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Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

Drink.  That will make your Christmas MERRY.  Jokes.  Kinda.

Okay, okay.  I have three printable Christmas card photos for you.  That will make you Merry!!   They are free.  Skip to the bottom of the post if you want an instant download.





At this time of year, words like … relaxed  … laid back … simple … easy going…well  … they are quite simply the best words evvah.

FAVE words, really.

Dude, life can be a crazy straw.  It’s especially crazy during holiday times.

We all need to hit the rewind button every now and again.

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

Ahhh, keep it simple

Keep it simple

Why not have an easy going Christmas this year?  Getting organized for Christmas can already start to feel like you’re herding cats.   There’s such a massive build up, it can sometimes cause a massive lunch bag let down.

Huge expectations.

Too many plans and not enough hours in a day.  It can make you weak in the knees, just thinking about it.

Not this year.  It’s not going to happen to YOU.   Together, we are going to keep it simple.

Gratitude changes everything & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


{ for going green and keeping it simple }

Celebrate with free Christmas card printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


Christmas time can just creep up on you outta nowhere.

It happens.

You waittttt for it.  Right?!  You really waaiiiiiiiiiiit for it.

Then.  Suddenly.  It’s here.

It happens that fast.

For Canadians, the snow is already here.

Snow = Holiday season

Snow always makes me want to punch a snowman in the face.

But, in the spirit of MERRY, I thought I’d share some festive snow snow ho ho with you…

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

The only way to truly get through this season enjoyably, is to try with all your might to keep it simple.

The best way I could think of to start off this holiday season was to keep it really straight forward.

 I decorated everything with natural greenery and twinkle lights.

I started with the treehouse.

{{ Psssst.  You don’t need a treehouse to do this.}}

HOW can you do it?  

Search for green branches and twigs.  Look in your backyard.  Look in your neighbours backyard.  I’ll bet you a zillion dollars that there’s something green in there that you can use for your holiday decor.

I’m hoping it’s pine trees.  Not weed.

*insert big toothy grin*


Never mind.

I digress.

This stuff  is all around you.  It’s natural.  It’s real.

‘Have clippers will travel’  Just travel around your neighbourhood.  Clip your neighbours trees.  They won’t notice a few twigs missing.   Clip branches from the side of the road.  There is wild greenery everywhere, my friend.


If it’s green, clip it.  Shove it in your car.  Drive fast.  Run for the hills.

Get home quick.


I’m so proud of you right now.

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


Just grab some pine cones, pine branches and anything that even remotely looks green.

Go with it.  Maybe even some red twigs.

Get creative!

Price = Free.

Grab a branch here.  Snag a branch there.


Christmas decorating, au naturale.

Who needs  a treehouse?  You only need a tree (and a few of its branches)

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


This style of Christmas is not only affordable,  it feels good.  Because, as long as you feel good, the rest are just details.

You’ll find that a simple Christmas with soft lights and greenery will just light you up.

The grand shinanegans of wildly plastic neon ornaments and bright flashing lights can potentially wind you up.  Don’t go there.

We need to wind it down.

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

You don’t need change-the-world holiday goals. You just need enjoy your world holiday goals.

Make your holiday goals to be a time to ….

Chill it.

Enjoy it.

Live it.

Get back to the ahhhh feeling of Christmas.

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

Not gonna lie, the setting of a treehouse makes it pretty easy to decorate with natural greenery, twigs and pine cones.

No worries, remember, you definitely don’t need a treehouse to pull off that kind of ho-ho-ho season.

Anyone can do this natural greenery decor.


Yes, that’s you.

Get great Christmas ideas for your home!

Treehouse & Christmas ideas on the blog!

#Christmas made EASY -->> https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

#Christmas made EASY -->> https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

The greenery.  The natural stuff.  The real deal.  It’ll make you gasp.  It’s THAT pretty.


In the spirit of Merry, I made Merry Christmas card printables for you.

Okay, I’m going to stop saying Merry now. 🙂

You’ll feel so proud of yourself for getting ahead of the game.  I feel like there should be a wild crowd cheering right now.  Maybe some trumpets or something?!

Ready for some free Christmas card printables?

{{Click on each photo for your free instant download}}

Print these photos on card stock and make a greeting card.  Print them small as a gift tag.  Print them just for inspiration.  Stick them on your wall.  Let’s get the hohoho spirit going.

See, I didn’t say Merry.

1.  Click here for the Merry Christmas printable or on the photo below …

Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

2.  Click here for the HoHoHo printable or on the photo below :

  Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


3.  Click here for the Treehouse Christmas Card printable, or on the photo below :


Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/


Let’s celebrate.  You have some Christmas cards now.


Yeah!!  Let’s drink.

Homemade Baileys Recipe https://lynneknowlton.com/homemade-baileys-recipe/

Homemade Baileys Recipe https://lynneknowlton.com/homemade-baileys-recipe/

Let’s celebrate with a sip of homemade baileys.  Sip. Sip.


I feel better already. You?


Christmas made EASY & free Christmas Card Printables https://lynneknowlton.com/christmas-in-the-treehouse/

Want more?  Geesh, demanding 🙂  If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see some amazeballs Christmas inspiration rolling out this month.  I plan on impressing myself  this month.

{Yeah, because I needed another excuse to celebrate and drink the homemade baileys.Ha!}      

It’s soon to be the time of year when we’ll all be jonesin for eggnog (errhhh baileys) and the sound of Elvis Christmas songs.

Until then, remember this…. keep it simple.

Have some fun.

Don’t cave to the pressure of trying to be perfect.

Most importantly, be yourself.

 Just be you.

Unless you are an elf.  Be an elf if you are an elf.


SHOP THE POST  handy links :

The one thing that I do ‘purchase’ and not steal from the side of the roads, is clear mini lights (with a white cord)  and clear white mini lights ( on a green cord).

I use them year-round inside the house (that’s a whole other blog post) LOL and outdoor mini lights on the grapevine balls in the trees.

Merry HohO !

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  1. Peggy says:

    Hey Lynn, I enjoy your posts, and am a knitter, so have made several country cottage blankets, thank you for such a great pattern! In one photo on your sight, you are pictured with a knit blanket that is the color of a sock monkey…..do you happen to have the pattern? Would love to knit that one up!! Thanks for a great blog, always enjoy the sight! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Peggy,

      Yes, I think the blanket you are referring to is the cabin blanket. It kind of looks like a sock monkey 🙂 It is from Roots Canada.

      I don’t have a pattern for one, but I would imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult, if you used the same combination of colours for the blanket. Grey, with white and red for the trim on each end.

      Hope that helps! Happy knitting !
      Lynne xx

  2. Teresa Tillery says:

    I love the treehouse! My hubs and I have been contemplating building a cabin on stilts overlooking the river that runs through our property and seeing what you’ve built has given me a giant shove in the ‘go for it’ direction! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • That is soooooo cool Teresa!

      A cabin on stilts, overlooking a river sounds dreamy!!

      When it comes to having a cabin on stilts… I honestly can’t put words to it… it is one of the most remarkable feelings on earth.

      You sleep like a baby. Your heart is full and your mind is quiet. It’s just the best.

      Go for it!

      PS. When you do it, send me photos! I can’t wait to see it!

      Lynne xx

  3. […] Knowlton (this is one of the free printables that she is also offering on her blog, Design the Life You Want to Live!) by Lynne Knowlton Happy […]

  4. Tracie Berry says:

    Hi Lynne, beautiful post as usual….the Christmas decorating makes me go ahhh…..and I want to sink in to that wonderful white bed….great magazine too, I got lots of great ideas. Simple, beautiful, affordable Christmas-Yes!! And homemade Bailey’s too, of course!

    • Hi Tracie!
      How are you these days? Great to hear from you! Isn’t the MERRY mag awesome sauce? My friend Melissa from The Sweet Escape Blog made it, along with a collection of some of my fave blogging pals. So fun!

      Sip sip of the baileys, here we come xoxo

  5. Sue Heggie says:

    Hey there, love your Christmassy thoughts and ideas. I live in New Zealand so it is high summer over here and Santa wears shorts and jandals. I’m faffing about making tiles and tags and dish cloths. Yay for a creative not cash poor Christmas.
    Darn, how do I post photos?? They ar eon my blog http://www.fluffygeorge.co.nz

    • Hi Sue!
      Ohhhh I wish you could post photos in the comment section of my blog. That would have been great! Unfortunately it doesn’t work, because photos have to be sized for web-friendliness and site speed. I learned that hot tip from my fave computer guru’s who built my site. I’m going over to check out your site and photos right now!

      Lynne xx

  6. farmkiti says:

    I LOVE your farmer’s sink! I’m jealous, I want one…I’m ‘specially jealous ’cause I live in a stinkin’ condo. I mean, it doesn’t really stink, I keep it clean (sort of) and all, but I’d much rather live in a cabin. Oh well…guess I’ll just make the best of it and add some greens. I live in freakin’ Colorado, I guess that makes it much better, huh?! If you’re lucky enough to live in CO, you’re lucky enough!

  7. Soooo very pretty, Lynne! Thank you for the Christmas-inspo! I have to get the right paper to print your lovely cards. What a nice idea–to share your gorgeous photos as greeting cards. I’ll start with the Bailey’s and the rest will just happen, NATURALLY…LOL. Love the greenery and white mini lights!

  8. Alex says:

    “Snow always makes me want to punch a snowman in the face.”

    “It’s soon to be the time of year when we’ll all be jonesin for eggnog (errhhh baileys) and the sound of Elvis Christmas songs.”

    and you say…



    GAH. You have made my morning!!!


    ps. I broke my Elvis mug yesterday morning. I contemplated having a small memorial service for it – with baileys. BUt then I remembered..
    I was at work and unfortunately, I am not Don Draper with liquor on hand.

  9. Heather Oberg says:

    Hi Lynne, I want to come live in your treehouse and be your best friend, ok that sounds creepy….but i do. Maybe someday Ill come for a visit. Merry ho ho ho

    • ahhaahhahaaa Heather,

      Not creepy at all. I’m already tempted.

      Maybe we should wait until the spring when the treehouse defrosts?! 🙂

      We may have to kick a few squirrels out, but it’ll be worth it.

      Until then….

      I’ll be grumbling through the snowbanks. Likely throwing myself into a ditch somewhere with my snow temper tantrums…

      Lynne xx

  10. chris aka monkey says:

    oh i forgot to say that this merry post is really amazaballs xx

  11. Elen Grey says:

    I need that monkey! The greens and lights are yummy. If you see a woman with legs that go all the way to the ground, wearing a red scarf and beanie (winter cami as a northern cardinal), I’m, I mean she’s, just collecting some greens. Looks like ya got plenty. 😀

    As for the Merry Mag. Have mercy! Sending the LOL Sister over here to check it out. That strapless jumpsuit in red… That would totally go with my Northern Girl/Northern Cardinal vibe I’ve got going on right now.

    I’ve already lost a glove. I have a trunk of single gloves by the boot tray. #northerngirl #greatwhitenorth ::SOBS:: Yes! The boot tray is already out. Shovel by the back door. #northernburbville

    Where’s the Baileys again?

    • Oh geez Elen

      I am so flipping happy that you are a blogger because you can write!

      If we are going to do the great white north, we might as well do it stylin’ 🙂

      Have you shopped Roots at all? They are rocking the sock monkey look this year big time. I wear it every day, not kidding. 🙂 I also wear my toque and uggs inside everyday, but hey.

      Canadian much?

      Here’s the link to my fave Roots stuff:


      My daughter works there too. I’m a little obsessed 🙂


      Keep rockin’ it girly. If I see your dangly arms in these here parts, sneaking off with my greenery.. I’ll invite you in for a cuppa you know what-a.


      • Elen Grey says:

        The winter cream sweater with the red stitching at the hem and sleeves. Help me, Rhonda. And I should just buy a shipping container of what I like to call “daycare mittens”. On a string, baby. You’d have to lose both those suckers. I see a trip to Roots in my future. Cheers! And… thank you.

  12. Karen says:

    The pillows! The pillows! Where did you get them? I love them!!! Also love your treehouse. So cozy!

    • Hi Karen !

      Ohh I bought the pillows ages ago in HomeSense. I have been back to get more (because so many people asked about them this summer in the treehouse) and couldn’t buy any more.

      Drats, huh?

      I’m totally thinking of writing some fun expressions and selling them on pillow case covers.

      That could be coolio, right? 🙂

      Hand written style. Oh la la 🙂


  13. Jane says:

    Beautiful….just the way I love to “decorate”……always helps when you have lots of the natural stuff just outside the back door too!!

    Could you please send me the link to book your treehouse! I’m thinking it would make a great Christmas gift for my adult Kiddo’s!! Hoping you do gift certificates so they can book their own little holiday!

  14. Krista MacLaren says:

    Your images of the treehouse make my heart spin! You make me smile and giggle and Christmas just makes me want to decorate til I drop and flop! Love it, K

  15. chris aka monkey says:

    wow those pictures are so merry, they make me feel merry, we don’t get much merry snow here in the merry state of tn. so it makes me merry to look at some one else’s merry snow…. this whole post made me feel merry and i love that you want to punch a snowman xx

  16. Patricia says:

    Love the greenery in the white vases. Now I need to go rummage through my garden shed to find those clippers. 🙂

  17. Su says:

    Simple and sweet…. I like it

  18. Love the printable cards Lynne. You are so full of sparkles and tree lights.. I know a few people that will enjoy the Christmas Treehouse Cards when they arrive in the post.

    Glad that the fire is on in the treehouse and you have blankets – it would get cold up there without them. I can only imagine the stunning view of the forest covered in snow from the balcony.

    Again, thanks for sharing your holiday magic.

    Jo-Ann xo

    • Hi Jo-Ann!

      Did you get a ton of snow too? We’ve had 2 snow days in a row here. Eeeek.

      I printed the treehouse pix off and made little gift tags with them. The things we do on snow days. LOL.

      Merry ‘soon to be’ HO Ho ho. xox

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