The standard airline advice about putting your oxygen mask on first actually starts at home. Here’s to more healing, hugs, and adventure in 2017! Now, off to see your treasure trove of jewelry. Love you, sweet friend! PS: My post on our retreat gets more views and… Read more »

Liz Sproule

Lynne, Thank you so much for your writing. I am sending positive thoughts toward you and Michael and your whole family. Congrats on the trip to Bali! It looks like it was fantastic. So good for the two of you. Reading through the comments I loved the “canceriege.” I’m totally borrowing this phrase. I’m the canceriege for my father-in-law (Metastatic Prostate Cancer Stage IV with a PEG and trach) as well as the case manager for my mother-in-law (uncontrolled hypertension with significant edema that recently led to a 5 days stay at the hospital for cellulitis). I live with them,… Read more »

Liz Sproule
Reply to  Liz Sproule

How funny. I didn’t think my reply was posting. Now you have it twice!

Liz Sproule

Lynne, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping us posted on Michael’s fight with bucket list items vs. traditional treatments. Bali sounds fantastic! We’re going through a rough patch in our family life. We’re living with and caring for my in-laws; my father-in-law has metastatic prostate cancer stage IV- in the spine & pelvis- plus a trach and PEG tube AND my mother-in-law was recently hospitalized for 5 days for cellulitis. Of course this is in addition to “regular life”- marriage, parenting (3 kids), and working full-time. It can be a challenge. I look forward to a time when my… Read more »

Liz Sproule
Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

You’re so right about self care. I’ve made eating healthy and exercising a priority over the last 1 1/2 years (and lost 85lbs doing it). It makes all the difference.
I also read a ton- it’s escapism at its best!
Your blog is also a welcome escape. Your positive attitude and this loving community make me feel less alone. Keep doing what you’re doing and take care of yourself as well.


Just sending you some love. I’m proud of how you and Michael are walking. : )

“Gratitude changes everything.” This statement couldn’t be any more true. Lot’s of love to your entire family! xo


i believe in miracles and can totally see that happening here. keep fighting the fight and love to you all! pretty jewelry!


Have you done any research on Phoenix Tears? Look it up online. It is really informative. It makes sense and is a natural alternative. Wishing you both peace and love and lots of laughter.


I had a lump in my throat when I got an email from you … thinking about you all … so happy to hear from you. that’s all.

Dotti Matyi

I lost my best friend to cancer 20 years ago and they had originally given her only two months but she lived over another two years. She always had another adventure planed to look forward to especially as she was going through treatments, always focusing on the positive joys of the next adventure and it didn’t have to be huge trips, she never went farther than Mexico or a cruise. Life is about having enough time to live it. I am praying and sending your family all the hugs and love and strength I can.
Best always,


First of all, how do you know what the inside of a rhinoceros belly button smells like?! Second, and let me get this straight, you talked a FRIEND into cutting her hair in a mullet style?!?!? Lordy girl, you could sell ice to an Eskimo! Love it! Third – tell Michael, and I know it will be hard for him because he’s a guy, to kick Cancer in gonoids good and hard. Let him know that we are all behind him. He’s a good man, husband, and father. Blessings on you, your Hunky Husband, and your Fabulous Family. Love ya… Read more »

I love that you are committed to reading and responding! Thank you for that! With writing, we can momentarily find our way out of the shadiness! By the way, I am not offended one bit by your use of ‘French,’ I use it quite commonly myself and recently read that it can be a sign of intelligence-cheers to that! When life hands you lemons, squeeze the shit out of them, it makes better lemonade! I love the simplicity and beauty of your website, design and photos, do you designed all of it yourself? I envision mine to be much nicer… Read more »

sending great, big, squishy hugs your way:-)

you inspire me!:-)

love and light,


lynda osborne

Thanks for the update and nice that your holiday and healer in Bali rocked! Until my hubby diagnosed w cancer I did not believe in Chemo. BUT,,,i now have a different outlook. To MY mind…our bodies are finely tuned chemical lab processors..digesting our food and giving us life and energy. But, for whatever reason, the process has run amuck and needs more than a little urging to get back on track. I now see Chemo as the sledgehammer that makes our body take notice! We can support the chemo shit show with healthy food, fab trips to Bali, etc, positive… Read more »

lynda osborne
Reply to  lynda osborne

Cancierge eh??? I LOVE it!! I couldn’t recall your husband’s original dx so just looked at prior blogs. OMG so many of your loved ones gone… I am at a loss for words. I see your uncle passed after 8 mos of M Myeloma… my husband dx 9 mos ago with it…..has gone into remission and will finish his first series of chemo mid Feb…45 weeks of rx.. I just asked him if he has thought about his bucket/fkit list…..he responded that he wants to get his “affairs in order” first..It is something he/we keep ignoring… We expect that there… Read more »


A slow stroll through the souks of Marrakesh. The senses alive with the sights and smells. Buying spices and resins, making hard decisions over multiple pairs of babouche, lanterns and carpets and exotic fruit.
And then into the silence of the desert……the wide open sky and a high up view from the back of a camel.

I am going to do it in 2018,

Elizabeth Dulmage

Ha, I think auto correct made Lynne into Lyme!
Lymes – and limes – are so tasty in drinks with umbrellas…..

Elizabeth Dulmage

Lyme and Michael,
As always, you guys are amazeballs.
Keep up the cancer-kicking, life-fulfilling, Bali-glorying!
Looking forward to seeing you on your next trip west, where you can reacquaint yourselves with Vangroovy’s not-quite-as-warm-and-no-palm-trees-but-still-gorgeous beaches.
Elizabeth xo

Bud, my soldier and I would love to travel to Vimy ridge… He’s of course been there but I have not. I would also love to got to Beaumont Hamel to pay tribute to all of the beautiful Newfoundland soldiers that did not make it home. Other than those places a pilgrimiage if you will I’m a complete homebody. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us, you inspire. Gratitude does change everything… I think those that have lost are the ones that Know that so intimately. We are driving to Montreal to bid farewell to my… Read more »

I admire your courage and amazing sense of humor when the challenges of life stomp you in the face.

You are the best … and I wish for you miracles and a lot more good wine.

Stay heroic.

I have drafted several responses to your blog, several times, with so much to say. Regardless of the drops I have never sent, I should send them to you, even if in part! I love, love, love reading this blog, please keep writing! I am always curious to know how Michael is doing and am cheering for you guys all the time! [I met him and your kids a few years ago.] I also know someone else who took the same path, and went to a Peruvian healer with some awesome results! I learned a lot from this woman when… Read more »


More power to you and your husband, Lynne. The mind is a powerful thing. Harness it’s power. Merry Christmas to you. I hope we all have a Happy New Year !!!

AHHHH….The Bucket/Fuckit list. My hubby is from London. All his family is there. We would go a couple/three times a year (when we were working) and when Mikey’s Mum was alive. We were there one Christmas and arrived on Christmas Eve..Not a big deal for many, but for this “Crazy for Christmas” woman, it was a big deal. Problem, Mum was housebound and was limited in her years left. So there we were on Christmas Eve in LONDON..did I say Christmas Eve?. More than anything, I want to go downtown on Christmas Eve in London and hear the boys choir…ahhhh… Read more »


Thank God above that Michael is still with you, you aren’t you without Michael. The ficklist is perfect way to see the world with a new perspective of beautiful vast wonders and not the nasty knot of cancer. Love to you both and I hope your Christmas is “merry and bright”.

Norway, (i realize this might be a weird choice but they have those majestic pictures of mountains and little towns around lakes) OR maybe just a big ass road trip across the US along the side roads – no freeways. I hope you guys see how much you show people to live life even it means in a house full dust and bath tubs with poly wrapped walls. (yes, I just admitted this to all of your followers). Fuck it right. Please go to Croatia. I forgot that place, it has a special kind of beauty. Or Brazil – Iguazu… Read more »

You guys are just amazing! Truly inspirational! I am happy you guys had the best time in Bali! Can’t wait to follow along the rest of your bucket list fuck it list. Hope Newfoundland is on it! ?❤️

Lin N

From gut-wrenching, heart ripping to gratitude and love, such a delicate dance you and Michael are doing. Yes, travel is wonder-filled, beautiful escapism, educational, put things in perspective, adventure and happy times. I have a travel bucket list. I have a beautiful home. I am on my own, retired and aging. I have a quandary…slowly drown financially or sell and courageously move on from a place I very much love. Fear and Love, love and fear…. Thank you for Bali and bringing back memories of it’s lushness, the beautiful people and the most spectacular sunset I have ever witnessed. I… Read more »

Lynne, as always you leave me breathless and laughing at the same time. I love you guys, and want to see you enjoy your bucket list/fuckit list immensely.

I’ve also learned that gratitude goes a long way towards making this world a bearable place to live. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs to you and Micheal. xoxo


Out of curiosity, how do you know what a rhinoceros belly button smells like? It seems an unlikely way to entertain yourself but it was definitely entertaining for me to try to picture you smelling one!

In other news, thank you for your wonderfully spunky and wild sense of spirit. You radiate love and joy even in the midst of devastation. Thank you for being you.

Christine Todd

Thank you for the update. Even though we have never met, it is inspiring to read your blog. It is something I have done for many years. Your spirit and strength is what everyone should strive for, especially in a world that shows its ugly side once too often. You are so correct. We reassess our lives in times like this when life throws us too many curve balls. Cancer has struck down several people in my life, and I had my first personal scare in the last 2 years. My mom struggled for the last 5 years and lost… Read more »

Lynne, you make me laugh until my decaf-soy-extrahot-nofoam-latte comes out of my nose. And I’m trying desperately to channel the force of that coffee geyser into Michael’s healing. I am a chiropractor. I know that the power that made Michael’s body CAN heal his body. I have seen miracles happen, and I’m praying one comes your way. You’re the bomb…with love, affection and healing, Tania.


You’re doing great. Seriously. You both are living life! I am glad that traveling soothes your souls. Healing comes in many forms- I pray that you both are covered with it from head to toe!!!!

Kathrine Iacofano

Imagine my surprise when I opened your email and there was Bali! I’m planning on going there too next year! I might have to think about that now because they don’t have wine??!! I believe in Miracles. I’ve experienced a few myself. Which now that I think about it we were taught they were a rarity. That miracles only existed for a chosen few. Well I’m here to tell ya that’s not true! Check out Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) who I believe had a similar cancer as your hubby. *Had* being the operative word there. Ok, I’ll… Read more »

Mary Kay Wilburn

My hubby was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in Sept 2015. He will have his second repeat colonoscopy in April of 2017. We are praying for a clean scan since the last one they found several polyps that had to be removed. We are of course not in the position where you and Michael are but we have talked about where we want to travel to. We recently bought a pop-up camper and have decided that traveling from one camp ground to the next sounds like heaven for us. Visit out of the way little towns, go antiquing, stop… Read more »

Anne Martin

Lynne, You rock once again! Your spirit is not something that can be squashed by cancer… (maybe just a sucker punch but you bounce back like one of the old blow up punching clowns from the “60’s”.) Thank-you for courageously sharing your vulnerability with so many of us. The authenticity of your triumphs over mounting loss shows through this virtual form of media. May you always catch sight of the joy and significant meaning of the loss that will be his final gift to you as you turn the corner and journey on without him by your side. It is… Read more »

When you go to Bali next with Michael – lmk – I will meet you will a case or two of wine. Paradise needs wine. Paradise needs you – Cancer needs an end – Maybe you need a hug – X

Connie Inglis

HI Lynn,
Long time reader of your blog, love it by the way. Coming to you from Ontario Canada, (whooo hooo Go Grey Jay!! what???) Still not used to it.
I just wanted to thank you for all the time you put into sharing as much as you do. And one day I will master that chunky wool blanket you have posted.

All the best to you and your family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I am not a southern church lady, but I am a northeastern church lady, and I join forces with you and swing my pocket book at cancer!
My husband has Hairy Cell Leukemia. It is in remission now.. I know the fear, the pain, the heartache.
Lynne, miracles do happen every single day. I am praying that Michael will be the recipient of a great big one from a great big God.! Miracles happen to be His specialty!

Debra Spaulding

Thank you for sharing the experience of your beautiful escape. Travel does help heal the soul.

Julie Madsen

Dear Lynne: Bucket list: traveling this beautiful North American continent and exploring the back roads and byways…so much to see! Thank you for your honesty and reminder than there is always light…somewhere. Your darling sense of humor and keen eye for beauty makes your blog an inspiration and good for a laugh…not a bad combo. Sending healing energy for your precious Michael and may your family be strengthened with each step of this journey. xoxo

Becki Pavlik

Hi Lynne, It’s been a while since I left a comment, but I frequent your site almost once a week because, well… because I need what I find here. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird! A good chuckle or a good cry, great ideas, inspiration, and that strange and unexplainable feeling of connection with someone that you’ve never even met before because you have something in common.. It’s true that I’ve never met you,, never talked to you on the phone and yet we share the experience of having someone we love experiencing the big C word. As you… Read more »


bucket list. hmmm. have my own battle with cancer going on right now, so my bucket list is short at the moment. I own a house in Florida … not on a beach, but its on a golf course, so it’s pretty quiet, and I have a pretty view, and I would love to be there rght now, relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine. Or maybe just a cup of tea at this time of morning, although the sun is over the yard arm SOME where, right? Now is the time to enjoy life. I hope Michael continues to win… Read more »

This is the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen. I love your attitude and am deeply sorry your husband is so ill. What a gift though to have that kind of marriage and love for another. I wish for you a miracle. ??❤️

Thanks Lynne. I love to read your blog. Your photos inspire. Your words touch. I am sorry for what your family is faced with but, I love your resolve – EFF cancer! My bucket list is short. I want to travel to Scotland to leave a simple stone behind. It is a stone that my Dad found on a beach in New Brunswick. My parents joked at the time, that it looked like a headstone and so, when he passed away (EFF cancer!!), she had it engraved with his details. We traveled back to NB to scatter his ashes into… Read more »


Oh Lynne, I’m so glad you two were able to make this trip. I’m so sorry Michael and you are living with this damn cancer monster. I am so glad you two are spending beautiful time in gorgeous places. You each humble me just witnessing your strength and courage. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I so hope and pray for relief and time. Blessings to you both, prayers to you each and your dear family.


Beautiful words. Thank you for this, today. Your hope is truly inspiring.

“When you travel… your big problems seem smaller. You see life through a different lens. And you don’t have to make your bed” Love this….can I quote you? That says it all! I totally agree. Travel is how I let go of the swamp of crap that’s sucking me down. It opens up the World and gives me a whole new perspective. It offers me introspective clarity, it humbles, it brings surprising people into my life who teach and inspire and it gives me peace. I return home refilled and ready to take it all on with renewed energy and… Read more »

Ute Harp

I am a cancer surviver .Breatcancer and scincancer .Its great and beutifull to go travel ,the proplem is do you have the pocket for .I am lucky to live in florida were the weather is mostly sunny.I moved here twenty years ago from Germany.I have two Daughter and help them go through college and my son just finished college so there are not much funds left but i would love to visit Australia or Dubai. Thank you


Keep on making the best choices for you -whether it is treatment or travels. No one else can know what is most important to you as individuals, as a couple, as a family during this best/worst of times. As you have been doing, continue to fight the good fight, kickass as necessary and make all the journies (internal and external) count. In admiration and solidarity.

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

You are truly an inspiration to all of those who struggle with life’s many challenges.
Keep doing what you are doing – you are truly helping and touching so many people.
Wishing you and your family all the best today and always.