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It doesn't need to be stressful decluttering your life & home. I mean, it probably will be, but I'm here to help.  Pass the Malbec. Read the 12 tips on lynneknowlton.com

As you are plowing through your day, do you ever feel like saying… OMG, are you for efffffing real? Some days you feel like slaying dragons. Other days, you feel like you just want to lay on the carpet. Yup. I said carpet. The last time someone said carpet was 1992. hahaha. Let’s face it…

Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet.

We got this. I’ll show you how. Please enjoy this softly lit AKA wrinkle-defying candle infused space with a wine soaked cracker while knitting your way out of a jam. Because that is what todays blog post is all about. Simplifying and decluttering your life and home feels ahhhhh.

I’ve been working on having simplicity for a really long time and now it’s your turn.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. <—that was me hypnotizing you.

Keeping things simple is the way to go. White. Neutral accents. Clean lines. Not a lot of clutter. Organize. Quiet spaces. Soothing candles. All the things that bring you joy. Well, they bring me joy and so naturally I’m going to force you too.

You shouldn’t need to make sure the moon is full and that there are at least 2 bottles of rosé in the fridge before your day can feel good. Although wait. Rosé sounds fab. I digress.

I have so many good ideas for you. <— I screamed that. You may need to sit down. Is it inappropriate that I wanted to share an outhouse pic and tell you to sit down ? Get ready. Simplicity in your life will feel so good.

SIMPLE is where it’s at. These are quite simply …

my faves.


Get organized. Nest. Do that thing when you are having a baby. Or when spring is coming. That neat thing. Put things in organized rows and label everything that isn’t moving. I use this label maker <<< I’m obsessed. It’s so old school. Check out these labels too. I’m so tempted to try them after I saw this pic! Fold your clothes Marie Kondo style. Clean out your junk drawer. Organize. Organize. Organize. Basically, get your shitz together and tidy up. Straighten up your closets and drawers. Make your bed. Every. Day. We got this. And by we, I mean you.


Saturday called. She’s coming tomorrow and she’s bringing wine. Wine? Wine is sometimes my de-stresser. Should I admit that in my outside voice? Hey, wine has antioxidants, and I like to fight cancer sometimes. Pass the Malbec. A little glass of wine at the end of the day, while making dinner is so ahhhhh. I love that ritual. Even though it’s a big glass of wine. Who said that?


Neutral palettes have a beautiful way of simplifying the look of a space. And white. With layers of white. There’s no such thing as too much white.  Mix it up with some sand and oatmeal colours, add some woodsy, texture and bring in some whispy-wheat-thingys in your decor. Ugh. Dead. LOVE.

^^^ Annnnnnnnd see that gorgy gorgeous necklace up there? ^^^

We just put them in the shop this week.


So zen.


Netflix. Can we talk about Netflix for a sec? So great for a chill, isn’t it Bill? Wait. Who’s Bill? Who’s in charge here? Here’s what I’m watching : Schittz Creek, Frankie and Grace, Money Heist, and Mollys Game. Because hello Idris Elba. Can we all agree that Idris just needs to take his shirt off, already? #AmIRite?


I make this bread every chance I get.  Because I’m domestic, dammit. If I could eat ONE FOOD for the rest of my life, this would be it.


Essential oils are d’bomb diggity. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE when I was young and youthful with dewy skin? So unfair. Is there such a thing as amber bottles anonymous? Because I’ve been whipping up essential oil toilet spray for years. It’s faboooosh.

12 ways to simplify your life!  First up: These candles, essential oil and incense. See it all on lynneknowlton.com


Commit to comfy: I wear these every day. In the house. Judge me. They are defo not sexy, but cozy. I adore how cozy they are. You are judging me right now, aren’t you? Okay. Bye.


Can we just talk about brushing teeth for a sec? It’s exhausting. haha. We went to visit our friends Mo and Gareth, and I couldn’t help but notice their super-cool-electric-toothbrush-in-a-glass-charger. Yeah. A pretty toothbrush in a glass holder excited me. I bought it. It’s heavenly. I’m obsessed. I’m obvs a total weirdo. But my tooth brushing routine is on fleek now.


Be grateful.

Stop. Pause. Think about what you have in your life. Even in the hard times, you can find joy. We are in week 5 of Michaels weekly chemo treatments. Want to know something? It’s really not so bad. I’m grateful for the little things. I’m grateful for the big things.

I’m grateful for relationships. Friendships. All the ships. When you pause and feel grateful, it changes everything.


Years ago, I went to my friends little house in our small town of Durham…. annnnnndddddd when I walked in….I couldn’t believe the amazing scent. Guys. Legit. It was so good. So so so so good. It smelled like a spa. Cozy, warm, fresh. As it turns out, my friend was burning this incense. Truth serum here : I had never been an incense person. I thought people burned incense to disguise a marijuuuuana smell. Or some GAH smell. But I fell in love and we’ve been burning it in our home ever since.  Amazing how 10 years whizzes by and all your friends are now addicted to the same incense too. hahaha. You’re welcome.


This doormat makes me laugh. Every single time.


CANDLES. I know candles aren’t some earth shattering find (guys, have you heard of CANDLES?) but you won’t believe the difference they make. We have candles on our dinner table for every meal. On a rainy day. On any day. In the airstream. In our treehouse + cabin retreat. Actually. Always.

Throw back in time: our four kiddos went to a Walforf school. My bestie told me I wouldn’t fit in as a school Mom, because I didn’t have hairy armpits or birkenstocks. I eventually bought a pretty version of the birkenstocks (is that possible, or was I just fooling myself LOL?!) I never did have the hairy pits or naughty bits. TMI?

I came to realize that the little wee Waldorf school in the countryside was very ’hygge’ style. And the candles somehow made our kids be oh so chill at the dinner table. That is where it all began. These candles have been our faves for years. I can’t seem to find them on Amazon / Prime Canada anymore {{whhhhhaaaa}} so I switched to these ones. Still fab. We use them every.single.day.

Even just lighting candles slows you down. The ritual feels good: you get the matches, light one, light the other… Yeah. Matches. Because I can’t find a candle lighter that actually works for longer than 5 seconds. These are my first world problems.

Okay. That’s my list for having a simply beautiful life. Simple right?

sources :

Photography : any supes pretty pics // you can be sure that they were shot by the kindhearted beautiful soul, Lauren Miller. Any out-of-focus-yellow-blurry pics are totes mine.

Styling: Gorgy gorge styling my my daughter and biz partner Tristan. You can find her on personal Instagram @TristanJayne and behind the scenes of all that we do here on d’blog and here on Instagram @LynneKnowlton too. xx

Knitting: We have a new chunky knit blanket DIY kit in stock! Her name is Isobel. Oh hi. She pretty.

Did I miss something? See some Q & A’s here too on our new FAQ page! It’s an ASK US ANYTHING page! Except don’t ask me my waist size. I’ll lie about that. xx

12 ways to simplify your life. Keeping things simple is the way to go. White. Neutral accents. Clean lines. Not a lot of clutter. Organize. Quiet spaces. Soothing candles. All the things that bring you joy. Get ready. Simplicity in your life will feel so good. SIMPLE is where it’s at.  Here are my faves...

What you are watching on Netflix ? What is theeeee one food that you would eat for the rest of your life? Bread? 🙂 Annnnnnd, ya dang hippie… I’m thinking about posting DIY recipes for essential oil candles and DIY spray for glass and all purpose cleaning. Good idea? Bad idea? Do your ears hang low do they wobble to and fro? You have so many questions to answer in the comments below. Like who is Bill and why is he watching my Netflix? hahaha.

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  1. Mom says:

    I’m having such a ‘I need to calm down’ day. I actually stopped right in the middle of my tangled mess to read your simplify blog. And I stopped reading 1/2 way down to light incense and candles. Really!!! I’m already chilled out. Is it too early for wine and cheese and crusty bread with slabs of butter? Never…. I’m off. I’ll pick up more of your cool life blog tomorrow. xxx

  2. Mom says:

    ps….Im sitting in bed drinking my 3rd coffee and painting watercolours. Did you need any advice on housework or how to be productive? lol
    Love & Hugs….Mom (in training)

  3. Mom says:

    Simplify-Simplify-Simplify…..did you learn that from me??? hahaha. Geeez I must have taught you something besides how to drink wine out of a coffee cup (just kidding whoever is reading this)…maybe lol. Really, Im so glad you wrote this particular article. So many things I love when I come to visit about you and your home that I get to enjoy 🙂 I started keeping candles at the small table we eat at on the lanai (that’s porch to us Canadians) I started burning my incense that I keep here (the one you burn that you told me about years ago) The condo is already painted winter white….but I need to beach-ify my furniture…. I’m going to ask your advice when Im ready since I have an “in” with you LOL. And…Netflix I’ve been watching Goop Lab…Gwyneth Paltrow. You’re definitely going to have to have (what?) your wine and popcorn with you when you watch. Gwyneth actually blushes in it. Really !!! Its not what they told me in school or in the book my mom handed me. hahaha Aint that the truth.

    • Hi Mom!

      Here’s the secret… inhale coffee, grab spray paint, spray all furniture white. haha. Well, that plus candles and incense. You got it 🙂

      I’m going to watch GOOP lab tonight. Sounds suppppahhhh dupahhh.

      Catch up soon. Love you!

  4. Debi says:

    My favorite guilty comfort food? Slice up some sourdough bread, about 1″ thick. Melt butter on flat skillet. Fry bread in plenty of butter till it’s golden brown on both sides. Eat with any cheese and wine. My favorite wine with all this? Moscato, after putting it in the freezer for about 45 minutes till it has ice crystals in it. Till it’s slushy. Yum.

    Sending you encouraging vibes and winey thoughts. Hang in there, girl.

    • Debi !

      Moscato with ice crystals? Now that sounds fancy pants! I want to give that a try foooooshur. And with sour dough bread? UHHHMMMmmmm. That sounds like heaven smothered with more heavenly yum.


      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  5. Deana Kantartzis says:

    You make my day (or evening) whenever I see your blog. You have so much courage to bring laughter to others when you’re going through such difficult times. My heart goes out to you and your family and I’m sending you big hugs and healing thoughts. You are so incredibly witty and fun – I smile and sometimes even laugh out loud when I read your posts. You ave incredible talent and style. I would love to live in one of your photos!

    • Deana!
      You’re so sweet !!! Well, you can come live in the photos, if you bring wine and popcorn and tidy up along the way. haha.

      Thank you for the love and healing vibes!! Much appreciated!

      Big love and many laughs!

      Lynne xx

  6. Virginia says:

    You are hilarious. Love your pictures and your words. You almost influenced me to get up and straighten something.

  7. Lynne,
    You are a true inspiration!
    I would love to meet up with you in Ubud some day… Or visit your amazing property.
    You are welcome to my farm any time.
    Crooked Finger Farms

    • Hi Kristin!

      It would be fabooooosh to meet up in Ubud some day #goals. We really hope to get back to Bali some time, for sure! Thanks for the invite on the farm too! Annnnnd you have an airstream. Wooooot woot!

      Big love,
      Lynne x

  8. Bev says:

    Hi Lynne, I live in the UK and subscribed to your blog a long time ago, I love your enthusiasm and love of all beautiful things and am F###ing sorry to hear about your hubby but never give up hope, I dont know you but I think you will grab it by the balls and deal with it. I love reading your blogs your beautiful pictures and funny story about the airstream. I found you through knitting the trouble is I’m a knit a row, pearl a row F##k it row, basically I’m shit at it but I’m trying!!!!
    Lots of love from across the pond xxx

    • Oh gawd Bev, you are hilarious. I’ve dropped a few f*bombs myself while dropping stitches. I hear ya, sista.

      I’m never giving up hope and THANK YOU for reminding me of that. xo

      Sending you a ton of love right back across that pond.

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  9. Vive says:

    I just totally love you! That’s it. 🙂