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20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

Friday. Loading. Please wait.

Hello Friday.  Wine.  Hello Wine.

It’s Friday.  Time to go make stories for Monday.

List of things I’m currently handling well   1.________.

Having cancer around you is like getting constantly hit in the head with a ball. It has a way of de-evolving your life when you’re not looking.  Somehow, I just have to believe that the blog intentionally led me here. To help others.  To help you and to help me.

If cancer had a face, I’d punch it.

Attacking cancer | Dear cancer, here's a can of whoop ass. Open it. | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

Having a husband with terminal cancer is like riding on a wild locomotive ….screeching out of control…. with break away turns… rollercoaster moves… up and down peaks and valleys… at high speed… with no brakes… nary a safety belt in sight.  I’m not dramatic at all, am I?  I want to hoodwink cancer.  Hard.  Like Rocky Balboa.  Hard.  Bloody nose, gasping for air.  Hard.

Having cancer in your life is like having a two year old in the room, running the show.  Cancer is that naggy jerk in your head that says, “hey, are you sure you can travel?  What if I step in and ruin the party?  With its devilish grin, it says… “it sucks to be you.”

It’s the not knowing.  Not knowing when cancer is going to rear its fugly head.

I hate to admit it … but I think about it.  All the time.  Will Michael live or die this year?  Not knowing how long the love of my life will be with me is that naggy jerk in my head.  It overwhelms me.  I can’t imagine it.  But I can.  Cancer has taken every male relative in my life (with the beautiful exception of my brother.)

Its been 22 years of being married to the man of my dreams.  It has been greatness.  And by greatness, I mean greatness.  Michael is a man of greatness.  Of beauty.  Of kindness.   He has an outward focus. He has a masterful business mind.  He knows how to love.   He has loved on me every single day for 22 years.  Real love.  Deep love.  Lasting love.

Sounds unreal, doesn’t it?

Every word.

It’s true.

Life without him in it seems unfathomable to me.  It stops me in my tracks.  It overwhelms me.  Paralyzes me. Then.  This super shitty situation somehow kicks me into gear and exhilarates me to grab it by the scruff of the neck and shake it up.  It challenges me to keep on keeping on. To write to you. To share it with you.  Because I feel like you’ve been through battles and slept in the same foxholes as I have. My strengths come right along side my vulnerabilities, and surely yours must too.  Maybe, just maybe.. we can do this together.  Just maybe we can all find a way through our painful situations with me leading the way.

That’s why I write.

That’s why I share.

That’s why I blog.

And when it hurts the most.   I’ll just put one foot in front of the other.  And write.  Because we are in this together.

20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

Didja notice there’s a new look on the blog?  Revamping a blog is like sticking your head in an oven.  Managing the back end of my web site makes me want to kill myself.  I’ve got a history of dragging my feet when changing anything to do with blog layouts, dashboards or taking out the trash.  Now it’s painfully obvious why I procrastinated for f o r e v e r.  Because doing it, sucked donkey balls.

When I reorganized the blog, it was like going on a blind date and the guy showed up with a toupee.  Surprises everywhere. Old blog posts made me want to BARF.   Years ago, I must have had this attitude: WTF is this photo?  Who cares. It’s in focus. Lets post it in the blog!  Oh yay. Hint:  I posted a new photo gallery here. Phew.

Someone pass the malbec please.  I’ve officially died a thousand deaths of humiliation.  The struggle is real.

I was considering digging a hole, so I could jump in it.  Except that my favourite winter activity is going back inside where it’s warm.

In light of the old blog growing pains, I thought a giveaway would be a beautiful payback for all the suffering. Both mine.  And yours.

Goodbye old blog posts, hello new ones.  Like this one.  And this one <– So good, if you love massages!   These ones will make you happy.  This one will make you sad.   This one will make you want to shop in your jammies.  In our house, jammies are life.

I’m giving away presents from the new blog shop !!   One set of knitting needles, one gorgeous piece of Bali jewelry, and one sliding door track hardware kit.  This blog post is sponsored by me myself and I.   I just love ya like that.

20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

birch knitting needles

Do you love knitting?  Me too.  It keeps me from unraveling.  Love chunky wool blankets?  Ditto.  I knew I liked you. There’s two free knitting patterns HERE and HERE… <–I’m yelling at you.  They are THAT good.  There’s a fahhhreee tassel pattern too.  Your.mind.will.be.blown. when you see how fast and easy the chunky wool blankets are to knit.

handcrafted jewelry from Bali

Beautifully handcrafted jewelry from the island of Bali, Indonesia!! Each beautiful piece is lovingly handmade by the kind, hard working artisans in Bali, Indonesia.  I personally met many of the artisans and hand selected the jewelry.  Each piece is hand crafted. Nothing is ever ever ever made in a factory.

What’s that mean? Every bead, every tassle, every pom pom is individually strung on to each piece. Pretty amazing, right?  It is for that reason that they are only available in small batches.  Shop them here.

door track hardware kit

There’s a DOOR TRACK HARDWARE KIT <—- Sorry to yell. I nearly forgot to tell you about them!  The wooden wheels and hangers are handcrafted by local Amish.  L o c a l   A M I S H.  Holy batman.  The craftsmanship.  It’s a super affordable DIY door track hardware kit too.  I’m offering the DIY door track hardware ebook for free during this giveaway.  You can download it here.

PS.  I paint my door track rails white, because, hello… have you met me?


GIVEAWAY! Enter to win your own DIY door track hardware kit | Wooden wheels & hangers are custom made by the local Amish | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

Years ago, I started a hobby blog to keep in touch with my friends and family.  Then it grew.   After millions of page views, well… I learned 20 things.

What can I say?  I’m a slow learner.

(insert big toothy grin)

Blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted.

{ What I learned, and wish I knew about 4823947350734 blog posts ago. }

 1.   What’s it really mean to be a blogger?  You’ll have a new main squeeze. He’ll absorb your head space.  You’ll think about him all the time.  His name is BLOG.  He can be unruly and he’s high maintenance.


2.  Blog this. Blog that.  Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  Comparing your blog to another one, seven pages over…well..it’s just stoopid.  It will dull your sparkle and deflate your love balloons.


3.  By the time you’ve been blogging for a few years, you’ll have a butt that resembles a pancake, a protruding buddha belly and many empty bottles of wine to show for it. Wine does not solve problems but neither will water.


4.  You’ll discover that for some strange reason, your barfworthy blog posts will be the most successful posts on your blog *punches self. *


5.   Writing is like a mini-skirt.  It has to be short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the subject.


6.  Don’t get hogtied to social media.  You own your blog.  You don’t own social media platforms.  It’s their bat.  Their ball.  Their rules.  Social media is the water cooler.  Use it.  Share it. Have drinks around it.  But the office owns it.


7.   Your authentic, down to earth, real voice is your greatest asset.  That, and good hair days.


8.   Facts tell, stories sell. Be ridiculously interesting.  Life is too short to have a boring blog. Last night I fell asleep on your blog. Sorry about the drool.


9.   You have to be a geeky nerd to figure shit out.  It’s hard work.  A lot of trapped wine will be rescued from wine bottles.   You’ll know you’re drunk when you have to grab onto the grass to keep from falling off the earth.


10.   You’ll find your niche.  Or it will find you.  It’s is no secret that I love white in my home style.  I’ve forced you to like it too, right?  Right.  Weirdo.


11.    You’ll get tired.  Really tired.  Your eyes water when you yawn, because you’ll miss your bed and it makes you sad.


12.   Blog subscribers will be the light on your front porch.   I send emails AKA love letters on Fridays.   We laugh.  We cry.  I tell dirty jokes and share inappropriate quotes.  You can be a part of that hot mess of awesomeness by subscribing here.


13.   It’s freaking scary to hit the publish button on a blog post.  It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means that you are about to do something very very brave.


14.   You’ll drink an enormo amount of coffee and then do stupid things faster with more energy.


15.   You’ll acquire the secret talent of getting tired without doing anything.


16.   You’ll make mistakes.   People will say: “what the hell were you thinking?”  I dunno.  I was thinking it was a good idea annnnnnnnnd I’d get away with it.  Btw, the homemade baileys made me do it.


17.   Your inner critic is a jerk.  Create something.  Even if it sucks.


18.  Ignore the haters because it can make even the most seasoned bloggers want to lie on the floor and weep.


19.  Don’t be afraid to start over & rebuild what you have.  It’s a brand new opportunity to create what you truly want.


20. Don’t stop. Keep on rolling.  I think this one is self-explanatory.


20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


Soooo I took the Instagram stories plunge and finally started posting Instagram story videos.  Because I need yet another THING in my life.  But I dig it!  Are you on Instagram?   It’s cool to be square.   Follow me here to watch our insta stories & see daily snippets of life.   I promise I won’t post videos of Michael half naked in a snow storm.  Except that I already did.

20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


GIVEAWAY! Enter to win knitting needles, door track hardware or handcrafted jewelry | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton


  • Can I just go on record right now and say I hate rules?  Duly noted. Me no likey.


  • Pin any photo(s) from the blog post


  • The giveaway is only open to blog subscribers.  If you aren’t already subscribed, you can hop in here.  P.S. S.ssss…sss.. I only send 2-4 emails a month.  Usually on a Friday.  You’ll get inspired.  You’ll get exclusive deals. We laugh. We cry.  It’s a real hootenanny.



  • Winner winner chicken dinner will be selected from the comments and announced on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

20 reasons why blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. P.S. cancer is an A-hole | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

Better days are coming. They’re called Saturday and Sunday.


Wait.  I have one more important thing to tell you.

I love you!

I said it.

I mean it.

I weirdly love you.

That is all.

The end.

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  1. Daun says:

    Hey Lynne
    You are a snarky bright light in my world. Thank you for reminding me the power in small things like knitting needles made of birch on those days when darkness can seep in and wipe that warm smile right off your face. I battled breast cancer for 2 years, watched my husband leave me for a younger woman with two boobs. I fought hard to keep my sense of joy and gratitude, you are a big part of that. Thanks. and F*** Cancer.

  2. Ben Esposito says:

    Love the comment font!

  3. Lynne, your new blog layout is amazing – as is this cool font I am typing in – right now!!! I want this!!!! I love a good “handwriting” font. Well, this was worth all the work, which is of course, easy for me say! Anyway, I am sorry for all you’re dealing with and so happy you’ve found such an amazing outlet for your gifts. Now am off to figure out this comment font sitch.

  4. Lynne, rarely (if ever?) have I been so motivated to comment on someone’s blog. I am an author and soon-to-be blogger making the leap to digital life after 17 years of writing about culinary travel for newspapers and magazines — just fed up with the failing print industry’s rules and restrictions that have become its undoing. So it was fortuitous to discover you on Pinterest as we are ‘going tiny’, getting ready to build a leetwl cabin while living in a travel trailer on 17 acres of raw land. That photo of the treehouse and she-shed directed me to your website, which I have been reading for the past hour. Laughing and nodding all the way, I especially loved what you said here: “Revamping a blog is like sticking your head in an oven. Managing the back end of my web site makes me want to kill myself.” O.M.G. This is why despite untold connections, access to cool products and ability I have yet to make my own blog happen. Thank you for getting it on so many levels, your one=of-a-kind sense of humor and for your inspiring story. And by the way, this page design is just delicious. The fonts, the white on white photos and the heartfelt prose really works together like a fabulous abode rather than website. Can’t wait to start receiving your emails, to which I subscribed. Bless you, Kelly Merritt

  5. Emily Bolton says:

    I love you because wine. I mean, because you write so honestly about love and how scary it is knowing you’ll lose your love. But also because wine. And blankets. Thank you for the funniness – you’re the first (and so far only) blog that I subscribe to. I hope you feel special.

  6. Dana says:

    Whenever I see your email, I save it to read when I have the time to savour your blog posts. And thank you for sharing the hard stuff, it helps.
    I pinned the post, and I love the door track hardware. Now to find an amazing distressed door (charmingly so, not eaten by my dog who thought we abandoned him when we left him for a few hours after moving into a new house).

  7. Melinda S says:

    I love when I am able to catch your blog and sit down with a tea and enjoy it with the littles are in bed. It’s relaxing, refreshing and I simply enjoy it. I’m working on my knitting and would love to win the set of needles to have in my bag for our hospital admissions and keeping me sane in the evenings.

    Hugs and prayers from our family to yours during this time.

  8. Christina Haselhorst says:

    I was totally procrastinating at work today when I decided to look at knitting something else besides a baby hat or an adult hat. Same pattern. Different size. Puts me to sleep every damn night. I’ve spent nearly an hour going through your website (AFTER I ordered those faboo knitting needles AND popped over to Etsy for the amazing yarn for a blanket of course!). I’ve already bookmarked this place and have been laughing my butt off reading your blog. I swear you are my spirit animal. I’d love to win some jewelry (since I already paid for the needles. Ha!)…but mostly, I’m stealing your decorating ideas ’cause THIS is how I want my house to look. ‘Cept I have kids (Teenagers. Shoot me now.). And a dog. And a cat. And a husband. Hmmmm…maybe white isn’t in my future yet. But Ima gonna start. 🙂 Thanks for the giggles and prayers to your fam!

  9. Norma says:

    I love you. That is all.

  10. Billie R says:

    I found your blog through your contest and your writing makes me snort, I appreciate the snark. It speaks to me.

  11. Annette M Corn says:

    I have followed you for years and I want you to know simply this…. I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR!!!!????? I hope you know how much I appreciate you!!!

  12. Linda Manuel says:

    WOW! Just found your blog through The Cottage Market’s Down the Rabbit Hole where she shares cool finds and ideas! I’ve subscribed! Addicted to your writing and SO looking forward to making a knitted throw. I’ve wanted one so long….hope to win the needles. Can’t wait to totally absorb all the info on your site.

  13. Tami Eckhardt says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Your photos are always be-you-ti-ful!! what cam are you using? I want to upgrade to one that has built in wifi so I can upload easier. Anyway, enough about me….I would love to win ANYTHING!!! lol, I love your hardware, if I could find someone to put up a door, but as you know I’m after those Knitting needles! Fingers crossed! Take care to you and your fam-jam!

    • Hi Tami !!

      I mostly use my iPhone for capturing a lot of my photos, (because it is the one that I have on me) LOL… but when I use my big girl camera, I use Canon 70D. I love it !!! It has wifi capabilities too! It’s been my fave camera evahhh.

      Hope that helps!
      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  14. Kelli Taylor says:

    I don’t want to brag, but I am about to graduate in my knitting skillz from dishcloths to scarves. For real. I can knit AND purl now (thanks YouTube). Anyways I want to win those sweet needles for when I graduate from scarves to blankets…so I can make your chunky wool throw.

  15. Hannah says:

    I always love seeing the gorgeous white in your photos. It’s like a nice long cat-stretch-and-yawn for my brain. Ahhhhhhh. I think if there was anything I’d want from your shop, it would be that awesomepants hardware. We are planning to sell our house in town, and build one in the country. I grew up in the woods, and I am missing them so much. Anyway, we have three crazy boys, and I think a sliding door would be perfect for the “bunk room” we have planned (and it makes a darn funny metaphor, considering it’s a barn door and little boys are basically aNiMaLs).

  16. Aliyyah says:

    Hi Lynne!

    I’m sooo happy I found your blog and also found a feature about you via CityLine. Thank you for both! I LOVE reading your posts – they are deeply genuine, fun, and entertaining. This blog post and your blogger feature on CityLine were exactly what I needed to keep me going on my blogging journey. The “What I learned” made me chuckle (I’d laugh but I’m on my lunch break at my day job taking a break from the snore and bore). I’m taking your advice and going to try not being so “I/Me” focussed but try to make it more about my readers – it’s a very valid point. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful place on the internet world and I look forward to tagging along for your journey and your Friday love letters!

    • Ahhhh thanks Aliyyah!

      So happy that you found the Cityline feature too! I’d forgotten about that one. Great memories 🙂 ! PS. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL and I particularly love your current post featuring our airstream. LOL! I may be biased.

      Keep up the great work!!! It is truly gorgeous annnnnnnd WOW… your wedding photos are stunning! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

      From the wee countryside to Toronto…sending you love…

      Lynne xx

  17. Kim N. says:

    Hi Lynne, apparently I’m inept at posting comments. I posted yesterday and came back today to see if you had commented, but I can’t find my post. Anyway, I love your blog, your snarky attitude, photography and style. You put yourself out there and do it with attitude, which I admire. I’d love to win a piece of your jewelry because it is all absolutely fabulous! Keeping you, Michael and your family in my thoughts!

  18. Ashley Neuman says:

    Your blog is truly inspiring and REAL! If i could make the word REAL any bigger, I would! Unfortunately my family has had many encounters with that awful C word and I can’t tell you how nice it is to read your posts. As i said, they are so real and you really can’t ask for much more then that!! I actually came across you on Instagram one day… looking at that beautiful tree house of yours–I know a couple that stayed in it on the night of their wedding and was completely shocked when I found out this place existed right outside of my home town!!! How the hell can a place like this exist just outside of Durham and how did I not know about it?? I immediately had to follow you on Instagram, Snap chat, Pinterest, and of course subscribe to your blog! How could I not? 🙂
    I am sending lots of love and positive vibes to you, Michael and the rest of your family during this very difficult time. Cancer really is a shitty disease….. there is no better way to describe it. My thoughts are with you all.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter in this contest. I love my jewellery so it only makes sense to wish for a Bali Necklace!
    P.S We bought a trailer in the summer and I’m currently trying to make it as nice as the airstream… so far… FAILURE! 🙂 A girl can dream right?

    • Hi Ashley… that is the worlds biggest coincidence! Most people don’t even know that Durham is on a map. haha. When we first found our house, my Dad had sent me a Real Estate flyer with the info (yup, I’m THAT old)… and I was like…’Dad, why did you think I wanted to live in the middle of nowhere?!’ After much mocking, I hesitatingly came to see it and tried to BUY IT the same day. It was love at first sight.

      PS. Where do you live now? Because you WON a gorgeous piece of Bali jewelry! I’m sending you an email right now.

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  19. Michelle Fee says:

    Always love your photos – plus my whole house is white too! Easier to repaint when the kids use it as a canvas. 😀

    Blog looks great, as always.

  20. Cheryl says:

    Well well, this is first time I have met you Lynne and I already love u! U r honest, sweet, sincere, real, and hold no bones. This is what I love about u. I LOVE white so this attracted me right here. Ur ideas are beautiful. A little about me. I just bought an old Victorian that it’s bones are still good, she is strong and very little original was left alone 🙁 needs lots and lots of cosmetic so we are working it one day at a time. Anyway prior owners had the laundry in the middle of the kitchen so I decided to take a hallway closet that was made into a make shift pantry, and make that into my new laundry room. Once we took the horsehair plaster down yuk what a mess found that this prior owner literally cut the main beams to the stairway, and pushed the wall back 5″ so it had to all get rebuilt and brought back out to its original spot. Someday we will put in a beautiful stairway but for now that is what it is. So my son and husband framed it all out and made some pockets in the wall to hold detergents and so forth. They made me the most prettiest barn door but have run out of funds for the moment. So it is not hanging in need of a roller kit. I love love the wooden ones. First time I have seen them. I just wish the wheels were bigger in circumstance as everything is grand here. Anyway if I was to win I certainly wouldn’t ever kick a gift horse in the mouth. They would be beautiful. Either way once it is done I will share some photos with you. :). Love this blog! Xox

  21. Love you Lynne! I’d really love to get the door tick hardware. I’ve been wanting to put up a barn door for so long and I think this would be the kick in the pants I need!

  22. Barbara says:

    You are an inspiration. It has been one of those bad hair days all weekend…
    I read your last post. Went to my knitting ( my second Lynne inspired blanket) for an hour or so. Really should order a set of the birch needles…
    You don’t need my details… just know you are a help and my prayers are with you. Thank you for you heart.
    Bless you.

  23. Mom says:

    Lynne…..Just a quick note to say I love you. You’re braver than you know. You’re stronger than you think. You’re loved more than you can imagine. Mom xoxo

  24. Roberta Wayne Phelps says:

    Dear Lynne, I’ve been right where you are now and I feel for you. I will keep praying for you and your Hubby. Sending my love from a little village in Louisiana.. Wayne

  25. Penny M says:

    Like most people, I have lost family to cancer. Mother and Father in my case. Regardless who it is, family, friend, acquaintance it is never easy. The inability to do SOMETHING!!!!, yet you really can’t is haunting. hang in there!

  26. Toni Headen says:

    Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m curled up on the couch talking to a long lost friend. One that when you see them again. you both just pick up without missing a beat. Love your rustic design (i desperately need some door rollers). Am reno-ing a 1920 bungalow in Atlanta. 1 1/3 blocks from the zoo! (I can hear lions & elephants some days). I haven’t embraced the all white though. As my girlfriends say. “Well. You’re not afraid of color!” I hate that your family is walking through fire right now. I’m an RN an know the randomness & heartache that f it all! You are all inmy thoughts & prayers. I can’t wait to read more. As they say…we’re all in this together!

  27. Crocetta says:

    I just started a knitting group called the Knotty Knitters!!! As cool as its name is, it’s not the reason I started. It’s a support group for can-survivors and I’m loving the comradrerie, the laughs, and the honesty of the members. As a knitting newbie, I’ve found many parallels between knitting and my cancer journey. There are moments when everything is going well and you think “yeah! I can do this!”, then bang, shit hits the fan and you want to throw your needles and wool into the fire and just give up. Perserverence is an important lesson In, life as in knitting so I refuse to give up and I will be patient with my progress. Despite the imperfections in the status of my health or my knitting, it’s an opportunity for me to focus on the journey not the final destination/product. I’m enjoying being more present in the knitting and in life instead of letting my mind wander to the what ifs of tomorrow. Right now I’m learning on needles which were donated to the group (somebody told me they’re from the Dollar Store!). I will continue to use them because I’m still learning but I would feel like I’ve won the knitter’s jackpot if I had a chance to knit with those nifty needles. Btw, I appreciate your raw honestly in writing about Michael’s cancer journey and your attitude towards it has taught me that we all have choices in how we respond to such a catastrophic event. Thanks for sharing your true authentic self with us?

    • Hi Crocetta !!! You won !! I’m sending you an email right now…. happy knitting !!!! Lynne xx

      • Thank you, thank you, Lynne!

        The Knotty Knitters were just as happy as me when I told them about winning the needles yesterday. I look forward to using them while learning more about knitting.

        On another note, I just want to say that you are a remarkable woman and
        a beacon of light to all of us on this journey called life. Your humour and wit brighten up our days and your raw honesty hits a chord that reminds us of the preciousness of life.

        Sending you hugs and love?

  28. Mary says:

    Lynne, you need a new spin on looking back at your older work so you aren’t so hard on yourself.

    Blog then to blog now: 1) shows how much you’ve learned; 2) shows how discerning your design eye has become; 3) shows you’ve grown in taste, style and character; and most importantly, 4) shows you are capable of learning all the time and taking what you have learned and adapting your life to meet Change–both the good and horrible (a-hole C) in life. xo

    • Ahhhhhh good point Mary!

      So I won’t need a barf bucket after all 🙂 Woooohoooooo! I wanted to delete them all… haha…but now that you mention it, maybe it is a good thing that I didn’t. I love love love learning, so maybe I needed that to remind myself.

      That was a great therapy session. Thank you. LOL.

      PS. I love ya for saying so!
      Lynne xx

  29. Carol S says:

    I took a few days before I read your post because I always like to savor each and every word. You are amazing and one of my secret mentors for when I start my blog. I too want to punch cancer in the face and kick it in the b-lls. My BIL died last spring from colon cancer. Brainwashed to think that he couldn’t take the time from his corporate prison to take care of himself. Another rant could start rolling out about that… My partner battled throat cancer for over a year and then another year of recovery. We are celebrating his beginnings of coming back to himself, but oh the journey has been a tough one. My brother is, so far, on top of his prostate cancer battle. Three of the big men in my life having to succumb to the indignity that comes with the nastiness of cancer. My heart goes out to you, Lynne. It’s hard to be brave when one doesn’t know the outcome, but to know takes a beyond-understanding amount of bravery. Prayers for you and family, too.
    Seems wrong to add this because I am full of you right now. However, we are DIYers, so the door hardware would be an awesome addition to our project list. Have just the spot. Hugs.

    • Hiya Carol !

      Thanks for reading my blog post… you are so sweet and man oh man…. cancer is a mofo isn’t it? You are a DIYer too? Faboooooosh! Best of luck with the contest… and thanks again for your beautiful words. Sending love and light to you too!

      Lynne xx

  30. I’d love the knitting needles because EVRYONE needs to lear how to knit….including me! Thanks for the opportunity Lynn….and your bets blog post ever!

  31. Catherine Barrett says:

    I found you via “Tiny House” post on FB….and thank my lucky stars I did! You are just what I needed on so many levels!?

  32. Dana says:

    I’ve only read the rain chain blog so-far, and I have to wonder if our husbands are related 😉

  33. Antonia P. says:

    Sending hope and best wishes your way <3 . I found your blog by accident, but what a happy accident it was. I love the layout, font and colors of your blog. It's minimalist yet still fun and playful. I would love to win the knitting needles in your giveaway. I always love to knit to comfy warm, sweaters and accessories. Giving my mind something simple and repetitive to focus on really helps to calm my anxiety. I always wanted to make a giant knitted blanket and these needles and your blanket pattern would be perfect!

  34. Crystal says:

    I have followed you on instagram for a fair while now! Love your tree house and your sense of humour ? I would love to win the door track hardware from my new house I am building! I would have bought it already except postage is a bitch, but if I win it and only have to pay postage that won’t seem so bad ? Xx

    • If I got a nickel for every time the post office made money for all our shipments, I’d be a rich lady. LOL! Isn’t postage a big B, Crystal? I agree wholeheartedly. Pffffft.

      Best of luck with the beautiful contest… and yes… we pay the postage for the contest winners 🙂 so no worries on that one.

      Lynne xx

  35. Alana says:

    Lynne, love your blog and love your work!
    All your knitted projects are absolutely gorgeous. I’m pretty slack on emails sometimes opening it and this particular time I am so glad I did. Just had a catch up on your blog and I just want to say how sorry I am, that you and your family are going through this. Cancer is a B***H and its just so horrible to have to watch loved ones go through it. Sending you love and strength through this difficult time! <3 <3
    I also wanted to mention that I just recently made one of your chunky throws for a girlfriend for her baby shower. Needless to say every girl there was in awe of it and wanted one too! I definitely have to get on to making more and one for my bub soon to arrive!
    Thank you for all you do and the inspiration to create more beautiful things! xx

  36. Nancy Clark says:

    I so enjoy your blogs and find it amazing how you can keep your sense of humor even though your husband has cancer. My dear sweet husband waited too long to see a doctor and passed away a week after the cancer diagnosis…only 55 years young. I am glad that you and your husband are trying to cross a few things off of your bucket list. That’s awesome. I pray that you have many more memories together. Hugs to both of you!

  37. JoAnne M says:

    I was captured by your Pin….what you think about, you bring about. I became engrossed……went from page to page. I saw the chunky blanket and now want to learn to knit. My mother knits but has no patience for teaching. My daughter taught herself when my mother got frustrated. I’m thinking It will be up to me to learn. So, I will. I love the knitting needles and can’t wait until I can learn how to use them and knit this blanket. It will be my first venture into knitting. I’m thinking about knitting and will bring about knitting. I’m looking forward to spending more time on your blog in the future. I signed up for your newsletter as well. Can’t wait to meet you all and be another avid supporter.

  38. Ellen ashworth says:

    Hey Lynne, I love your blog, love your blankets(made the first one) and I hate that your family is fighting cancer. I am probably ou of line, but please goggle “ph kills cancer”

  39. Hi Lynne,
    I love your posts, your writing style, your strength and your humor that you manage to maintain despite this awful thing called “cancer” which has set up camp in your home. While I’ve not had to deal with that, there are many other challenges that my family is currently facing, among them relocating our home. Our town had the audacity to approve the building of a casino within walking distance of my little farm, my little slice of Heaven. So, I am searching for a new location for my family, our horses, dogs, the whole gambit, and your door track hardware, (should I win) would be used for my next home, near my sister in a neighboring town, far from this absurdity. I would forever remember you, your family, your strength, and your generosity every time that I slipped through that door. I already have an Amish table and appreciate Amish quality. But back to you. Keep the faith, keep fighting the good fight, stay strong. Thank you for your generosity in this give-away. I wouldn’t want your job of selecting the winners, as there are so many awesome people here with amazing stories. Know that we are all following you. Hang in there. Praying for you. xoxo – Dawn

    • Hello Dawn!!

      I just loved reading your comment, hearing your story and then I popped over to your website and saw how giving you are to others by donating to those in need. Your handcrafted soap looks like it is heaven for hands. I also grew up around horses, and rode in horse shows. I swear, it kept me out of malls and outta trouble.. and has been a wonderful roadmap for me.

      I wanted to let you know that you WON the door track hardware!!!! I’ll send you an email right now with all the deets.

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  40. Thanh says:

    Dear Lynne,
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your writing, I do enjoy so much reading your blog. I love everything about it especially your sense of humor, makes my day.. I fell in love with the cleopatra necklace (they’re all awesome) I wish I knew how to do jewels!!! But now i’ve learned how to make amazing wool garland sooo if it’s not the necklace it can be the knitting needles.

    Thank you !!!!

    Lots of love from me and my little cheeky baby Anastasia Rose.

  41. Brenna Nicholson says:

    I’d love to enter to win the door track kit. We have a pantry door in our kitchen this would be perfect on as the open door gets walked into regularly as it sticks out into the entry way! Thank you for your blog, your humour and your honesty.

  42. Sandy Bennett says:

    Lynne, you wicked, wonderful, talented soul sister, thank you so much for all that you share with us. What a gift you have to be able to connect with people whether it’s the humour of the agony and ecstasy of renovations or the heartbreak of mortal combat with that sac of sh*t cancer…..I love, laugh and cry along with you and please know positive, loving energy is being sent to you all the way from Squamish :). I just about fell off my chair and did a break dance when I saw your gorgeous, super deluxe-o barn door track hardware…..I would looove to have that to make a door between my son’s music room and our living space. Don’t get me wrong – it’s just SWELL listening to my son’s death metal and the late night band practices and the ear shattering, brain splitting decibels one must scream to emote such angst…..I just think a handy (but oh-so-beautiful sliding barn door) would help us all live a little more in harmony (seriously, I’m all in for being the uber cool mom who can so relate to the death metal scene but honestly, who am I kidding?? I’m an 80’s girl – Twisted Sister was about as hard edged as I could get!!). Thanks for the rant and much love to you Lynne 🙂

    p.s. your pics of outside in the winter are spectacular! We lived on a farm in Campbellville for 10 years and they bring back so many wonderful memories!!! xoxo

  43. Anou Kolhatkar says:

    Hi Lynne, I found your blog while searching for knit blanket patterns and was hooked. I love the beautiful photographs and your writing, also the new layout is fab. Thank you for the Friday letter and this amazing blog post, it was inspirational. love and best wishes.

  44. Victoria says:


    I’m new to your blog, but from the moment I found it….I was in love! The photos are visually beautiful!!! And then come the words…..the words! You have a way of articulating beauty and pain that enables the readers (me) to relate to you in a way that helps me realize……we are not alone in this thing called life. We are more connected then we realize!
    I wish only…..that you find peace in your heart for this journey that you are on and that a beautiful white light surrounds you and your family!!!!

  45. Kymberli says:

    I’ve been praying for your family since I first stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago. Your blog posts are inviting, like an open letter from a friend. I’m a BC survivor, it wasn’t easy, but, family, friends, knitting, crying and laughing got me through it all (the chemo too of course!) and I feel all of that when I read your posts! I’ll keep praying for you while you guys are going through this!!

  46. Sarah says:

    This is my first time to read your blog. I love it! I learned to knit when my second sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knitting chemo caps was the only thing I could think of to help her. Since then, I’ve had 3 siblings get kidney cancer & 1 to have skin cancer. 6 siblings with cancer. I feel your pain. I live your fear. I’m so glad I found this site. Maybe we can give each other hope. And prayers. Lots of prayers. Looking forward to this….

  47. Magda Kratynska says:

    I found your blog only couple of days ago and I love it! I would love to win knitting needles. I love white too x

  48. Kel says:

    Sending hugs to you and only wishing health and happiness for your family. Been busy planning a wedding for my daughter….only four weeks from today and hoping the weather will be a sunny day like we’re enjoying right now. Also, since we’re the sandwich generation traveling back and forth to Northern Ontario to check on parents with cancer and Alzhei,mers. I would love to win the barn door hardware. One day I hope to renovate the old farm house we have in Thunder Bay.

  49. Philip says:

    I stumbled across your blog quite by accident, I saw something about a squirrel in a treehouse and just had to check it out, I am so glad I did. While I’m not into knitting, or blogs in general, I find your style entertaining and engaging, you got me hooked. Your style keeps you real, the kind of person you want to sit around the fire and share a bottle of scotch with.

    While I don’t have much of a relationship with the man upstairs or prayer, for you and your husband I make an exception. My prayers go out to you and your husband in the struggle that you going through hoping that you will come through it okay.

    I plan to keep my fingers crossed for you too, keep writing with the same style grace and I’ll keep reading and wishing you and your husband the very best.

  50. Marlies Bates says:

    sending you love and hugs to help you through your days both good and not so good. Keep living life to the fullest and enjoy every moment making good memories. Love the simplicity of your surroundings and the photos.

  51. Tracy Queen says:

    Hi Lynne with an e, that’s my middle name! Your inspiration and total realness resonates with me in a big way. My heart goes out to you and your hubby. I am so happy to know I’m not alone on this journey, not to mention there is someone else out there living for the weekend just to do nothing (but maybe do some meditative knitting to relieve the stress of the week). Thank you for sharing. You make such a huge difference with your posts. PS: I love all your giveaway items but the best giveaways are your posts!!

  52. Kathryn says:

    Awesome simplicity and energy. . . Your painful journey is one you want to have never happened; your shared emotions reflect a humble, loving, caring woman who never loses sight of the positive while immersed in so much negative reality. Take care and keep blogging as this audience appreciates every word!!
    Prayer and blessings to you and the family . . .

  53. rhonda says:

    Lynne….you have already punched cancer in the face…you are so strong and are able to lol when you can…You won’t let anyone go down without a fight…thats the other side of why i love reading your writes/photos…your humour slaps cancer….Your husband is actually doing better because of you….He has to, because We are….Take care of you..

  54. martha says:

    Lynne you are so brave and strong. There is so much in this life that we have no control over. It is only in our response to those events that we have a say. I can not imagine the sadness and pain you are dealing with. I admire your love and determination.

    • Girlfran, I love you right back. Missing you!

      PS. to my blogging pals reading this blog post comment…. Click on Denise’s name in her comment. She has a fab blog that teaches sooooooo many awesome things about blogging, online biz adventures, visibility on the web…. I have learned so much from her (and she is my SIL too!!)

      Big love,

  55. I have to admit, I know nothing about blogging, Instagram, or social media. Your blog is the first one I’ve subscribed to. Hell, I don’t even own a cell phone. I also have no white in my house. In fact, the whitest thing in my life are my dry legs! And I drink vodka, not wine. I feel like a fraud just being here. Could we still be friends? I truly hope so. I just love your writing, warmth, wit, and warped humour. No jewellery, knitting needles, or door tracks needed. Keep being you and sharing it all with us! xoxo

    • hahahaaha Melanie…. if only my teeth were as white as my legs. Ditto, sista.

      Thanks for the love, I sincerely appreciate it! From one Canuck to another ( Toronto is my homey) I was born there….

      Big smiles,
      Lynne xx

  56. Lisa says:

    Hallo from the grim PacNW! I got the ‘you must hate my emails because you never open them, sooo, I’m dumping you!’ email this AM. FYI: I do not hate your emails, I just have a shit ton to sift through each morning and it makes me tired AF, but no email makes me nod and giggle like yours do. Cancer does suck the big one, I know because I have it too, or the girls do, I should say. Meh, pretty soon cancer will be like in laws, most everyone’s got them, but no one wants them. I’ve taken a hands off approach to my dx. It’s awful to write, but I’m not bothered. I’ve lived 4 lifetimes already, and of course, the man, the house, the job, and life I want just happen to be what I’m given. Now, after finding out. But, whatever, I live and love each day, I laugh maniacally with whomever lets me. I cry when something hurts or upsets me. I verbally shred those whom are nasty and cruel to others when in my presence, because I no longer care what others think or what will happen. I’m living as full as I can and will continue to do so as long as I can (insert sad piano music here!) I love your emails and blog, please don’t dump me like last night’s 2AM ’10’. I’m also following you on IG because we all could use more eye candy in our lives. All the prizes are yummy, but I have a peg ready for the necklace. Keep me posted! Tootles! Lisa xxx

    • Ohhhhh you crack me up Lisa. Ahhhh phew, I won’t have to cry into my ‘why doesn’t anyone like me’ journal any more.

      The piano music was lovely too 🙂

      Tootles right back atcha… thanks for the note!

      Lynne xx

  57. Kimmie says:

    Warm hugs and happy thoughts, your posts always make me smile!

  58. kat says:

    Lynne, I am sending you and your family strength and love and peace and hope. Laughter, too.
    Thanks for the reminder that every day we get to live and love is truly a gift.

    kat xoxx

  59. gail h says:

    Lynne, I am laying here next to the love of my life, drinking coffee to stay awake and watch over him,, it’s been a bad night…..I am new to your blog and absolutely love it, I can’t thank you enough and my love and prayers are with you and your family. Reading this particular blog brought tears and smiles, of both I am grateful to you, anyways would love the knitting needles, but seems like they are very popular, so would be very happy with the beautiful jewelry,, take care Lynne

    • Hi Gail…

      I spend many a night doing the exact same thing… except it is menopause that keeps me awake and not coffee. So sorry to hear that it is a bad night for you. I hope you find a way through it all… one step in front of the other… one day at a time…

      I’m sending you all kinds of love, big fat hugs and big LOVE!

      Lynne xx

  60. Michelle says:

    How I can be sad one minute and then giggling the next while reading your posts is somehow….refreshing. Thanks for keeping things real and for sharing the good and the bad.. I think it helps a lot of us! ?

  61. Kathryn says:

    Those needles, that door track hardware?!!!! Yes please! Best giveaway. EVER. Thank you. Fo real though…I’ve been eyeballing the needles basically forever. Or well, at least since I came across one of your chunky knit blanket patterns over a year ago and decided I wanted to be a knitter.. BAM > guess who knit her very first blanket (aka very first knit thing) this year thanks to your beautiful pattern? Moi! I flippin’ LOVE it. And am now a knitting addict. I want to knit all of the things. It’s meditation. Thanks for helping me figure that out. And thanks for your blog.. It’s the real deal and I appreciate that. Sending <3.

  62. JanetG - Bargara, Australia says:

    OMG!! those knitting needles, I neeeeed them! (hyperventilating a little – a lot)
    So besides loving your blog and sending big huge soppy hugs your way and crushing over your Tree house; I so want to embroider a picture of it!
    I noticed for the first time today (perhaps I’m a little slow) that people say ‘arse’ differently. Some say ‘ass’, as in “Cancer is the biggest pain in the ASS eva”. Or ‘arse’ as in “I just wanna to kick cancer up the ‘Arse’ so bad”. I’m in the second camp, but either way it really does describe exactly what I want to do….Kick cancer up the arse ass or should that be ass arse…. I’m losing it (again).
    It is so time for a drink of the alcoholic variety 😉

  63. Meg says:

    Precious Lynne,
    I would like to win knitting needles, so that I can knit and think of you. I will think very nice things, I promise. And, I will pray and laugh and hope for all good things for you.
    Lots of hugs to you, dear one.

  64. rktrixy says:

    Hey girlfriend! I feel as if you are my best bud, but you can’t be because that’s my sister Laura who also loves you. Laura has been doing the cancer face punch for the last two years. And I have a husband who is a cancer survivor, but has a lot of other chronic conditions. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck with oodles of bureaucracy thrown in for good measure. The doctor can’t certify him as disabled because she didn’t see him for every illness. She wrote letters on his behalf but the insurance carrier needs doctors notes. Oh. I see. (burning fumes erupting from my ears). Shit like that. If you are fighting for your health, why do you need to fight everybody else at the same time? I’m sure you have been there, done that, bought the bumper sticker. Gah!

    Life does suck sometimes. But then there are raspberries. And coffee. And children giggling. And cat purrs. Fresh green breezes and all the other good things on the earth.

    Thank you thank you thank you for the blog. No prize necessary. You are the prize. Please keep blogging.



  65. Craig says:

    “Keep On Keepin’ On” LK…

  66. Kim Beaulieu says:

    Hey, love muffin. I sent you an email today. Check your inbox when you have a minute. Sorry, I was distracted by my own laughter because I know you have no minutes to spare.

    I wish I could help you punch cancer in the face. It needs a swift kick in the ass, pronto. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this is. All I can say is I’m here if you ever need to talk. My cell is usually inches away from me at all times. It’s creepy as hell.

    I’m determined to head up your way in spring. I can stalk you in person for a weekend and we can shop, laugh, and gossip till the cows come home. Plus I can steal all your design ideas and pretend I thought of them. Score!

    I’m entering the giveaway because I love free stuff. I’d totally pick the door track hardware. We have plans to put up doors to be able to separate the entry from the living space. I’m not sure how to do it yet but we’re working on a plan. I’ve wanted to put in barn doors for eons. It’s time to put on my big girl panties and get on with it. I just don’t understand how you get your white stuff to look so perfectly rustic. When I try it looks like a toddler tried to do it.

    Ciao for now.

  67. Ksenia says:

    I really, really, really love your blog. It’s the only one that I’ve actually subscribed to 😛 Also I love looking at your webpages as inspiration. I would love any of your giveaways to be honest! But the hardware tracks are my absolute fav 🙂

  68. Kathy Moulton says:

    Can I say I love you too? I discovered your blog searching large needle knitting throws…did I say that right? I was hooked after I read about you and your husband. You make me laugh and cry. Had my own husband cancer scare, happily still cancer free, but minus one kidney. My heart weeps and I wine with you and hope for miracles….xo
    Obviously would love the knitting needles. 🙂

  69. cathy voight says:

    Please understand that anyone who has dealt with cancer gets exactly what you are saying.
    I would love to win the door track hardware!

  70. Tricia D says:

    I love your blog. I love your humor. I’m very curious though….can a blog like this pay the bills? My heart goes out to you for all you are dealing with. 22 years? and you still like each other?? I would love some stories/advice on that one.

  71. Carol says:

    Lynne, I always look forward to your emails. You make me laugh(out loud) you make me smile you are so positive and uplifting with life and you are a SUPER HERO to everyone in your personal life and all the people who you have outside in this big old world!! Your such an inspiration to me personally and I thank you so very very much! Thanks for the giveaway (I’m a knitter too). Cheers to you and yours???????

  72. dawn kobielusz says:

    Would love the chunky knitting needles.

  73. Sara Evans says:

    Lynne, even though I don’t love white as much as you do (please don’t hate me!), I love knitting and photography and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!
    I would love to win those knitting needles. You are so sweet to offer the contests. Thank you!!

  74. Auntiepatch says:

    I’m just checking in! Can you meet me in the tree house and teach me to knit? Give Michael and the kids a hug from Auntiepatch!

    Love ya – =^..^=

  75. Jen Chambers says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I appreciate that you write about all the messy bits like cancer and kids. Thanks for the caring you pour out onto the page! I would love the knitting needles because I like to knit big things… I scored a random source for Pendleton Wool selvage ends wound into giant (like bigger than a playground ball) balls. I quickly became obsessed, made my own HUGE needles from dowels, and forced, okay gave, knitted rugs to my loved ones for the holidays. Thanks for the love letters you send out!

  76. Kevin says:

    Lynne… you make me laugh… and you make me cry… I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I want to honour the way that you are living your life… you are an inspiration to me. Take good care, my friend !!!

  77. Allison S. says:

    Your blog is amazing – thank you for writing and sharing with the world. I originally came across your blog when searching for knit blanket patterns. I also love the photography. Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  78. Ann Leblanc says:

    Thank you for continuing to blog despite what your family is going through….we are “here” for you if that makes any sense.. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other….we will all walk this road beside you…….XO
    The Bohemian bracelet….it reminds me of sun,ny days, blue water, white sand, and finding a sense of peace on a warm beach when I needed it the most….

    • Nancy says:

      Oh , your Friday love letter couldn’t have come at a better time. My mom is in the hospital , personal family issues going on, but your words and the words of our Lord, really got me they the day, in addition to my calming knitting project. I keep you in my prayers , and always look forward to your words , ps, checking out the knitting patterns you posted , Nancy

  79. Debbie McReynolds says:

    Lynne I just have to say… you make me laugh. And laugh hard. I look forward to your posts. You know those goofy little comments they used to put by high school Senior yearbook pictures? (Maybe I am the only one who remembers those?!) Well mine said, “A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market”. I like to laugh and like to make people laugh. Bless you and Michael and prayers for your journey.
    The door hardware is what I would chose. Have been thinking about installing a rolling door and love your hardware. That is how I found you all those blogs ag0.

    Big Hugs and Laughs to you.


  80. A says:

    You just made my day so much better with your blog (your strength is amazing) my family is going thru a difficult time right now and even tho I was able to help out for a few months, I’m now thousands of miles away again (from NZ). For now all I can do is stay strong and positive… love your new blog layout, I found your blog when attempting to do the 3 day smoothie detox, your posts were hilarious! (I only got to day 2!). Love the jewelry from Bali, Indonesia is one of my fav places. All the best!!

  81. Happy Friday sweet lady! Always sending love and positive thoughts in your direction. <3 Ps. this font is the cutest and I'm super obsessed. P.P.s I am all about those chunky knitting needles, so fabulous!

  82. Michele Lambert says:

    You made me smile,
    then you made me laugh
    and then you made me cry……
    And I thank you because I needed them all❤

    (I’m gonna knit a blanket?)

  83. Nancy says:

    I just wandered into your world…. a search for knitting online …then a beautiful photo you had uploaded led me to read about you. First- I cannot imagine the pain and anxiety and pissed-off-ness you must feel about your husband’s cancer. Miracles do happen.. its corny but I believe … i believe in good luck and how it can multiply… I, like you, wonder and sounds like worry about what will come….. I guess the best thing I have learned (but not perhaps always do) is to be present. and let the rest go. easier said than done.. love him up fiercely… second I love your style! your ideas and your love of wine and the whole package that you present. I can relate towards your philosophy towards life… done is better than perfect… I consider myself a B+ (give or take) person living in a world of overachieving A+++ people. I am focussing on living the way I want my life to be…. so I am learning to dream bigger than before and to see the upside of things…that’s why your blog resonates with me – my attitude is that there isn;t anything that a glass of wine and talking with a buddy can’t resolve! take good care of you and yours- nancy

  84. Vanessa Flower says:

    I am reasonably new to your blog, and I look forward to reading your blog every week, my thoughts go to you and your family and I would happily hold cancer whilst you punched it in the face – seeing how it made my 7 year old son suffer for 3 years I hate, hate, hate it, and it took my brother away from me too! You inspired me to knit the chunky blankets and being from the UK I can’t get the large circular needles so would love to win them, trying to knit the blanket in straight ones is not so easy! But I’m getting there

  85. Tanya Angelo says:

    I absolutely love the door track hardware! I’ve been thinking I’d use this to close off my laundry room from my kitchen after seeing it on your blog before. Thanks for the contest!

  86. carolina says:

    love your spirit! wish you strength for what´s ahead!! enjoy EVERY moment, just every one of them!!!!!
    and thanks for all your sharing.

  87. Emily Currie says:

    I seriously love your writing! It makes me feel like we’re friends even though we’ve never met. In saying that if got in a fight with cancer I’d be there to have your back. As far as the giveaway I would love to win the door track hardware. The reason why is because I’m dreaming of finding a house soon. My husband and I are in the process of getting his green card…we applied 11 months ago so we’re just waiting at the moment. He’s from the UK and it’ll be his first US house! I want to make it as special and unique as possible. With a lot of white!! Sending good thoughts for your hubby’s health 🙂

  88. Tim Kuntz says:

    Lynne, I tell anyone who cares about anything, especially laughing, really laughing, cause you are shit balls hilarious! even with the pain of your journey with your husband’s cancer, and the ups and downs, you somehow pull the rabbit out of the hat…and make it all liveable, doable, laughable, you have a blog talent and language that speaks the “crazy” in me! The language, expletives, anecdotes, reality all just hit home, every time. Not to mention your natural talent for design, innovation and all thigs white, keep it coming, I love it everytime it hits my inbox…TK

  89. Susan says:

    Hello Lynne! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I love reading your posts, ‘seeing’ you on Instagram (and in Style at Home!) and wondering what you’ll be creating next! ?
    Sending virtual hugs from T.O. to you and your family for a wonderful Family Day weekend!

  90. Colleen Cribbett says:

    Hello Lynne,

    Tears, smiles , reminders that life is delicate and inspiration to create beauty are what you give me .
    Please don’t stop.
    Love you right back..

  91. Karen says:

    Love your blog Lynne:) Spending a weekend in your epic Airstream is up there on mu bucket list right now! Hoping you & your family have a wonderful long weekend!
    Thanks for the weekly entertainment & inspo!

  92. Sue Purdy says:

    Love this post!!! Sometimes I feel uninspired with my blog, and any time I read one of your expertly crafted posts, I am invigorated and have lol’ed at least 5 times. Thank you for your wonderful list of reasons why you blog. Now I’m off to create something and then write about it. #bloggoals

  93. Sherry says:

    Oh Lynne,
    What an amazingly beautiful blog. You both are in my prayers.
    I would love the knitting needles. The blankets are warm comforting hugs for sick friends and family.

  94. Susan Fletcher says:

    Love the blog, appreciate the re-design, and hope to stay in the treehouse some weekend! I would love the jewelry so much that I would donate it to the charity I work with, to use as a door prize at our Annual Meeting on March 27 (and introduce more potential blog-lovers to you). Yes, we have door prizes at the Annual Meeting to encourage guests to stay until the end and to let them know how much we appreciate them!

  95. Mackenzie Knowlton says:

    AHMAZING! As usual your posts inspire me…. to procrastinate for my exam today :). Thanks for the extra sparkle you add to my day with each instagram and blog post.

    • Hi darlin’ !!!

      That’s pretty sahhhhweet of you to say. To all my blogging pals out there… this is my daughter Mackenzie writing! She’s off at Uni… working hard (or reading my blog posts).

      Love you sweetheart… to the moon and back.

      Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

  96. So part of turning 50 I wanted to learn new things and knitting is one of them. I crochet and sew and do lots of little crafts but knitting just aludes me, so…I am going to try, someday, maybe soon, maybe, I have some vacation time plan maybe then I will do it and those knitting needles could help. I crocheted during my husband’s chemo and made enough wash clothes that we will never need to buy any!! Hopefully we are done with this but deep inside I think we may have a round two…I pray not!! But…so maybe I can knit pretty hats for all the chemo friends.

  97. Deborah says:

    Woke up this morning to find your blog message in my inbox. At a time when my lovely man is having tests done and redone. Not sure what is wrong but have to believe that all will be well. Maybe my head is in the sand (oh that is why there is sand in my mouth!) but I have do believe that all is ok. Don’t think I am strong enough to believe anything else). Thanks for making me smile once again. You dropped by just when I needed you most ( I am singing this. Can u tell!). Looking forward to your next message! You rock girl! X

  98. kelly says:

    Hi lynn
    You have been in my thoughts the last few days. Upon hearing of Stuart mcleans passing I thought of you and Michael and your journey. So, just know I don’t write often but I do think of you and send good thoughts your way. Nuff said.
    Contests…..love them. Especially with useful things. Broke my heel last September so been riding the couch, a lot. Knitting has kept me sane…well, it’s relative isn’t it
    So, the needles and wool would blow me away. But the track door, well, gotta tell you my barn burnt down a couple years ago so I have been rebuilding it. I BUILD BARNS! Sliding doors have become my favorite and the smaller ones I am making myself. Finding something that works for a track.taking apart things to get the rollers. Bending the metal straps. ..amazing what you can do. But those ones would be in my house on my bedroom with this amazing glass door I found and want to repurpose.
    And who doesn’t love anything from Bali. One day maybe I’ll get to go.
    You take care. The caregiver needs to be coddled as well.

  99. Diana says:

    Thank you, Lynne. I love reading your blog, ever since I found you through a free knitting pattern, featuring those sweet ginormous needles. Keep being you. Peace!

  100. Alex says:

    Lynne, I didn’t even read your post. I just saw “PS. Cancer is an A-hole.” and I agree. My mum just called, my cousin passed away this morning. I thought he was getting better… I hate cancer. so so so much. 🙁
    I wish i could write something funny, but I think I’m in shock. Is it too early for wine?

  101. Cindy says:

    Love your blog and the new look is lovely! I cannot imagine what you go through on a day to day basis with your husband’s cancer.

    Thanks for the give away too. I am torn between the hardware and the knitting needles. I think the first would be wonderful in our front hall to block the stairs up to the bedrooms in a much nicer way than the baby gate we currently use to keep the dogs from stealing my teenage daughter’s clothes from off her floor and potentially eating them. But knitting is my happy place and I’ve been thinking about making one of these big blankets for quite a while.

  102. Jacqueline Sholdice says:

    ? ?? Your blog is like a breath of fresh air~ so natural & down to earth.! Continue to be an inspiration to all who cope with life’s adversity in the best way possible….by being REAL. I’m looking forward to updates featuring your artistic endeavours that both inspire & brighten my day ?.

  103. Brittany Shelley says:

    This is amazing!! Your amazing! ????❤️

  104. Margret says:

    Cancer’s the worst. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with it again – in probably the most difficult situation yet. It sounds like you’re loving him as well as he loves you, though. Thanks for that example in a world that’s forgotten what real give-it-all-you’ve-got love is. And thanks for being so transparent when you could’ve just been guarded.

    On a lighter note, your blog is beautiful! Great job!

  105. Daphne Gibson says:

    Wow – so happy you showed up in my inbox today. Just spent an amazing weekend waking up to my self. Life purpose figured out – check, now put it into play. Hmmm stumped. Until. I opened your email. I need to write. I NEED TO WRITE. But what and to/for who? A blog. Yup a blog. Thank you for sharing and sending me on the next step on my journey. Own it. Do it. Live it. Thank you.

    Daphne G.

  106. Catherine says:

    You and your husband have inspired me to grab the moment in front of me and enjoy the life out of it! Thank you for that gift.

  107. Shelia says:

    While I love reading several blogs – yours included – I don’t leave comments very often but I just had to today. When I read the line “If cancer had a face, I’d punch it” I knew I had to comment. My DH has battled cancer twice. The first time was esophageal cancer which is up there in the top tier of killers. That’s how he referred to getting through his battle – he punched cancer in the face. And he did; he’s a 9 year survivor this year.

    I would pick the knitting needles in the giveaway. I knit a lot for charity organizations and I’m also currently knitting blankets for my nieces and nephews.

  108. Leigh says:

    I love receiving your blog posts. Your humor, honesty, photography….everything make me laugh and then I cry. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be remodeling a beach house. You betta believe I have a stash of photos of your ideas that I hope to use. Even though we’re strangers, I send thoughts of healing and light to you and your wonderful Michael.

  109. Jeanie Burch says:

    I love getting my Friday emails announcing one of your new blog posts. I can’t remember how I found you (The Art of doing Stuff, perhaps?) but I ordered one of your iPhone cases with a water scene on it. The package that came was adorably wrapped and included one of the bracelets. I’ve been hooked on you blog ever siince. Thank you.

    • Oh my goodness gracious me Jeanie ! Wait. Did I just sound like a granny? Well, I am ancient. Anyhoo, THANKS for sticking with me through the years!!!! Wow!!! The iPhone cases were my first venture into having an online store. I still love love love love packaging the knitting needles, door track and jewelry too. Michael laughs at me, that I get more excited about the packaging than I do about the product. I legit make pom poms for every knitting needle order that goes out. Pom pom presents to my buying peeps. haha.

      Thanks for love and the throw back in time.

      PS. I am still awesome friends with Karen from the Art of Doing Stuff and still follow her. Where do the years go? 🙂

      Lynne xx

  110. Jacalyn F says:

    It was such a happy day to have found your blog! You are a breath of fresh air, keeping it real, funny and such a strong woman. Everything you are doing here is just amazing and inspiring 🙂 Some days life can just be hard and it is so important to have an outlet, I’ve found knitting and crocheting to be the perfect relaxer. For me it gives me that control that we don’t always have in our everyday lives. Looking at something i’ve created is a really satisfying feeling.

    …also this font in your comment section is the best 🙂

  111. Irene says:

    have i gone mad?
    im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.
    -Alice in wonderland
    Wishing you love health and happiness I find as mothers we sometimes our best during the madness!
    On another note I have two beautiful doors from my grandparents tore down farmhouse and the hardware would make a great addition to get them up on the wall!

  112. Gracie says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Somehow you popped into my emails today! And now I seem to be caught in your lovely white web :-). I’m signed up, got ya on instgram and Pinterest! I now know how to make Bailey’s!!! Thank you! You are so very talented and special…and my heart breaks for you- x –
    Thanks for you awesome chance at giveaways. I love those beautiful knitting needles! Knitting is so relaxing and cozy. My favorite winter hobby. 🙂
    Looking forward to your future blogs!

  113. Lynne, How do you manage to make me laugh, cry and shout “Yes Punch Cancer in the face” in one post and then teach me lessons about blogging. And then give more gifts. I would love to have a piece of jewelry to remember your trip to Bali. I would say knitting needles but I am still working on my Brownie badge and still not passing it. You would need to give lessons with the knitting needles so jewelry is my skill level. Thanks for the giggles and love. Sending you and Michael a giant hug and my 1 x 1 inch knitting from when I was 8. Haha


  114. Emily says:

    You have such a fun personality that totally shines through in your writing!! I love it! Keep it up and keep up all of the beautiful pictures, you and they are so inspiring! I’d love to win the knitting needles because I have a crazy awesome aunt who would totally dig them. You rock! ❤

  115. rose b says:

    omg… I luv u and everting I c here… I am so inspired 🙂 thank u

  116. rose b says:

    omg I luv u and everting I c here….. I am so inspired …. thank u

  117. Carol Marion says:

    Like other commenters, I found you blog quite by accident but will now keep coming back. Your writing style is unique and different. It makes me want to keep reading whatever you are writing about. Your perspective is refreshingly honest and positive inspite of what you are going through with Michael. One of my greatest fears is losing my husband who is my everything. We’ve been together 40 years and as we get older we know death is just around the corner which is very sobering, so wasting time on things that don’t matter is not an option. We do everything together, particularly upgrading our house. Our current project is an ensuite bathroom off our bedroom. Instead of a regular door we are planning to install a door with the door track hardware, which is what I would choose from the 3 choices. Every project we complete together brings us closer and gives us a sense of peace. Keep writing. Your journey and love for your husband are inspiration for those of us you have touched!

  118. Laura Harrison says:

    You’re hilarious, Lynne, and your blogs make my day!! I’m knitting obsessed now, but I began to knit again during the final months of my husband’s life. While he slept through the rough days, I focused on knitting baby blankets and extreme knitted blankets for our family. Knitting has kept me sane through the grief! It saved me.

  119. Karen Westrich says:

    I just recently started following you and so far I love what I have seen! Today when I logged in your opening picture caught my eye. I work for Waste Management. LOL (Awesome photo by the way) and then your writing caught me! I too have met the ugly face of cancer with my father and feel your pain. It is so difficult, never knowing what to expect. It’s scary and frustrating. The unknown is so difficult. The only things I can say is live life to the fullest, do all you can do and love with all that you have. Enjoy each other, make wonderful memories and pray for as much time as possible! Keep writing to keep yourself sane and know that you are helping others in the process. Have a wonderful day and SMILE for what you have right now. One day at a time is all you can do. Oh yeah….and if I should win the contest, I would love the jewelry. (Never learned to knit, but I suppose I could use the needles as weapons (or challenge myself to learn something new!) Happy Friday and Thank you!

  120. Faye says:

    Love your blog and love that you keep posting. I think one of my favourite things, besides all the gorgeous pics, ideas and style you ooze (OMG!), is that you share you. Yep, that’s the best. Thanks. And I’m glad this blog blesses you back. Keep fighting the good fight. And I’m having a tough time deciding which of the lovely giveaway items I would like if I won – but the knitting needles would be used. Thanks!

  121. susan says:

    Hi Lynne
    Your blog and your sense of humour is so uplifting you are are inspiration to us all xx

  122. Beth Schmidt says:

    Hi! I have only known about and started following you for a couple of months but I thoroughly enjoy flipping back to previous blog posts. YOU ARE FUNNY!! I found you because of your chunky throw pattern, which I am working on now as a matter of fact. As a die hard knitter I would love the knitting needles. But since I have a similar pair already my first prize choice would be the sliding door hardware. We are planning on purchasing a fixer upper beach cottage this spring and I would love to use it for a sliding door there! Thanks for the opportunity and for making me chuckle. I am sure your positive attitude is what’s keeping you sane during your husband’s health journey. Hang in there!

  123. Pam says:

    Punching late-stage cancer in the face is most rewarding. Been there, done that. Happy to take that off my bucket list, if I had one. Sending healing thoughts your way. I have coveted your DIY door kit for quite a while.

  124. Karen Bowes says:

    Hi there – Saw you on HGTV awhile back, found you on line, subscribed and been reading ever since. .Love the new Bali stuff; last time you had about 6 necklaces posted. Zen and Friendship are absolutely lovely – they should date. Agree, cancer is an a-hole. Not too many people will disagree with that!

  125. Lindsay says:

    I love your blog… The stories, the wit, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… Thank you for sharing 🙂

    I love the door hardware… I have three kids.. Small kids with no boundaries. I forgot what privacy is. … My hubs and i seriously don’t have a door for our bedroom. There just wasn’t one when we bought our house 4yrs ago. We keep saying “we really need to get a door”. Our house projects/ to-do list would stretch around the world and I think “door for the bedroom” is somewhere in the middle of that list. Maybe some awesome door hardware will put that door at the top of the list! Maybe we can catch a glimpse of what privacy is again… Or maybe the kids will just slide that door open and not give a darn… Sigh.

    P.s i love white… So clean and crisp… 3 kids tho.. I am already a bit OCD… Keeping it clean would drive me men-tal!! At what stage in the game can one go white?!

  126. Mia says:

    thumbs up to all of you! I can’t express my gratitude to have found you and your blog, you are amazingly courageous, honest, inventive, creative and so much more and most important, you never forget the fun part and always put a smile on our faces even if the story is sad, you show the bright side of life even if the tunnel is dark. Your blogs kick us in the ass and tell us to go on. I love women with balls! You know that we have to rebuild a big part of our house due to that assh…. of a constructor and the wooden wheels would be extremely welcome for a sliding door in my white cavehouse kitchen. And if I would be one of the winners you would hear me yell from here to Canada (and that’s pretty far from the South of Europe) to thank you. Lots of love!

  127. Wow! You are something else! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Not one of those things I start to read and then get bored half way through and head on, back over to face book or instagram. I too love you in a weird but real way.
    Cancer has taken away friends, family and those I am acquainted with, at an alarming rate over the years…..it sucks ass and I to would do damage to that face if it had!
    I get that feeling that I want to know you more
    I want to be your friend
    I want to be there to just hang out or help you along in a day when you feel like you might friken fall to pieces.

    Humour is my thing…….I often over think why I am always on, always telling jokes and being weirdly awkward with my kids to prove that I am still a cool chick at 49. ( They do not think I am as funny as I truly am) I know I rock the crap out my hilarious ways…:)
    That being said….You are very funny and I would have to say that although I was drawn to your site by browsing for door track hardware about a year ago (still have not gotten any yet, a project I will attend to this summer…I tell myself) I am now interested in not only what you offer as creation but as a person. I think you are pretty cool and it made my morning reading your blog!

    I look forward to reading more!
    I love you.
    I wish good things for you and your family
    If I see that Fu….ing Cancer I will be sure to have a show down with it…..punch it in the face all day long for you!

    All great things for a beautiful weekend! <3

  128. Larga Parker says:

    You are my bestest blogger! (But you know that already cause I told you before. ‘Member?)
    YOU make me sit at my desk at work with tears dripping onto my keyboard, which has had more than a few weird looks from the boss when he walks past……….;) You make me smile but most of all, the honesty you reflect in your writing is what feeds the soul! Life is tuff and yes it sucks, YES it does! and to know that there are others out there who are battling yet counting the blessings makes us want to do the same. . AND. THE.OCCASIONAL.GLASS.OF.WINE…..
    I know I can’t qualify for any prises, that’s the crappy part of living on the ‘souff side of the world, but that doesn’t matter. I would love to blog like you do! MHWA! have a super dooper weekend! ’til next Friday……………….

  129. I LOVE your blog, especially the new schedule- It gets me out of bed on Friday mornings….sort of makes me want to get wine-drunk with you at 9am …judge away, that’s what Fridays are for – 3 hours to make sure you got all your shit together by Thursday evening and 2 days to recover 🙂

    But for real. Since my “real job” is to design homes for people and in my spare time I over-think the HELL out of my own remodel (your overthinking quote is going on the wall in my office BTW) it’s nice to see your success with your projects – gives me hope that I won’t actually have to accidentally burn my house down …that Some day it will be DONE!
    Looking at barn door hardware for the current project so I suppose having yours would work until we can figure out this wine drinking thing 😉 but seriously. Love it!

  130. Wendy says:

    I love reading your blog. The layout, the font, the vocabulary makes me slow down and really read. I can understand your love of white, it is a like a big, soft, cloud of a hand knit blanket. I love to knit in the evenings, keeps me from snacking & also shuts down my over active brain . Please consider me a candidate for the knitting needles. I’m looking out at a vast, snow covered lake on a sunny day, its incredibly beautiful, but this evening I’ll be huddled under in my jimmies and housecoat wishing I was knitting. I love that click, click, click sound.
    Happy weekend.

    • THANK YOU Wendy! That’s so so so sweet of you to say annnnnnnnnd can you teach me your secret of snack avoidance while knitting? I turn on Netflix, knit AND have a wee (AKA big) bowl of snacks right beside me.hahaha.

      I agree tho, knitting keeps me from unraveling too 🙂

      The snow covered lake sounds BEAUTIFUL !! Happy knitting!!

      Lynne xx

    • Carol says:

      Like other commenters, I found you blog quite by accident but will now keep coming back. Your writing style is unique and different. It makes me want to keep reading whatever you are writing about. Your perspective is refreshingly honest and positive inspite of what you are going through with Michael. One of my greatest fears is losing my husband who is my everything. We’ve been together 40 years and as we get older we know death is just around the corner which is very sobering, so wasting time on things that don’t matter is not an option. We do everything together, particularly upgrading our house. Our current project is an ensuite bathroom off our bedroom. Instead of a regular door we are planning to install a door with the door track hardware, which is what I wood choose from the 3 choices. Every project we complete together brings us closer and gives us a sense of peace. Keep writing. Your journey and love for your husband are inspiration for those of us you have touched!

      • Ahhhh Carol,

        It sounds like what you have is so very magical too. I’m honoured that you shared your story with me xo. Isn’t it beautiful, to have a wonderful familiarity with the love of your life? It’s my everything, and I’m sure it is for you too.

        Sending love and even more inspiration your way!
        Big love,
        Lynne xx

        • Carol Marion says:

          Thanks Lynne,
          Spent some more time reading through more of your posts and learned you are a fellow Canuck! From Ontario no less!! yahoo!!! As a new blogger myself, I love everything about your blog. It’s clean, crisp and uncluttered. You inspire!

  131. Kathy Tufts says:

    I wasn’t sure I would stick with your blog . . . tired of all the stuff clogging up my email. But I love your blog. You speak honestly about your pain and joy and you make me want to read more.

    On the more practical side: I’ve knitted so many chunky blankets of late . . . Wool Couture has seen their profit skyrocket because of all the yarn I’m buying. I’ve about worn out one pair of knitting needles . . .so guess what I’m hoping for? The knitting needles!!!

    But even if I don’t “win” . . I’ll continue to look forward to your blog!

    • Ahhhh phew Kathy LOL! I survived your email clog clean out. I know what you mean, it can be overwhelming to get a lot of emails from different blogs/websites/stuff. That’s exactly why I send so few ( 2-4 per month only) and I only send when I have juiciness to share 🙂

      Erhhhmergerd, isn’t Wool Couture fab? I’ve been knitting throw pillow covers lately with their merino wool and *FLIP* they are gorgeous. I’ll be sharing the free pattern on the blog next month. You will triple flip. Good luck on winning a pair of knitting needles too!

      Happy knitting!

  132. Kimberly Harrison says:

    I’d love to win jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. Thank you for your Friday emails. They light up my day and I am grateful. You have so much beauty to offer and of course hilarity! So funny! It is so good to have a sense of humour, especially in the face of death as it’s a crappy part of life. Thanks for the moments of light. I love everything you have to offer but if I had to choose I guess it would be jewellery.
    Thanks again…and again!

  134. Ronda says:

    to Lynne … definitely punch cancer in the face. (I do love the shark!) There are no words that can express how devestating a diagnosis such as Michael’s is. I do know that having anyone around me who acted depressed about my having cancer made it harder to cope, so fight the fight with a smile on your face, even tho there isn’t a smile in your heart.
    I bought one of the Bali necklaces. A beauitful companion to my f*** cancer necklace!
    to Celinda … yes. breast cancer sucks, but can be fought! I have spent the last 7 months doing just that. For the second time, I might add. Chemo, surgery and radiation. Your SIL should get tested to see if she carries the breast cancer genes. It will set your mind somewhat at ease for your daughter. I did, for my daughter’s sake. It doesn’t eliminate ALL the possible causes, but it does help to know if it’s genetic.

    • Hi Ronda!

      I’m so happy to hear that you are loving your Bali necklace and it sounds like you are fighting the good fight with love and great mojo! You go girl! You got this!!!

      Great advice for Celinda too! My Mom is a three time survivor of breast and ovarian cancer (first time she was diagnosed she was in her late twenties!)…and genetic testing has really helped our family too. I tested and it put my mind at ease. Yessssss.

      Sending you heaps of love and hope!
      Lynne xx

  135. Alona says:

    My heart to you. Truly you and Michael are both blessed to have each other! Your kids are so lucky to see the kind of love you have modeled to them.
    I’d love the hardware. I’ve never seen anything like it other than from you. Ammmaaazing. I’d love to put it in on my dining room to my back hallway since when they built this house there isn’t enough room to fully open the door against the wall because there is another wall…. I’m not joking. My husband won’t put in a pocket door for me so this would be ther perfect solution!! Win win. I could try to knit a chunky blanket while he puts it up ha

    • Atta girl Alona….knit AND install door track hardware. Sounds like our household. hahaha. I LOVE that about the door track hardware. You can open a door without thumping anyone in a hallway or small space 🙂 I’ve installed three in my home and never looked back (to see if I was hitting anyone teeehee)

      Big love and good luck with the contest !!
      Lynne xx

  136. Marcia demmer says:

    Happy Friday Lynne.
    I must say I love your blog, it’s easy to read and it keeps me scrolling to see what suprise you have for us to read next. You truly have a gift of helping others by giving us a fresh perspective on life and keeping it real. Knowing we’re not alone is comforting. Thank You!
    I love all your give away items, but the one that stands out to me most are the knitting needles. Funny cause I don’t knit. My mom does and always wanted to learn. Maybe this will inspire me to start, but will have to download some instructions. Lol!
    Prayers for you and your Husband. God bless you as you continue life journey.

    • Hi Marcia!

      I love your inspired knitting idea!! Woot !! The free pattern on my blog for the ribbed blanket is sooooooooo easy, it is PERFECT for a beginner (and your Mom will be so proud 🙂 ….

      Thanks for the blog love. It means the world to me. So grateful !!!

      Big love, right back atcha!
      Lynne xx

  137. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    i love you too. (=

    and that protection necklace. sigh. it’s beautiful! i think i need a little extra buddha protection today.

    • Isn’t it pretty Elizabeth? It’s one of my faves. A little buddha love just makes everything buddhaful 🙂

      Funny story…. I have metal words on my barn that say B U D D H A F U L. The L fell off with all the snow we have been getting. Now it says Buddha F U. I had a huge laugh at that one. Is the universe giving me the middle finger? 🙂

      Lynne xx

  138. Deanna L says:

    Love your posts and thoughts are with you!

  139. Sara says:

    Thank you for your blog. You are a strong woman with a positive attitude. Thanks for all the laughs and inspiration.
    p.s. Wouldn’t mind if you sent more emails.

    • Wellllllll that’s great to know Sara! I always want to get one out for every Friday but somehow it doesn’t always happen. Because I only send 2-4 emails a month, I stand it crazy awe at how many bloggers post every.single.day ! OMG. That will never evahhhhh be me, but I’m super stoked to hear that you enjoy them enough to want more. YEsssss. xo

      Thanks for the awesome feedback!
      Lynne xx

  140. Chantelle says:

    What a beautiful blog. Expertly curated and just a pleasure to scroll through. Seriously – my entire house is painted different shades of white so you can see my attraction to the blog ? for the contest, I am in love with the jewelry! The simplicity necklace is speaking to me on a whole other level. Keep on keeping on


  141. Lisa Mills says:

    Aaaarrrrrgh. Too many thoughts. I’m glad you choose to share the cancer shit. It reminds me that life is about more than what I want or have or do. It reminds me that shitty shit happens and sometimes we can’t buy/argue/cry ourselves out of it. It reminds me that there is beauty in all things if we look hard enough (through squinty, swollen, red-rimmed eyes). It reminds me that I’m not the only one going through something. We’re all going through something. Some days we just have get up, change into clean jammies and put fresh sheets on the bed before returning to full fetal.
    And so, for all of that, I thank you.
    Win? Maybe the door track hardware? I removed all of the hinged doors at Chez Hobbit because that’s, like, 9 square feet of useable space. My kids seem to want doors on their rooms when they and their partners visit. Go figure.
    Cheers, Lynne
    Yours by the big lake,

    • Well said Lisa… we all have a torch to bear… it’s like mourning… it doesn’t get easier… it just changes. Clean jammies, fresh sheets and full fetal are my new normal 🙂

      PS. It’s ahhhhhhhmazing how much space is saved when a door slides rather than opens obtrusively into a room. I would have removed the hinged doors too. Great choice (minus the partner part hahahaaa)

      Big love,

  142. Mary W says:

    I always get a smile when I read your blog – somewhere along the reading it pops out. Thanks for your sunny disposition that comes through loud and clear helping me shake off a disagreeable start to my day.

  143. cheri says:

    Love your blog. I’ve been reading it for a while now. Most of us in some way, shape or form have had to face this demon called cancer and we all react differently. I admire your humor and your courage and appreciate that you share it so gracefully. I look forward to your blog every Friday as it always gives my spirits a much needed lift.

  144. Darlene Becker says:

    Thank you for your humor and what it expresses to me is your joy in this crazy life…………crazy indeed. We are all in the midst of something. Some of us deeper than others, but what you convey is the idea that it is all part of the ride…………..I thank you for that. I am one of those folks who enjoy being home and staying home and surrounding myself with things that bring me peace and comfort. The photos you post are wonderful and make me aspire to something more in my home and therefore life. I thank you for that as well. I live in a very small house and the door track hardware would be not only useful, but so special to use. I wish for you good things and endless beautiful days ahead…………..

  145. Tammy says:

    I just found your blog, and I’m sort of in awe. Your writing style is incredible and it just makes me want to read THE ENTIRE blog post. That’s not something that I normally do, but here I did. And the style is beautiful. I can see why you’re a success. I’m sending good thoughts to you and your family during your times of struggle. Times of struggle stink and I hope it gets better soon. I’m an avid knitter too! And a crocheter. And I love big, huge, chunky yarns and needles and would love a set of yours. I agree that those ridiculously thick, soft blankets are awesome. Have a wonderful weekend!

  146. Happy Friday, Lynne! You are such an amazing lady …. I’m so glad our paths crossed. You create goodness from your heart in far more than just your blog! Wishing you and Michael time …. ’cause you’ve already got the love! Hugs to you both. C

  147. Janette says:

    My best thoughts to you, your family and your husband. Cancer is a b****. And I enjoy your blog – content and style.. For your contest I would love to win the door track hardware. I have a room I’d like to block off from the cats and those wooden wheels are absolutely beautiful,! I just want to run my fingers over them!

    • Hi Janette,

      Cancer is the big B word foooooshur. I hate to burst your door track bubble, LOL… but if your cats are anything like my cats, they are little Houdinis. They can sneak through the opening if you don’t have it bolted down with a crane. ha.

      Lynne xo

  148. Heather Pitcher says:

    Thank you for keeping it real! So important these days ?
    I would love to win door track hardware. On my bucket list to install one in our master bedroom.
    Happy Fri-YEAH, cheers ?

    • Keeping it real…. it’s my jam 🙂 even if it means I need to have a bit of liquid fermented grapes along the way 🙂 A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. Right? Right. haha. big love, Lynne xx

  149. Mimi says:

    I love your work…praying for your family!!!

  150. Andrew Choate says:

    What are the early indications of how the ibrutinib is working (crossing the blood brain barrier)?
    I look forward to future positive updates!

  151. Celinda L says:

    SO glad to see this pop up in my box today. Your post came at the right time. Devastating news happened to my SIL as she was diagnosed yesterday with stage 3 Breast cancer. Now my husband is blaming himself for not pushing her to have checked before she turned 40. She’s the baby and has always been sick from all sorts of things. She even is VP of a pharmaceutical company and had a feeling she may have had cancer but delayed for a long time checking it out. Her only comment to her siblings were that she had basically thrown away the money spent for her breast lift and was in love with them. I guess it’s her way of coping with the shock. Now we are concerned for our daughter and telling her that when she turns 26 in 2 years to start having exams. Why does life give you these type of challenges? Time to pick up the knitting needles and restart the project I started 2 years ago for my daughter. Love to see if I can do a chunky blanket for my SIL just to snuggle with.

    • Oh boy Celinda!

      That’s a big pill to swallow. Your SIL is most definitely in shock (and believe me when I say that I don’t think the shock ever wears off). No one can be blamed for cancer… husband, your SIL, anyone….it is seriously like russian roulette. It aims and shoots with no rhyme or reason.

      Sending all the love and healing prayers to all of you. Every single last one of you… may the journey be a good one… and I say that with love… and may the outcome be everything positive that you can hope for.

      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  152. Janelle Carpenter says:

    First of all, I’m a big fan of your blog! I fell in love with your photos and your stories instantly. I would love to win the jewelry because those pieces are beautiful! I love all things handcrafted and made with a little love. It’s awesome to see your new blog layout and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Hi Janelle! Thanks so much! I love it when someone fan girls me. It makes me feel like a million bucks. I’m cray cray like that. Sending big love and mucho luck with the contest!!

      Lynne xx

    • Gill says:

      Hello Lynne,
      I came across your blog while looking for airstream renovation ideas for my 19 year old son who is about to embark on a “project” of reviving a fully gutted 1972 Argus. I think he may need a bit of help, don’t you? In any event, I discovered so much more about you and your beautiful family, your lifestyle and your irrepressible spirit. I really appreciate your lust for life, despite the obvious sadnesses and hardship that is ever present, in addition to your wonderful and clear style. I wish you all the best, and I know you will prevail with your strength. I look forward to more. xox, Gill
      P.S. I wish my handwriting looked like this!

      • Oh my goodness Gill… we are twinning ! My son just bought his second airstream. He is 18 years old. I love that our boys are entrepreneurs! There is a great Facebook group called Airstream Addicts. They are super helpful. I bet your son would love it! Tell him to keep an eye out for Brett Knowlton. They obvs have a lot in common. xx

        PS. I absolutely adored your beautiful words and have been soaking them in for days.

        THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog and leave a beautiful comment!

        Big love, Lynne xx

  153. Janelle says:

    First of all, I’m a big fan of your blog! I fell in love with your photos and your stories instantly. I would love to win the jewelry because those pieces are beautiful! I love all things handcrafted and made with a little love. It’s awesome to see your new blog layout and I can’t wait to read more!