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But if you ever need someone to wake you up and get you driving along the right path in life

Anthony Robbins is your man.

Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins Nov 1-4 Orlando

Want to join me VIRTUALLY on a road trip to Orlando?

Would you like to experience the TONY ROBBINS experience with me?  I will be sharing an up close and personal experience of UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN from Nov 1-4 via my Facebook  & Twitter this week.

I’ve been invited as a guest of Mr. & Mrs. Robbins and will be seated in the chairman invite seats at THE FREAKIN’ FRONT !!!!!!!

*  Yes, I screamed that  *

* Yes, I am doing a full body freak out *

Want to do the freak out dance with me?   We can freak out together all week!

 P.S. Palm trees already give me full body shivers of awesomeness.  Oh…. how I love palm trees.

palm trees, beach, sun, fun


Note :  Palm trees are like tall statues of Valium to a Canuck.  We normally see cold winds and naked trees at this time of year.  We see tons of squirrels too, but I’m not going to talk about that.

Our treehouse  may have a panic attack.

Spending time at a Tony Robbins event AND surrounded with palm trees is like :

  • Adding caramel to popcorn.
  • Gin to Tonic.
  • Icing to cake.
  • Pina to Colada
  • Coconut oil to George Clooney.

Did I just say my deepest dark Clooney wishes in my outside voice?  My bad.


sun sand shells beach palm trees

Beach dreams


I attended the San Jose ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event a few months ago in San Jose, Californ-iiii-aaaay.

 Oh it UNLEASHED my POWER, alright.



I thought I was going to poop my pants in fear~ just THINKING ~ about the firewalk.  And then it happened.  Nope.  NOT the pant pooping.  The firewalking.  Like I would confess to pooping my pants.  Shut up, Mom



coffee hipstamatic photo app tea cup

Coffee + Firewalk = Pant Pooping

For the record, Tony Robbins is like WHOOOOA.


I’m so happy I didn’t poop my pants in front of him.

There are moments during this event, where your energy level with him is beyond belief. If you could reach the roof top, you could seriously knock it off !  Blow it to oblivion !!!!!

Photography by Christopher Barr (click photo for full article)

There are also moments when it is peaceful, and you find yourself resting on the floor. It is the kind of rest where you could curl up and lose yourself.  You completely forget that you are on a rock hard concrete floor.  Even so, it is that kind of float on the clouds kind of relaxation.

 Anything that is wrong in your world, suddenly feels right.

You feel an awakening.  I know.  That sounds corny.   It is truly an epic awakening though.

I promise.

heart sand sun fun leaf heart

It’s a feeling that is so deep inside you….

~ Like fluffing a big feather duvet ~

~ Giving it a huge shake down ~

~ Letting the feathers land where they may ~

Just knowing that they will land where they are meant to land.

What a beautiful feeling.

That is when you KNOW, with absolute certainty, that you can do



* And you can handle anything else that comes your way *

Originally, I had thought to myself …. Self (because that is what I say to myself) :


” You are NOT going to walk on fire. You are a nit wit for even THINKING about it.  Remember child birth ? IT HURT.  Remember how you forgot that having a baby was like passing a watermelon through a garden hose?  Remember how you were stupid enough to go through childbirth FOUR times?! Well, let me remind you sista….walking on fire….goes against all the common sense you have ever learned & earned in your lifetime.  Think twice.  Think four times.  Think long and hard, cause this is gonna hurt hurt hurt …duffass. ”


Design the Life You Want to Live www.lynneknowlton.com LOLSoTrue

Funny enough, the event program/guidelines stated :

 This program contains COARSE LANGUAGE.

That actually made me feel better.  I planned on using some coarse language too.

The REALITY of what happened :


After spending 10 hours in a room with Tony Robbins….I walked on fire !!!!!!!

Not a little itty bitty little fake fire.

Not Betty Crocker easy bake oven light bulb fire.

Hot ass coals fire. Coals burning to the tune of 1200-2000 degrees fire.  Now that is what a good Canadian calls a good FIRE.  Smokin’ hot !!



Firewalk with Tony Robbins

Do you freaking believe it? It was EPIC (minus the pre-fire pant pooping).  I lie about the pant pooping.  We spent 10 hours preparing ourselves on how to be IN STATE for the fire walk.  Thank goodness for learning how to be in STATE because I hadn’t packed an extra pair of pants.

 I would have been S.O.L.

Pardon the pun.


P.S. News reports from around the world stated that 21 people had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on their feet.  They lied.  They later retracted that statement. Btw’s, there were 6000 people at the seminar.


It was like a rock concert.  On the outside and on the inside of our bodies.


 As I think back to that day, I still can’t believe I walked that freakin’ fire like a dainty lady.  It may have been my first DAINTY moment in my entire lifetime.  It was definitely my first dainty moment in my entire lifetime.

 * Tip toe through the daisies *

Anthony Robbins Quote from Unleash the Power Within http://su.pr/2x8HIg



Mind boggling.


 Life changing.


P.S. Anthony Robbins is seriously one hawt guy.  Just sayin’.  He has beautiful energy.  A gorgeous smile. An incredible way with words.  Magnetism beyond belief.  The biggest hands that I have ever seen.



He has the kindest heart. The most GIVING soul.  He reaches out to others to make a positive difference in their lives.  Big time.


He is larger-than-life.

The real deal.

 He is


If don’t believe me, ask Oprah.


I luuuurve Oprah.  If she jumped off of a bridge, I would too.  Just sayin’.

Unleash the Power Within via Tony Robbins

 The past does not equal the future, unless you live there~Tony Robbins

If I am going to bust my butt blogging for all of you lovelies (Yes, I bust it in my pyjamas but let’s just keep quiet about that)

I need payback for my pyjama bustin’.  

You can pay me back with Facebook LOVE.

Easy huh?  

I know.  I’m easy, but not cheap 🙂

 Shhhhh. Let’s keep quiet about that one too.

 www.lynneknowlton.com profile avatar Lynne Knowlton

How can YOU help?

Go LIKE my facebook page and watch for daily updates from the seminar.   Hit that LIKE LIKE LIKE button and tell your mother and dog to do it too.  I need some friends.  Even if they are in my imaginary virtual Facebook world.


You can find me on twitter @lynneknowlton using the hashtag #UPWOrlando because that hashtag makes normal sense.  I would rather use the hashtag #OhMyGoodnessTony,YouAreOneSmokingHawtTamale but that may not be putting my best foot forward.


treehouse tree house tree fort treefort reclaimed materials green

I’ve lived as a wild bush woman for tooooo long. LOL.


If you are attending Unleash the Power Within in Orlando, here is some pre-game advice.


You’re welcome for saving you from black eyes and frozen tootsies :

1.  Women : wear a ‘suit of armour‘ sports bra.  This event is high energy, with lots of jumping and dancing and awesome music. I almost gave myself two black eyes at the last seminar.  I am leaving the ugly worn out everyday bra sexy bra at home.  This time, I’m sporting a lock-down-the-hush-puppies-bra*

*Unless Tony wanted to see my bra.  Then all bets are off.  I joke.  Not really.

2.   It can be chilly in the room (even though you will be in ORLANDO with 6,000 people in the room). Wear a parka. OK, at least bring some layers of warmth. Dare to look like an eskimo.  No worries, you will match all the other Canadians in attendance.  Polar bears roam freely here in Canada.  I joke.  A moose walked through our local town.  One of those statements is true.  I will give you three guesses, and the first two guesses don’t count.

3.  Bring lots of water to drink.  Copious quantities of water.  Your body will love you for it.  Your bladder will not.

4.  Get ready for some epic shit.  Epic shit will happen.  I promise.  Pinkie swear it.  Promise.

5.  Bring healthy snacks to munch on.  Pretend you are going to graze.  All day long.  That is what you will need to do.  You won’t want to leave the room.


A real decision is measured by action


I hope to take some beautiful photos of him this week.  As long as I don’t look too much like a dork with my camera.  Wish me luck.  I will need the ….I don’t want to look like a dork…. LUCK.


There is always room in your life for

thinking bigger

pushing limits

and imagining the impossible.


                                      Much love,


PS. Update: Here’s a link to the photos that I took of Tony Robbins

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  1. Michael Knowlton says:

    I was inspired to leave a comment today about Tony Robbins since today he just made available a free download of the pinnacle book he wrote 20 years ago titled “Awaken the Giant Within”. It can be downloaded at http://www.tonyrobbins.com/ebook/referral-form.php?source=email&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRokv6rIZKXonjHpfsX84%2B4vW660lMI%2F0ER3fOvrPUfGjI4AS8BiI%2BSLDwEYGJlv6SgFSLnMMatp07gOWBA%3D . I am looking forward to re reading the book..

  2. […] those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you may remember this blog post about wanting to meet Tony Robbins.  It happened. I met […]

  3. […] and we want more.  It’s d’bomb dot com.  Gratefulness comes with every comment.  Tony Robbins said it best […]

  4. Tamar says:

    Hilarious re-cap Lynne, loved it! Having attended 2 UPW’s now I would even go as far as suggesting a little blanket and a pillow for the pre-firewalk activity of lying on the cold floor head to toe with 4000 others. I’m not even joking! 😉 I was shaking so much from the cold slab I found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. I hope like mad you get to personally know him. Best wishes x

    • I completely agree Tamar !

      I literally wore a wool scarf aka blanket and I was still cold. So funny to need a parka inside. LOL. An airplane sized pillow and wooly blanket would have been perfect. Great idea to suggest it !!

      Cheers !!

      Lynne xx

  5. […] I’m not the only one. My blogworld friend, Lynne, described palm trees as “tall statues of Valium.” Perfect analogy! How can you look at […]

  6. Liz says:

    You are awesome!!!! I would have needed that second pair of pants!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Liz !
      It was EPIC !!! I was so thrilled that I didn’t poop my pants.
      P.S. On a polar opposite wave length,your buttermilk muffins look DELISH. How can I write about poop and buttermilk, all at once?!
      Have a beautiful day!

  7. craig says:

    You’re assessment of what I would experience this week at Tony’s UPW has been spot on. What a blast. I have absolutely loved him. And what a delight to be with you and Michael.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Craig,
      It was an absolute privilege to sit beside you at UPW. I loved every moment of it. I am so grateful to have spent those moments with you and have all that fun & great energy around me. You FREAKIN’ ROCK !!
      High five !!
      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  8. Tracie says:

    Dear Lynne,
    Oh My God……You had me at Tony Robbins, sista…..then you mentioned one of my fave things to do……..Roadtrip! Sigh. I have been to Florida and absolutely adore the palm trees. I even ate alligator. It tasted like chicken. Go figure. I will follow you through this journey and hopefully, take many more with me. Tony Robbins, he is fine huh? I wish everyone could have the opportunity to take one of his seminars, (me included). It has to be life changing. I had his tapes way back in the day and he does have energy! And charisma, and the list goes on…….it makes sense to me that you will be there. You have the same zest for life, the same “something” that makes us follow……..I am so ready for this, thank you.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You crack me up ! Btw’s you are brave…you ate alligator ?!! I hope you didn’t have to wrestle him first.
      So funny about the Tony Robbins tapes. That is what I LOVE about that guy. He has been the real deal for a looooong time. Incredibly inspiring ! And ohhh no, you reminded me about cassette tapes. We are officially OLD. LOL. We remember cassette tapes 🙂 Aren’t you glad I said WE ?! Hahahaaaa.
      Can’t wait to have this ROAD TRIP together !!

  9. Pamela says:

    I will follow this seminar on your twitter and of course Like you on FB. Gosh, I feel energized already reading this blog, despite being sick today. Thank you for that, It is true what you wrote that Canadians get excited when seeing a Palm Tree. It’s like “whoo hoo tropical country!” Enjoy your trip to Florida and thank you for sharing these empowerment and enlightenment with us. Now, I am curious on what he will write on your blog about Cancer? My wish for you is that your wish for Tony to be your BFF will come true! 🙂

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hiya Pamela
      You are sick ? Don’t you wish butter tarts cured everything? I am going to have to behave myself with my butter tart and cupcake thoughts….and think almonds, trail mix, and fruit. If only COVERING all those things in chocolate were the ANSWER to everlasting to health. 🙂
      Thank you for sending BIG WISHES my way to be a friend of Tony Robbins. The way I see it, DREAM BIG !!! Shoot for the moon and maybe you will see some stars along the way !
      Big love, and get well !!! I wish you health, love and happiness (and a few of Marty’s butter tarts too).

  10. So happy you are the invited guess of Tiony….I have been a fan for years… If you weren’t so darn funny I would be a little green eyed. Today I celebrate your road trip and will follow along. Have fun…..

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Betty
      You won’t be green with envy when you think about me POOPING MY PANTS and wearing my ugly sports bra. I should have packed some depends for today.
      What a sight for sore eyes 🙂
      Tony Robbins will be covering his eyes, saying ‘MY EYES, MY EYES !! ‘…hahaaaaa
      Big love, my friend
      Lynne xx

  11. kristin says:

    hahahaha….omg- you are too darn funny! i love the pooping the pants- who would even joke about that?! and the bra….at least you warned people- i mean, let be real here- sometimes the lockdown is important. you make me want to come along- wish i were going. i will follow on twitter because i cannot wait to hear your point of view of this epic event- and don’t leave out any of those good details. it sounds so inspiring!! oh- and i promise not to let out the easy part either! 🙂

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ha!! Kristin
      It’s too late, everyone knows I am easy. LOL

      The good news is that Tony Robbins won’t have to worry about me throwing my bra on the stage. It will be my LOCKDOWN harness of a bra, and it will be too ugly to throw.

      Eeeekkk, Why didn’t I think to pack a sexy one just for throwing?!!! 🙂

      Lynne xx

  12. Sounds sooo exciting! I have always thought he was an incredible speaker, and there’s something transforming about listening to or even being around people like that. Obviously he has some kind of special energy around him. I want to hear all about your trip. Have an amazing time, xo!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hiya Dani
      Yes, he has a beautiful energy about him. Multiply it by a million & you can feel the experience/energy through the whole room. It’s beautifully contagious. Let’s have wine in the treehouse and celebrate it !! 🙂 LOL.
      Next summer…we have a date (minus the squirrels). What are you making for us to eat? * my mouth is watering just thinking about it *
      Lynne xx

  13. Amanda Wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing such great tips! I never would have thought of a sports bra! What other clothing tips would you suggest? Are we talking yoga pants as a smart move?

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Amanda
      Yes, yoga pants are a brilliant idea ! And a comfy set of shoes that you can jump around in. It is handy to also pack some layers of clothes….light sweaters, and scarves. Tony Robbins likes to keep the room cool. It feels nice, but layers make it feel even nicer.
      If you pack a small cooler with water & snacks, you will be sooooo proud of yourself & your tummy will thank you for it.
      Lynne xx

  14. Kevin says:

    Good luck, Lynne !!! Sounds like you will be having a blast. Will follow your progress!
    Take care… kevin…

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Kevin…
      For the good luck wishes !! Let’s hope I don’t trip over my scarf, or land on my face when I take a photo. Crossing my fingers, toes & everything in between. 🙂