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PRINTABLE : Christmas Gift Tags & Cheer *hiccup*

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printable & Holiday Cheer *hiccup*

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printable & Holiday Cheer *hiccup* https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/


It’s wrapping time!

Annnnnnd I swear, I’ll keep this post short, because I know you have 120,978 other Christmas-ness-necessaries to get through… cookies to bake…shenanigans to wrap… chasing your cat outta the living room while attempting to keep him from knocking the tree down. {again}… drinking baileys… important stuff like that.


Holiday priorities, people.


And just so you know, there’s a super duper fabulous FREE DOWNLOAD of gift tags in this blog post <–Yeah, I’m yelling that at you.



Free Christmas gift tag printable! Merry Christmas gift tags! Free printable


The above photo is a wee bit off and slightly slanted.  I blame the baileys.


I love Christmas!*hiccup*


Anything that involves alcohol, cookies and baking (in no particular order)…. I’m all in.

Espesh the alcohol aka homemade baileys.  Shhhhhh.


Go make some baileys for yourself.  STAT.  It will make this blog post way more interesting.  For the win.

Annnddddd can I just say…..Hello, Mistletoe season 🙂 ?!!

For the win, again.


Like coffee, Christmas gives me unrealistic expectations of productivity.   I get everything done.  In my head.


Cue the panic.


3 different styles of free Christmas card printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/ Free Christmas gift tag printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/ Christmas gift tag printable https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/



Raise your hand if you’ve waited until the last second to wrap presents.  Do you still have a Christmas list as long as Rupunzels golden locks of hair?  Why did I bring hair into the situation? 

Gah. Where was I?


Gulp <—- as in sip. Gulp.


I keep a baileys stash for emergencies (it happens to be tucked in my bra).

How’d it get in there?  Never mind.



Click here https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/ for free printable Free Christmas printables here >>> https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/ Merry Christmas handcrafted gift tags! FREE printable https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/


Last minute?  Me?  Umm, never.

Dear Santa, I can explain. Wait.  Not really.


Let’s be real.  Have you found yourself elbow-deep in an elf situation? Do you need fast and easy gift tags?  Yeah, I heard you were fast and easy.


Free printable gift tags for Christmas! https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/



I’m obsessed with making these gift tags, even though I had to use a guillotine.  I promise to never say that word again.  I nicknamed my paper cutter Marie Antoinette (because I’m not saying THAT other word again)  I know.  Weird.  Don’t even.  haha.

Okay, okay, you can use scissors.  Easy. Peasy.  Beautiful you.

But… Meet my Marie Antoinette anyway


Free Christmas gift tags (printable!) https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-gift-tags/


If you can’t already tell, basically all of these tags are beyond fabulous and need to be in your life.  For forever.  Tuck them in your bra.  That’s forever, right?


Do it.  Print.  Print those puppies on a nice cardstock for true beauty!  Booyah!


view and print


Sip.  Print.  Sip.  Print. Wrap.  Done.  Hiccup


These are the sweetest Christmas gift tags, in the history of ever.  You can bulk print/cut them or get all fancy schamncy and cut them with scissors too.

PRINT! <–I’m not yelling at you.  Yes I am.

download and print


One click.  Infinite coolness.

Okay. Bye.  I wish you a Hairy Mistress.   Merry Christmas.   Hairy mistress.



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  1. Ga Cowgirl says:

    Country Cowgirl loves you. I don’t have laughter in my life much anymore. Was just searching for a Baileys recipe and OMG I found laughter. Thank you.

  2. Terry Sue LaNasa says:

    Just discovered your blog and tried downloading your fun Christmas tags…but the page seems not to exist??

    • Hi Terry Sue,

      If you enter your email where it says ‘download and print’ /or view and print gift tags… a pop up will show up after your email with all the direct links to each download. You can download them instantly.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Thanks Lynn…the tags are very cute…kinda like you….but I can’t hang you on a package…Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family…be together…hug each other a lot….remember that the best present you can give to each other is yourselves…XOXO

  4. Shirley says:

    Lynne, these tags are beautiful and you are a sweetheart! I hope the love you share comes back to you a thousandfold. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Elen G says:

    Ho-Ho-Ho. You are sooooooooooo (hiccup) funny, Lynne. I printed the tags. Beautimous and THANK YOU, for I have not wrapped one blasted thing yet. Not one. Now on to the Baileys.

    Joy of the Season, my friend.


  6. Those are gorgeous, Lynne! I’ve done my wrapping though 😛 Wishing a Merry, Merry Bailey’s Christmas. Hiccup. See ya in 2016!!

  7. Lenna says:

    As queen of on-line shopping, I live and die by the internet. Unfortunately our mail carrier lady must also LOVE Baileys-only one out of five deliveries actually make it to our front door. Fortunately, we have honest neighbors (or they don’t share our taste in Xmas tchosky). No jar of Bailey’s for her this year, maybe a lb of Starbuck”s extra dark.. I save your blog for days when I need a pick-me-upper. DH says I’m a tough laugh, but you never fail! Wonder if we’re related? Lenna Knowlton

    • You have an entertaining mail lady Lenna. hahaha annnnnnnnnd good idea, on the Starbucks (be careful not to spike it) 🙂

      So sweet of you to send the blog lurve. You just gave ME the pick-me-upper. It’s so crazy having a blog… I write the words….throw them out to the universe…and don’t know what happens from there. Thanks for that fun insight. xx

      Merry hoho, cuz LOL!
      PS. Wouldn’t that be funny if we were related?!!! It would be dangerous around the family Christmas table with all that baileys 🙂

      Lynne xx

  8. Catherine says:

    Thank you for gift tags! They’re beautiful.