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Rain Chains Are Sexy & Cheap AND Won’t Get You In Trouble With Your Spouse

Except my spouse.  Rain chains get me in trouble with him.

I don’t know why.  { insert ‘pretend’ innocent face }

TRUTH: Rain chains are sexy and they are cheap.  I was going to say that about my spouse too.  Dang.  I think I just got myself into trouble.

I found some gorgeous rain chains here in good ol’ Amazon. Sooooo pretty! And so affordable! There are black, copper, all kinds of colours and styles. LOVE.

Here’s a rain chain explanation.  I stole the ‘xplanation off of the internet somewhere.

Rain chains are an alternative way for the rain water to travel from your gutter to the ground. By replacing your standard downspout with a RAIN CHAIN, you can create an effective, beautiful ‘waterfall’.  The rain trickles down in such a pleasing manner with a zen-like sound.  It is a truly a stunning alternative to a standard rain downspout.



A no fuss natural.

Eco loveliness.

A moving water sculpture.

Organically stunning.

In my humble, green opinion.  

Green with freaking envy opinion.

I have been trying to rip our downspouts off our house for years now and install rain chain loveliness.  Mostly when my husband wasn’t looking.  Married men have some sort of husband sixth sense.  They have eyes in the back of their heads.  ‘Wife spy’ eyes. They seem to know when our idea wheels are turning.  It must be written all over our foreheads or something.

 Note: Wash forehead before speaking to husband. Obv.

This is the biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, monthly YEARLY RAIN CHAIN CONVO that Michael and I have:

Me :   Hey hun, what do you think about installing some rain chains this year?

Michael :   You say that to me every single year.

Me :   Yup.

Michael :   They don’t work.

Me :   They have been working in Japan since ..well… F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Michael :  Ohhh really? Mmmmm. Well, maybe next year.

Me :  (using my inside voice) Men suck. (here’s a funny thing about that.)

CONCLUSION:  I will need to live my rain chain dreams vicariously through you for one more year.  Next year, the temper tantrums will continue begin.

We women suffer.  We suffer because of Pinterest.  And the Internet.  

Do you have any idea how many great rain chain images are out there?

Mind blowing ideas are freakin’ everywhere.   No fair.

Don’t worry.  I summarized all the goodies right here in the blog post. I saved you the leg work.

You’re welcome.

Maybe it will work on your husband.

Just remember to tell him that the rain chains are sexy and cheap.

 Men like those words.  Sexy AND Cheap.

I will give you the ‘Rain Chain DIY know-how‘ and you can send me pictures.  Deal?  Deal.

You can send them to me via instagram.  You can find me here.

SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS of your rain chains.

I can then glue them all over the side of my house.  That will show Michael how good the rain chains COULD look, if they were ACTUALLY hanging on our house.

Until the day comes, I can DREAM of RAIN CHAINS.

Dream with me.

How do you spell G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S ?

You spell it with copper, man.


Where did the original rain chain idea come from ?  I think JAPAN, but don’t quote me on that one.

{ I had to quote someone else }


What originated in Japan hundreds of years ago, the kusari doi, or “chain gutter,” is a simple way to carry rain to the ground in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The Japanese have used these chains on temples and homes over the years with the sole purpose of embracing the beauty of a rain-filled day.

Big words.  Not mine.

Either way, I did the research for you.  I didn’t want to just write…

” Look at these rain chains.  They are pretty.  Your husband should install them. “

Let’s face it, a downspout is not typically a thing of beauty.  But it has beauty potential.

I love how the chains can quite simply break the fall of the water and can even acquire a natural patina over time.

They age beautifully.

Like nice wine.  Like aged cheese.  Like George Clooney.


  • into the ground
  • or into a gravel/pebble/river rock bed
  • or into some sort of catchment (rain barrel, small lily pond )

The rain barrel/pond can also be used for catching frogs.  Or for water fights.  Or having an afternoon dip.

With George Clooney.

 Rain rain everywhere. The more it rains, the more you swear. Unless you have rain chains.

Happy rainy days,


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  1. Hazel says:

    Like Nike says “Just Do It”

    Great humour, and Info on rainchains and husbands!

  2. Teresa says:

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that today. So my husband says “fine do it if you want but it won’t work.” I’m gonna prove him wrong!???? I also love the drink holder idea!

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that today. So my husband says “fine do it if you want but it won’t work.” I’m gonna prove him wrong!???? I also love the drink holder idea????

  4. Erin says:

    You’re kind of hilarious. My husband is into sexy & cheap, so I’ve only had to bring it up a couple years in row. But I think….this. Is. It! But I enjoyed your photos & your writing style. Floozie.

  5. Garm says:

    Thanks for promoting such a great product. Most of the rain chains you show in this blog are from my company RainChains.com — we have a Lifetime Warranty, and the chains are appealing and functional as you have so well demonstrated! We promise not to increase stress in your marriage (because they really do work!).

  6. […] Rain Chains are Sexy Cheap and Gorgeous – Lynne Knowlton – Rain Chains Are Sexy & Cheap AND Won’t Get You In Trouble With Your Spouse. Except my spouse. Rain chains get me in trouble with him. I don’t know why. […]

  7. Hi Lynne, Great article, I liked an idea that one of your readers had about using old rain gutters for beverage chillers deckside,LOL have to try that one.

  8. Nasyrhc says:

    Hey Lynne, nice post, and nice to see you’re keeping up the humor! The first time I saw these rain chains was actually in Japan…like you said, they’ve been used forever, they are beautiful and they’re all over the place. Urban areas, private houses, commercial establishments and the country side. Me too I have a non-believer at home…makes me a bit sad we have to hold off on happy things, but maybe you could give it a try by making your own and putting it up there to show how it works. If it doesn’t (I know it does) then you can take it out… (not! 🙂 – I myself gave up on the idea only bc I now collection to rain water for my plants, although there are still plenty of spouts begging for chains 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Hi Nas!

      That’s über cool that you were able to see the rain chains in Japan! I’m jelly jealous. Have you seen the rain chains that go into a RAIN BARREL at the end of the chain, to collect water for plants? Oh la la!! We BOTH need to do that one! Woot woot! I’m inspired 🙂

      THANK YOU so much for giving me the inspiration to give it a whirl again. You rock out loud.

      Lynne xx

  9. Bo Schultz says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Where did you find the picture of the glass rain chain? They are purple and yellow and look like the bottoms of bottles. That is a gorgeous chain! I want to know if I can purchase one somewhere? I’ve been doing a “glass rain chain” search on the net and I’m getting nothing that comes close. Any help you can provide would be amazing. Thank you!


    • Hi Bo,

      So sorry that I took so long to reply to your comment. I posted the photo so long ago, that I forgot where I found it. LOL.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I wonder if you could just make one with recycled glass? Hmmm.

      Lynne xx

  10. Jackie W says:

    Loved your post. Love your humor! I have gazillions of buttons and am thinking of doing one out of buttons. One thing I’m curious about is: How much weight can the downspout take?

  11. Kathleen Taylor says:

    Loved, Loved, Loved your humor!

  12. Wendy says:

    I love you. Sorry, that’s a bit gushy and clingy but I’ve just read this post and you are so funny and just…you know…so…did I say I love you?

    And I love the rain chain idea (obviously, that’s why I’m here). My hubby knows I’m thinking of something he’ll hate when suddenly I stare into the distance and say, ‘Mmm.’ If I wasn’t so short I could do it myself.

    Mmmm – ladders and high heels. What could go wrong?

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I loved your piece on rain chains. I did a whole lot of giggling, I love your sense of humour, I would have the same conversation with my husband about installing a rain chain, thing is I would go ahead and install one myself but hubby would come along and remove and I’d never see it again and there’s no way I could get away with him not noticing.

    Love, love, love the idea of what to do with the rain gutter (wine is my best friend).

    I think I’ll make a trip to the dollar store to see what materials I could use to make one, I’m going to hang one off eavestrough on the front of my house (just for decoration). Or, I’ll use the shepherd’s hook idea, I like that one too.

    Thanks for the inspiration and giggles.


  14. Carole says:

    If I were you…or you were me…I’d pick one downspout that isn’t too visible and go ahead and change it myself. Wait a couple of weeks and move on to another one. If hubby notices and questions the change…I’d say, what, that? It’s been like that for ages!

  15. Kathy Cultice says:

    I just read this entire post and I’m pretty sure we should just cut to the chase and be best friends. I looooove these ideas, and I know that I won’t have any trouble convincing the Man that we can install one on the end of our gorgeous tomato bed cover that he just built in our Washington State garden. Sexy and cheap. Magic words, those. Thrift store bonanza,, especially if I let him buy yet another vinyl disc for his extensive record collection. Usually i just tell him to back away from the vinyl and no one will get hurt. Seriously, who really needs 5,000 vinyl records?? He does, if it means I get a rain chain. I’ll save this post forever, and send you a pic on Instagram when it’s all done. 🙂

    • Brills idea Kathy!

      Share that puppy on insta with me… we are only one photo away from being besties 🙂

      Vinyl records? Vinyl records??!! Thanks for the flashback in time. I just did a time warp. xox

  16. […] I was aiming for rain chains instead of downspouts from the soffits.  That didn’t happen.  You can read that wee story here :  Rain chains are sexy and cheap, and won’t get you in trouble with your spouse. […]

  17. Diane says:

    I want to make a rain chain but I do not have gutters, I have huge over hangs…. can I do it anyway? I love the look..

    • I don’t think it would work Diane, because you would need the gutter for one central area for the rain to collect so it can trickle down the rain chain.


      It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

  18. Brandy DeShazo says:

    I loved your plastic bottle idea. Adding a rock or other weight at the bottom should solve the wind issue. Will let you know once I finish making one. May have to wait for rain here in So Cal though. I live in a condo where the top floor is wider than the bottom. The rain gutter only extends to the top floor and water spews all over the sidewalk! Stupid idea. The board is proposing an ugly extension that angles out and down. It is about a foot away from the building and looks hideous. Hope they will let me try my idea first. Thanks for the info!

  19. Diane M says:

    I have a house that is authentic Japanese style. It was built in 1970 and has a rain chain. Few people beieve me when I tell them it’s purpose. I love it because it’s so unique.

  20. Anika says:

    I had no idea about this!!! I’ll do it in my garden!!!

  21. I am lovin your site..not very computer savoy, so I’m am asking a question,,,Once a gal told me how to transform a gorgeous mans , western styled jacket into a woman’s…I found a really neat one that looks like the one Wynona Judd wear,,but its a manly style.. I want it to be mine,,girlish,,,any suggestions?
    There is so many creative people on here,,, anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi Peggy,

      I am definitely not creative in the stylish clothes department, but hopefully someone else reading the bloggy will have some ideas. Isn’t Wynona Judd so very talented? Love her voice. Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t heard her music in a long time. Going to listen to some now.

      Lynne xx

  22. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice
    from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own
    but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Thank you

  23. Terri Betz says:

    Awesomeness! You rock! Thanks! 🙂

  24. ellen says:

    i am thinking that the ones made of plastic bottles would work, if they are secured to the ground………. many are secured to the ground…… or so I have read……

    Thanks for sharing,


  25. Darla Haskell says:

    rocks & rain chains…two of my favorite things! I love the recycled bottles too but I know that it would only cause to to run around buying things in the color of the plastic I prefer….so I think I will stick to the rocks!! Thanks for blogging

  26. Linda says:

    OMG Lynne I am lmao, you are as we say in Ok.. a “hoot” love your blogs girl, I’m afraid my DH will most likely develope an aversion to ladders if I present this lovely idea, he can use it to get into the pontoon boat when it’s parked in the yard, hardly ever, but not so much for anything else, darn I wandered again, anywho, I love your rain chain idea and also your lighted balls, very good ideas, looking forward to more lmao at your great blogs. You go girl……

  27. Hello Chante
    Normally my blog behaves LOL with comments.. long or short. Sorry about the blog swallow 🙂 Then, your comment went into my spam folder. Weird, huh? So… if you are not spam..then reply to me and I would be happy to help you with some blogging tips. You are a golf writer ! Awesome ! I see you are on tumblr. If you are really serious about being a blogger, I would definitely switch to a self hosted wordpress blog. That is the biggest thing I WISH I had done from the beginning. More on that later 🙂 Cheers and happy Easter weekend !

  28. garett tayler says:

    Greetings, Lynne from Chiang Mai, Thailand, I’m having a house built and need to install the gutters.. There are no retailers here offering alternatives to the standard downspout so I decided to search for ideas on making my own or giving a design to a local metal shop to construct. Or finding a fine arts student at the local university who wants to have fun making something unique and beautiful to put on their portfolio and make a few bucks, too. Thought about buying something from stateside but just too expensive and shipping costs are outrageous. Sure glad I stopped by your website. I liked the rock and colored glass chains. You have a terrific sense of humor!!

    • Hi Garett !
      Hello from Canada to Thailand ! I love your idea of creating your own rain chains. I’m so glad my site inspired you ! I have traveled to Bali many times, and to Thailand only once… and it would be a FAB place to create rain chains. You are right, shipping would be expensive from the States.. but why ship it when you are luckily in the land of beautiful creations? Please send me photos when you get them done. I would love love love to see them. My email is lynne@lynneknowlton.com.
      Cheers !
      Lynne 🙂

  29. Patricia says:

    I just love your blog. You are so witty and a diy genius! I love rain chains. Haven’t made one yet, but it is on the list for next summer. Thanks for the giggles and inspiration.

  30. Dominique says:

    I think I need a day off when hubby has to be at work -not saying what will happen- just sayin’

  31. Linda Gephart says:

    I feel your pain (re the rain)….I’ve wanted to put a rain chain on my front porch but my hubby says “no” not this year….. I might make one now that I’ve been so inspired and hey, once it’s made he just might put it up… Linda

  32. Ciely says:

    As soon as I get this soul sucking internment camp of a condo sold (prospective buyers & realtors…look away) I look forward to being back in a house where I’ll do what I want when I want…..a rain chain will be included.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hilare Ciely !
      ‘prospective buyers and realtors look away’ haha!
      Having a home to do YOUR THAAAANG, is awesome! Sending you great positive fibes, so it happens for you!!
      Lynne xx

  33. Mo says:

    They are beautiful; I’ll give you that. I think you must live in Oregon, though, where rain is really just terminal mist, and not the incredible downpours we experience in Florida. Rain that you can’t see through or drive in. Rain that fills ponds in 2 minutes flat. Only because of our sand-bar soil can we handle it without flooding, but we get an Oregon month’s worth of rain in 5 minutes. Then there are hurricanes……..wouldn’t a rain chain flog our poor house? It would go horizontal in a 120 mph category 3 ‘cane. It would break our windows. Or do you live in California where it only rains – what – once every 5 years? I love the idea, truly, but I don’t think it will work for everyone.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Mo
      I live in Canada, where it can pour like the dickens. Like cats and dogs. *_*. And big time snow too. The rain chains work for year round weather here. We also lived in Florida for 3 years, so I totally get what you mean. Yes, you would need to chose one that is fitting to the environment. In Florida, I would use a heavy duty chain, and have it well supported at the top and bottom, so that it didn’t move anywhere. Rock solid, no sway. The rain chains have been proven to work more effectively than a downspout, & without clogging. Every area has code restrictions, and of course, you would need to meet those restrictions. We had strict codes for hurricane standards for windows etc. when I did a custom design of a house in Florida. You can see that here….https://lynneknowlton.com/2011/07/01/florida-ocean-life-goes-balinese/
      You are right though, not everything works for everyone in every area. We can only dream *_* it would be that easy.
      Thanks for stopping by just to check them out. Cheers !!
      P.s. So jealouzzz you live in Florida. I loved it there.

      • Mo says:

        I can see fastening one to something very heavy and burying that deeply underground, but what about the runoff when the water hits the ground? Perhaps making those concrete rain catchers (senior moment – what are they called?) that are placed under the downspouts, then burying the end of the chain in the concrete while it is still wet would suffice. I rather enjoy working with cement and hypertufa. I don’t know, but I can tell you this idea is going to percolate in my head for some time to come, and I am coming back to your blog to look at those lovelies. At my age, and my hubs, the time for cleaning our own gutters and downspouts is over and I can’t find anyone else to do it. There’s a reason I’ve been trying to talk my youngest son into mounting gutters on the wall of the new baby’s room to hold books……:-) We do love living here, though. For me, it was coming home to a place near where I lived as a young girl. We have lots of Canadians here in the winter (our snow geese), and we always welcome more! Ya’ll come on down and visit!
        I thoroughly enjoyed your blog as a first-time visitor yesterday, and I’ll be back often. I wish you and your husband a long and happy future! Cancer sux is right.

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Hi Mo
          Great idea with the concrete to really make it a solid deal. I like your thinking. You could do it so the rain would run off and away from the house(above ground or below) or even a rain barrel.

          There is a lot of great info at the rainchains.com site. If you click on one of the rainchains.com photos in my blog post, it should take you directly to their site.

          Thanks for the awesome comments and feedback ! I hope to see you again soon. Subscribe and you will get my updates sent directly to you.

          Big hugs!
          Lynne xx

        • Camilla Horratti says:

          We have open spouts that pour directly off the roof in a stream into a water catchment that empties into a cistern. When the wind blows it misses the catchment area and makes a lot of noise. When I looked into chains to “guide” the water I saw plenty of video that shows the wind blowing off the chains. So my solution was to get a few large bamboo plants in pots that I’ve placed below the entire area so that when the wind blows the fall of the water is gently broken up by the leaves. Just saying.

  34. Kim Bee says:

    I had no idea these things even existed. And perfect timing too cuz hubs just got a new job 2 hours away so he’ll have his back turned a lot. Should I just send you the bill for the divorce now or wait to see if he even notices. I love using my inside voice during convos with hubs too. Mine usually end with “bite me”.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You are hilarious Kim !!! LOL !! I wish I lived nearby- I could sneak over and help you with the covert operation.
      Lynne xx

  35. LOVE this post! I saw a post on HOUZZ about a year ago about rain chains and have been obsessed with the idea ever since. They’re so pretty! And downspouts are so NOT.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Miss world traveler Janet :))))
      So happy to see you back on this side of the pond. xx You are right. Downspouts can be soooo UGLY. I have been playing in the Houzz.com site lately too, and it is super cool. I missed the rain chain post. Wish I saw that !
      Lynne xx

  36. Natalie says:

    I just found your blog via CraftGawker, and you’re hilarious! Plus you have mad DIY skillz. I think I’m pretty crafty, but then I see this stuff and I might as well go home. Sheesh.
    ANYways, great blog!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Natalie !
      I think I should do a few posts on my DIY disasters :). They would be equally entertaining. I excel at making mistakes.
      Lynne xx

  37. charm says:

    Love your blog – great artistry, fun, enjoyable read – thanx! ps// especially loved the moss graffiti*

  38. Michael says:

    I am keeping a close eye on my picnic table from now on. I smell a conspiracy to drink cold white wine. xo

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Hun
      I think you better keep a close eye on more than our picnic table. Look up. Look way up.
      Love you
      Your doll. xx

  39. Stitchfork says:

    Love the rain chains! And sadly don’t see them happening here either so going to enjoy them through your photos as well. But hmmm, mau have to pull out a board on the picnic table – love the gutter!
    xo Cathy
    …your humor and wit always makes me laugh – thanks

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Cathy
      I made you laugh?! I hope you didn’t pee your pants. I do that. Very embarrassing. LOL.
      I dare you to pull a board outta your picnic table! You go first. I will be right behind you. We can all band together and pull boards when the hubs isn’t looking. Then, we can stand there. All innocent-like.
      Lynne 🙂

  40. Maureen says:

    Doubtful my Michael will agree to no gutters as well, but if he did, do you think old CDs tied/ chained together would work. BTW… Foes the treehouse have a rainchain(s) BTW, BTW…. Need to get me a picnic table too!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Mo –
      I actually think old CD’s tied together is kinda brilliant. It would be great for someone with a music studio, anyway ! Mmmm…I know you sing. I know it.
      See you soon, my friend !

  41. Lara Eve says:

    You crack me up AND make me want to do home improvements…no easy feat! Here in sunny So Cal we don’t get much rain–and panic when we do and call it “StormWatch 20–“. But I still want a rain chain. Or maybe a sun chain, Will it do the same thing with sunshine? Research that for me, will you? Thanks. You’re a doll.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      I am so proud of you for leaving a comment. haha. LOL.
      Wouldn’t that be great…a rain chain/sun catcher combo!? Brilliant. New invention. That island life is getting closer. I think that ‘boat hut’ is calling our names.

  42. Ashley says:

    Well, thanks a lot. Rain chains weren’t even on my radar before this and now it’s one more thing that I want on the house that my husband-to-be will say “no, that won’t work” because he likes to tell me that all the time for the ideas I come up with (like painting the ugly bright blue rain barrel. According to him you can’t paint plastic. PUHLEEZE!)

    Maybe I sneak one in on the back of the house. Maybe….

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      I got it Ashley. You sneak one in the back. I sneak one in the back of our house too. Shhh.
      As they say ‘do it FIRST, ask for forgiveness LATER’. haha.
      Yes, you can paint plastic. They sell plastic paint stuff (did you like that official professional terminology??!!) at hardware stores everywhere.
      OR you can plant something around the blue barrel and ‘hide’ it. Solved world peace with that one, didn’t I? LOL.

    • Glen says:

      You can paint plastic. The rain barrel poses a problem from two stand points. First it is an oil-based product so it will be difficult to get a water-based latex paint to adhere. Instead use an enamel which can be found any hardware store. Those paints stand up better to the weather outside anyway. The second issue is how smooth the outside of the barrel is. Paint doesn’t have anything to adhere to. The enamel paint should stick to the barrel regardless but if you want to be really certain it will stay then lightly sand the barrel with coarse sandpaper before painting. Then enjoy your not-bright-blue barrel.

  43. Nancy Carr says:

    I live in Puerto Rico and have a spout coming straight off the concrete roof. I am going to research this idea,. The water just pours out the spout now onto the concrete drive. The spout is near the front gate so whoever is entering or leaving gets soaked! I like this pretty idea and would rather hear a nice sound rather than the big splashes when it rains now. The mailman always gets soaked when he delivers mail to me when it is raining. I am sure he would appreciate it also. Thank you for this great idea.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Wait !! You live in Puerto Rico ?! Can I come live with you ? 🙂 Awesomeness !
      I think a rain chain is an absolutely PERFECT solution for you. Your mailman will also drop your mail off happily, instead of throwing it at you from the curb…to avoid the puddles. haha.
      Send me photos ! I want to see when it is done.
      I bet it will be g.0.r.g.e.o.u.s.

  44. Joyce says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Who would get to install the rain chains at your home? DH & saw them for the first time about a year ago on our future son in laws home. Much better looking than gutters.

    Years ago I read in one of the organizing books “Get rid of your gutters–if codes make possible in your neighborhood” – because without gutters you don’t have to clean them and if you live in a cold winter climate you will have no backup ice roof damage.

    This house is about 17 years old,, been here 5 years & has no gutters, I don’t miss them, (but it doesn’t rain that much here).

    I luving those boat hotels–

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Joyce
      I hear ya sista! There are so many homes without gutters.I think it really comes down to climate.
      The way I look at it, with or without a ton of rain, the rain chains are still a beautiful sculpture/art on a home. Not only are they GREEN, they are beautiful. That is a pretty great combo.
      Lynne xx

  45. Lynn says:

    Love me some rain chains! And yes, I think too that the Japanese mastered
    them initially. When i traveled there, I was blown away by the beautiful aged copper
    lotus flower ones and the little link ones and the cup ones so yep, Japanese it is. My question: I live in a architecturally bland 1957 era split level that beckons to become
    a wallflower rather than a stand out if you know what I mean – would rain chains look out of place? I have also noted that on buildings that rain chains were used, the gutters were also not typical (which mine are) – should I keep it bland if I can’t ‘go all the way”?

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Lynn
      I love your name! The lotus flower, linky, and cup rain chains in Japan sound so stunning! Jealouzzz. Green with jealousy. Excuse the pun 🙂
      I think rain chains on your home would be beautiful. As you saw in Japan,there are so many awesome styles to choose from.
      I like the stability of keeping a gutter and attaching the rain chain adaptor into the gutter. I would coordinate the chain with a similar style to the gutter. I bet it will look GORGEOUS.
      Happy rain-chain-in’

  46. evie says:

    oh i forgot yesterday i was telling Micheal when we were talking bout the garden, how u can make gardens out of the eavestroughs and hang them off sheds and grow lettuce, herbs radishes in them, via pinterest… he says i just happen to have some old eavestrough………

  47. evie says:

    u still on these rain chains, ok so u want one, and u cant have it off the house….then put it on the outhouse, pool house, barn, tree mansion, did i miss anywhere lol..u will have ur rain chain this year!!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      That is a brilliant plan. A rain chain on every building! Michael will feel a rain chain whirlwind …but it will be ..oooh, so puuurty.

  48. What an inspiring piece, and so many gorgeous images of the creative options. My husband’s very groovy workplace has some nice rain chains but we have downpipes at home that I don’t feel like I can rip down as they work just fine for now. But, first hint of failure & those babies will get the heave go in favour of chains. Lusting for the glass ones! Thanks for sharing. Found your link on twitter.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Kellie !

      Wait, your husband has a groovy workplace AND he has rain chains ?!! Can I marry him ?

      I say we should each sneak off ONE downspout, and try a glass one, when the boyzz aren’t looking. When they finally notice, we will say…’oh that rain chain has been there forever. You just didn’t notice before’.

      Bad ass. We are.
      Lynne xx