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How to blog. How to love. How to slay a dragon



Blogging = yelling words

into cyberspace so loud that even Helen Keller can hear you.

Social media = slaying dragons

with fiery breath while wearing a paper bag.

 Sometimes it is scary.

 Sometimes you feel vulnerable.

  Sometimes you feel downright naked.

  Like a paper bag princess with dishevelled hair and a broken high-heeled shoe.    Unless you are a guy.  Then that would just be weird.

That’s where love comes in.

How to Blog. How to Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com

Love is what keeps us going


Love is better shared. 

Blogging is like love.  It is vulnerable.  It is wicked fun.  It is hard work.  

Blogging is hawt.

How to #Blog. How to #Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com




Blogging is hot to trot.

If you are not already a blogger, it’s not too late.  Get to it.  I’m going to help you along the way.


Lesson #1 :


The best bloggers are the ones who aren’t afraid to catch hell.  They aren’t afraid to keep it real.  Blog posts don’t need to be perfect.  You won’t die a thousand deaths for imperfection.  Just write.


Lesson #2 :


People don’t connect with blogs.  They connect with the people who make the blog come to life.  A great measure of a spectacular blog is the engagement.  Why?  Because only 1% of blog readers leave a comment. One percent?!  Crap.  That is tough to know, isn’t it?  Ignorance can be bliss.


Do you ever find that sometimes reading the comment section of a blog can be just as much fun as the blog post itself?  There is epic shit in there.  Read it.  It is like getting the last cookie out of the cookie jar.  Savour it.


Lesson #3 :


Read other blogs and learn what makes you tick.  Learn what gets your mojo running. What drives you and inspires you to do the same on your blog?  What makes you want to sit down and type so fast that you find yourself pounding on those keys.  That is your sweet spot.  That is your diamond in the rough.


Lesson #4 :


Keep it real.  Forget about the rainbows, unicorns and fake crap.  Life is not perfect.   Celebrate the imperfections and stupid things that just happen when you are not looking.  Just like that.  Sometimes blogging is like walking into a pole.  Then tripping.  Then making a fool of yourself.  You write.  You feel great.  You fall down.  You dust yourself off.  You go back at it.


Lesson #5  :


Draw a line in the sand and start something new.  Your life is a true story.  Be authentically you.  Only you can be you.   You are unique like that.   If you try to be someone else, you are going to get pounded into the dirt.



How to #Blog. How to #Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com

Blogging is :


  • Like having a bestie and an enemy to your self esteem.
  • Zen-like therapy and an ancient chinese torture chamber.
  • A sugar candy high and a slushy brain freeze of pain.




Watch what happens when you focus on loving and helping others achieve their success.  That is what blogging is all about.  Helping others.   It is epic.  It is full of gratitude.  Every good blogger loves comments and is so grateful for each and every one of them.  Leaving a comment for a blogger is DOPE.  It’s crack, and we want more.  It’s d’bomb dot com.  Gratefulness comes with every comment.  Tony Robbins said it best :


When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.


Watch what happens when you are grateful for the here & now.  When we are grateful for the support, we feel confident to take one more step out of our comfort zone and try a new thaaaang.  You will start to think outside the box.  You will step right out of that box.


Blog with love.  Blog with kindness.  Take care of yourself .  Stay strong.

Watch what happens when you love yourself more.  The best investment you can ever make in your life ~ is in yourself.


How to #Blog. How to #Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com



Love your quirkiness.

Love your mishaps.

Because shit happens.

Just LOVE.

It is that simple.

Have a problem with someone? Just LOVE them.

 How to #Blog. How to #Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com






1.   Men and Women don’t live in the same zip code.   Embrace it.

2.   Want to tell a woman that you love her?   Just love her.

3.   Want to really turn her on ?  Do the dishes and take out the garbage.  It is not rocket science.  I promise.

4.   Are you in for a big surprise?  Clean the house.  That is what women call foreplay.  Stallion.

5.   Recipe for romance :   Great table manners.  Mess that up, and you are going to get your ass delivered to you.

6.   Want to really make her happy?   Make the bed.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.   *she will dance*  {mostly out of surprise that you did it}

7.   Want to get lucky?  Pick your underwear up off of the floor.  The floor is not a shelf.  Sadly, it is often mistaken as one.

8.  ”  Whatever ”  Is a woman’s way of saying “ You’re an idiot

9.   Want to make her smile?  Do the laundry and don’t shrink her favourite sweater.  If you do, run.  Run fast.  Run far.

10.  When a woman says ” go ahead “.  That’s a dare.  Don’t do it.  It won’t end well.

11.   Want to really get her mojo running ?  Play with the kids.   Outside.   Avoid fire and blood.  No emergency vehicles should be involved.

12.   When a woman says “does this dress make my butt look big?”  It’s a trick question.  Don’t answer it.

13.  If a woman says ”  FINE !!  ” you are definitely in big shit.

14.   Want to really make a woman crazy in love with you?  Don’t control the TV converter with your eyes shut and your finger glued to one button.  That is just wrong.

15.   Do you really want to give her something special ?  Make dinner. Kraft dinner doesn’t count, goofball.

16.  Do you snore?  Breathe right strips make you look like a wort hog with duct tape on your nose.  Wear them anyway.  It is better than the alternative.  The alternative of getting punched randomly in the middle of the night.  Stick that duct tape on your nose.  It is your key to survival.

17.  Just love her



My gift to you :


Did you love these photos?  Download my free KickAss Photo apps book, so you can make the same great photos.  It’s easy.  I promise.  You like easy, right?  I knew I liked you.


How to #Blog. How to #Love. How to Slay a Dragon via lynneknowlton.com

Ready to get yer game on?

Ready to crush it ?!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Start your engines.

Vroom. Vroom.


Please share this blog post with other bloggers and friends who may want to learn about blogging.  This post is the first in a series of blogging secrets and tips.   I’ll be dishing out a lot of dirt over the next few weeks.

In between blog posts, you can find me goofing off hanging out on Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest.

Share buttons are standing by {below this blog post} and waiting for you.  Share with your friends.  Share with your enemies.  Share with your dog.

 *tapping fingers* tapping toes*crossing fingers and toes*crossing legs*hurry up and share* I have to go to the washroom* I can’t wait*

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  1. Laura says:

    ha ha haaa! Lynne! I have been on your website/blog for like 5m,ins and i already love you.

    your blogging style is AWESOME

    your sentences
    are short
    get me in
    love it.

    just signed up for your emails, and followed you at most of the follow places – cant wait to get those updates

    Aussie Blogger 🙂

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  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Hey Lynne,

    I want to launch a blog. Like immediately. One that encompasses all my home decor and upcycling projects. But I feel boggled down by the process of it all. I don’t know where to start! I know that I want to use a blog platform that is more so a website – like yours! (www.lynneknowlton.com as opposed to http://www.lynneknowlton.blogspot.com). I have discovered wordpress as a possible method for this… but money is involved and that scares me. I also don’t have a single clue about what it takes to design a pretty webpage. I have visions of what I would like it to look like, but no idea how to make those visions come to life.

    This is the moment that I scrolled down and read a similar post to this one from a gal named Lisa. My questions have been answered. But I am going to leave you a comment anyways. 🙂

    Love your blog and ideas! It has been very inspirational for me. Thank you for all the tips and tricks!!

    Sending much love and thanks your way!

  4. Authenticity is so easy to forget when so many are surrounded by people who live in the world of facades and ideals. Keeping it real is the way to go. Love it.

  5. Lynne,
    You are hilarious! I can’t wait for each and every blog post! I’m still trembling in my boots (ok, who am I kidding….my flip flops :p ) about blogging mostly because I don’t know what the heck to talk about! I love your greeting card! Did you do that in PicMonkey?


    • Hi Denise,

      Yes you can do a TON in PicMonkey, but I actually made these photos/greeting cards on my iPad in photo apps.

      Lucky duck.. FLIP FLOPS. I dream.

      Talk about your art. Talk about your process of how you do your art. Talk about your studio. Just talk.

      One baby step in front of the other.

      Suddenly, you are there.


  6. Hayley says:

    Love this post! So inspiring for a newbie blogger like myself…looking forward to reading your blogging secrets too! 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    ~ Lynne ~

    I am so happy to have found your blog/fb page/site !

    I’ve been viewing other blogs. I am very inspired to start my own. I imagine to start, it will just be more for my own viewing & personal therapeutic purposes ! Lol

    I enjoyed the info you’ve provided, will keep reading, there is so much to take in !

    Did you create the setup of page yourself ?! Curious, as I know I have things to say ( who doesn’t – lol ), yet not entirely sure where to start page set up wise ?! Format-font etc.

    Hmm will keep researching…

    You are wonderful, full of wit, very real and lead an inspiring daily life.

    Thank you for being out there in cyberspace ! ; )

    • Hello Lisa,

      Oh my goodness, sorry for the long delay. Somehow your comment slipped through… and I didn’t see it until now.

      Did you start a blog?

      I didn’t set mine up on my own. I had the awesome help of Wayne and Selina at Waylay Design (you can see their link in my sidebar of the blog). They have been the best thaaaang evahhh.

      Let me know how it’s going … I promise to not take so long to reply. LOL.

      Lynne xx

      • Lisa says:

        Lynne !!

        Thanks so much for the reply, advice. & tips !

        I am still very inspired, trying to still sort through it all. A lot to know. I have IG & Pinterest now, next Twitta. ! I definitely have a vision for my blog, just need to put it all together ! I am realizing easier said than done ! Lol

        I have to secure a domain .com site & look into setup, appreciate your advice on that. I don’t know if I could afford having someone assisting with page set up ?! I’ll check it out though. ! Is WordPress best ?!

        As always, enjoy your blog & IG, also the info from the podcast with DW. !

        Does a rental of the tree house include a brain picking session ?! ; )

        I’ll keep you posted ! I’m sure I’ll have more questions !

        LOVED loved loved the e-book for photos you’d put together too !

        Cheers, Lisa aka Greentartan

        • Hello Lisa,

          I agree, it can be bat shit crazy to keep it all together for blogging AND social media. It can be done tho. I’m living proof of that. If I can do it, so can you.

          Yes, wordpress is absolutely the best platform to use. It is number one in the world for a daaaang good reason 🙂

          You should go with a wordpress.org self hosted site ( even though your domain name will be a .com address don’t let the wordpress.org confuse you it is still YourDomainName.com ). You can do it without the extra expense of having a web team do it for you. WordPress has some great themes, and it is worth the spend to buy one. They are about $75 or so to buy a theme.

          YES, a treehouse rental could absolutely include some blogging assistance for you. I am happy to help.

          Cheers !
          Lynne xx

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  9. Pete Walker says:

    34C. That’s my bet.

    OK, how about more blogging secrets…

    Where does one do this? Just on one’s own website? I mean, what the hell? Just start? Supposedly the site is all set up.

    Want to try consulting? I mean, actually teaching an on-line course in blogging? Your blog is really great, ASIDE from your obvious humor and written content – it LOOKS cool. I seem to miss out on things if there’s no PERSON on the other end of me trying to learn something…

    I’d be interested in learning from you directly if there’s a way to do it.

    And isn’t there some way to email this shit? I mean, maybe the business end of this isn’t for broad public distribution…

    • Pete!
      You are hilare. I wrote this blog post so long ago, I had to reread it to remind myself what it said. How’s that for old age ? 🙂

      34 C ! You nailed it. hahahahahahaa. You get a prize for being the first one to attempt a guess.

      Blogging e course : If you can believe it, it has been something I have been considering for a very long time. When I saw your comment yesterday…. I decided… okay, that’s it !! Time to do it.

      Truth is, I hesitated because there is sooooo much out there already. Then I realized something (thanks to you)…that we all learn differently ~ and it would be fab to share what I have learned along the way ~ In a FUN WAY, to help others create an epic blog. I think I have finally realized that my voice can make a difference for others in a HUGE way. True?!

      When it happens, hold on tight…. it is going to be an EPIC ride.

      Gotta run ~ I have some vid’s to create. Can you feel the über excitement ?!

      You are going to hit the roof in excitement for what is about to unfold. I have YOU YOU YOU to thank for the final kick in the pants to make that happen.

      Does this mean that I need to give you an honourable mention in my speech ? LOL !

      • Pete Walker says:

        As opposed to a dishonorable mention? I think you should give me a 10 year lease on the tree house instead.. Won’t all the other boys be jealous…

        See how my priorities are all in order and shit?


        You should use me as a guinea pig for your e-course…I should be the guy who you take from “here” to “there”…

        I’m personable, funny, quirky, handsome…let’s see, did I leave anything out? Talented…hmmmm…I’m sure there’s more, but later on that. One doesn’t want to give it all away in the first go, yes?

        OH, yeah, I forgot…I could be the Lewis Black of the kitchen business…on video…on your blog…

        Can’t wait for the first installment…

        OK, bye bye.

  10. I am quite interested upon hearing some other blogging secrets you mentioned Lynne!
    Yes, LOVE YOURSELF MORE it’s the one of the best words!

  11. Imelda says:

    Hi Lynne,

    I love to hear more on “how to blog” from you, it’s very interesting
    I am not a blogger yet and yes… you make me want to do it..

    xoxo from Bali…!


  12. Pamela says:

    Great tips Lynne. So true and informative. Thank you.

  13. Debby Lea says:

    Wow, thanks! Great advice (can’t wait for more installments about blogging,) beautiful pictures, and the perfect combination of hilarious/profound truth about love.

  14. Thanks for making me feel WAY better about my not-so-perfect blogging self. Here’s to writing about huge mistakes and making people feel better about themselves! Love ya, lady! xox

    • Hey Darlin’

      Thanks for your awesome words on Facebook this week. Having a rough week, missing my Grandpa already. It felt great to know that I have pals across the provinces, lakes, and hills. xx

      Get ‘yer butt to my treehouse this summer. I think you need an Ontario road trip. Ha ! Or I need you to have an Ontario road trip {clearly}.

      Imagine the blogging we could do from my treehouse? You could bake cupcakes and I will eat them. Sounds fun, non?

      I say we plan it. Yup. Plan it. xx

  15. I am quite interested upon hearing some other blogging secrets you mentioned Lynne!
    Yes, LOVE YOURSELF MORE it’s the one of the best words!

    Danyelle Franciosa
    Bi-fold Doors Brisbane

  16. Fantastic post – so many blogging nuggets to take away. Totally agree with you on Valentine’s Day. Every day is love day in my house! (*well, most days 🙂

  17. Dawna Jones says:

    Can’t wait to hear more of your blogging secrets, Lynne!
    I’m with you on the whole Valentines, every day should be special. I hate that people are forced to remember someone, because a date on the calendar says so! Bull shit!

    • Hey Dawna

      It is has been absolutely incredible learning some unbelievable blogging tips and secrets these past many months. I am happy to share share share.

      There is so many awesome ideas to share, I have no idea which one to start with. ha ! Which one do you want to know about first? I should take a bloggers survey. LOL !

      Give it to me. Tell me your biggest burning blogging question. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  18. Marcy says:

    You are always spot-on with everything! Thanks for the true words and humor – and lovely photos to use! What a gift!!

    • Thanks for your epic support Marcy. I sure appreciate it. Grateful from the bottom of my heart. Now, if only I could figure out a way to get those squirrels out of my treehouse so I can blog more from there. LOL.

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  20. Tristan says:

    Happy valentines mommy. I luvvvaas ya and all your tips xo

  21. Carol says:

    Hello Lynne, my cup of tea with you today was very unsettling indeed. You sure had me looking nervously around the room and saying “shhhh keep your voice down.” The old me would have definitely razed and eyebrow but the new me, of 5yrs just broke out in a hot sweaty mess. I’m definitely inviting my cat to our next morning tea (safety in numbers), anxiety means not being noticed at all is a great day thank you very much. The world was throwen out my back door with the kids toast scraps, Ants, birds, chickens, possums, lets just say im leaving it to the wild ones.
    With doors firmly locked I did appreciate the reminder to love my self. I will settle for patience with my self for now. Husband does obay the rules of how to love a women so valentines day is every day in this house, “Aman to that. He can love me.
    I love your pictures, they are a bonus and yes I always keep reading on to your well wishes and my next insomnia night I will look up North Story.
    Lynne now that I’m breathing normally again and have a big big smile,” I’ve just become a grandmother.” My 5yrs son Irelan and Lilly 2yrs are already uncle and auntie. That was the last crazy thing I did, had more children befor moomba pause. Did I spell that right. Bye for now.

  22. Cindy says:


    I love, love your blog. The idea that touched me the most about this particular post is the learn to love yourself portion. I read a quote recently (can’t remember who by) that said, “peoples lives turn around when they begin to believe in themselves.” Big lesson for me.

    Signed…anxiously awaiting your next post…Cindy

    p.s. Have not had a chance to play with the “painting” app 🙁

    • Hi Cindy
      Thank you for the absolutely beautiful blog compliment. Should I kiss you now ? *SMOOCH*

      Wow wow wow, I love that quote. It is so true, isn’t it ?? You know, the only thing getting in the way of us, is us. I heard that once too, and thought…. wow. How true. Believe in yourself and epic shit happens. I can guarantee that one.

      Big love AND GO play with that app. It will blow your mind. 🙂 xx

  23. peachyteachy says:

    Thank you for pulling me back from the edge where I could smell the unicorn poop and hear the double rainbow guy approaching from behind.
    Really so glad that your blog and images and spirit are a part of my world!
    And, as we say in the elementary biz, Happy Valentime’s Day!

  24. lisa thomson says:

    What a terrific post! Thanks for both blog tips and the love tips! Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  25. Fantastic post!! Unicorns and Rainbows is right. Omg. I need to write an essay.

    LOL on the loving a woman part. It’s sooooo true! Empty the dishwasher, clean up, fold laundry, buy a sexy red SMEG fridge. That’s love!

    • Ah Alex !!!!!!!
      I totally thought of you with the rainbows and unicorns ! Thank you for being my inspiration to say it out loud.
      I have love love love loved getting to know you. You freakin’ rock !

      P.S. to my fellow blogging pals…go check out Alex’s blog~ NORTH STORY (click on her name and it will link directly to her blog). She is a fantastic blogger and she doesn’t write fluffy rainbow stuff. 🙂

      Happy Valentines, my friend !

  26. Suzanne says:

    Ha!! You always make me laugh., great post as always, love your style. Happy V-Day even though you don’t subscribe.

    • Hey Suzanne !
      Happy V-day to you today too. You are right. I don’t subscribe to ONE day of love. 🙂 Sending love every-single-day- is where it’s at. Everyone needs it. Everyone wants it.
      Big love to you,
      Lynne xx

  27. Gail wyer says:

    I am truly grateful for you.

  28. Irene says:

    Erm. Eherm. Cough.
    Uh, yes Lynne, er, I would like to offically submit my comment. Uh-HERM.
    Er, thank you.

    [Still here; still enjoying your style, lady. 🙂 ]

    • Irene ~
      ahhhhummm… er.. right back atcha 🙂
      Thank you for being so official. LOL. Now I feel like I need to behave myself…with all this official-ness. ha ha !
      Happy Valentines !

  29. Kim Bee says:

    Dude this is why I love you. I’d even make the bed for you. But you should wear a bra if I do that. The hair is okay though, chicken is in. True story.

    You are wise beyond your years Lynne. I admire and adore you..

  30. dave says:

    You rock Lynne!

    -just upping your comment section. (see I read the whole thing!) Glad to be a one %er

  31. Tracy says:

    Loving your blog babe, loving you, loving my man who ticks many of the boxes of your list above – if he didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do half this web stuff 🙂 love your man too I am sure, even though haven’t met him., he sends out good photo vibes. Loving your blog tips and secrets … the world needs this for sure – shining a light on the behind the scenes of blogging so we all can shine bright together xxx

    • Tracy !!!

      Thank you for saying that ! It has been great to help others shine behind the scenes. I had no idea how much fun it would be to help others excel at blogging and social media.

      From one shining star to another …may we all continue to shine bright together. Well said, my friend.

      THANK YOU YOU YOU for all the letters that we share back and forth between the snow and the shed with the chandelier xx

  32. Denise says:

    Giving you dope, babe!

    Hi to the gang from c’est la vie, a la mode, oooh la la and chien chaud!

  33. Tracie says:

    Great post as always Lynne. I look forward to this series of yours, but doubt that I will brave the blogging world just yet. Thanks for the inspiring words, though, just what I needed today. It’s been one of those weeks already. You and Tony Robbins to start off the day, sweet!

    • You can do it Tracie !

      Baby steps. Baby steps. 🙂

      A free wordpress blog template is the best place to start. Vroom. Vroom. Get your engines running.

      Annnddddd, you are right…. Tony Robbins is enough to start anyones engine. That guy freakin’ rocks !

      Happy Valentines !!

  34. I love Lesson 4. True, true! Except that means my readers will hear all about how I can’t wait to go to bed at night so I can put a heating pad on my ancient, creaky, sore back and read blogs until my iPad falls onto my face and wakes me up again, leaving me lying awake listening to my husband sleep-breathing.
    Oh the glamourous life I lead! lol

    • Ha Janet !!

      There’s an app for that !! LOL !! I have sleep apps so I can listen to the ocean and rainfall while the iPad rests on my face *unconsciousness ensues*.

      Happy Valentines Day, my friend.
      Lynne xx

  35. Joanne says:

    You must have been reading my mind, because right now I’m thinking about starting a blog. I’ve been mulling over names and trying to decide which of my interests to focus on…or I’ll just keep skiing and playing with my dog, haha!

    • Hey Joanne
      Great timing ! You could start by writing about skiing and dogs 🙂
      Starting a blog is one of the best choices I ever made. If any business wants to have LEGS of traffic, a blog is where it’s at.
      It is absolutely, mind-blowingly crahhhrazzzy awesome to have the impact of a blog on your life and your work life too.
      My blogging series is starting soon, with an ebook to follow. It should be pretty amazeballs.
      * I hope *. Or I will need to throw myself off a bridge and enjoy the splash of craziness.
      Lynne xx

  36. Ginny says:

    Thanks for being you, for making me laugh, for sharing your journey and your wisdom. You’re the best Lovely! xo